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Evelynn Build Guide by DeEventualWinner

Jungle Evelyn: In-depth Guide

Jungle Evelyn: In-depth Guide

Updated on April 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeEventualWinner Build Guide By DeEventualWinner 133,914 Views 4 Comments
133,914 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DeEventualWinner Evelynn Build Guide By DeEventualWinner Updated on April 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hey Guys this is my first guide on Mobafire and i thought that if i was going to make i guide id make one that was the most helpful. Everyone knows how to play an ad carry and what items to get but it is a rare summoner with the balls to pick Evelyn in a ranked,or draft for that matter, game.(trolls not included) This is largely down to how much your team will despise you. "OMG WHY YOU PICK EVELYN INSTASURRENDER AT 20 REPORT NOOB EVE". As well as that she has a few major weaknesses which means that solid players will make it hard for you to let the skill of this champ shine through. HOwever i hope this build will allow you start playing evelyn as the champion she is meant to be.
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Things that you need to know

Her passive: If you're jungling it is the biggest kick in the teeth ever. It only works on non-neutral minions misread that at your peril!

She is a weak jungler: NO really did you see the rune page that thing has a lot of armour in it, because if you don't then you'll find you have to b after the first jungle clearout with enough money to buy boots and 1 pot bringing your current total of pots up to 1 because you will have burned the other 5!!! With this armour you can survive the jungle and have plenty of hp and survivability for the ganks.

[*] Wriggles Lantern is vital on her if you want jungle effectively. Fact, with it you can kill 99.9% of all jungle camps. Including the Enemy camps. No the baron is not ****ing included in that list.

[*] Rylais Crystal scepter is what you need in the mid game to maintain your chasing ability with hate spike letting you slow the enemy every 0.1 second they cant get away. That means you Sona

Hate Ignite, exhaust and executioners calling if somebody on the enemy team is clever/******ed enough to buy it. The long effect over time will prevent you from stealhing if you need to escape. Gangplank's Grog soaked blade also has the same effect. If your in ranked and see the enemy take a lot of ignites and exhausts,or just don't fancy your chances in a draft game, consider getting cleanse or going for a fast quicksilver sash.

Get blue keep blue: seriously screw the mid cos you are more important then Ryze who has 5000000000 mana anyway cos he's a total ****. Sure your q cost 18,or something around that, mana but on under a second cooldown you will see your mana quickly disappear on jungle creeps. On the blue or red camp you can burn 90% of your mana.

Get mana: if you aren't quite sure why go and play a game as her and take every blue on the map, build no mana items and when the late game comes and you cant be away all the time getting blues you will come back to this build an enlightened man. Or you could just get some memory and remember what i just told you not 20 seconds ago. Another reason why the wriggles is good as it means you can not use your abilities as much but your jungle will take more time.
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The item list above is merely a list of what you would ideally like to get however remember Evelyn is not the strongest champion and therefore you have to be able to adapt and overcome. Before playing a game you should at least read my list of items to consider frequently.
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Items to consider frequently

This guide does not have a really definitive build this is because her last couple of items are entirely game dependent and the order of items is also entirely game dependent also
    Wriggles Lantern: An exception to what i just said. Seriously unless you get 5 kills in 5 minutes and you can buy a giants belt and a blasting wand straight towards your Rylais always get a wriggles. Helps keep your mana saved for ganks because you don't need it to deal with the jungle anymore. gives a bit more armour, lifesteal and a free ward for mid or top or dragon if you think that guy might be getting lonely
Boots of Mobility: I would recommend these most games. East to go roaming in the mid game and also allows you to keep stealth at a low level and still get a lot of distance covered with it on.
    Guinsoos rageblade: this plus your ult allows you to deal out damage thick and fast. You should treat your q's almost as basic attacks and this allows you to deal out tons of damage.
Rylais crystal scepter: handy because your q slows now so aint nobody getting away combined with a guinsoos allows you to deal out so much damage because if there slowed and you have mobility boots its as if there standing still your gonna be attacking them every half second regardless of how fast they are running away
    Guardian angel: IF you decide to get this it should almost always be your 5th or 6th item. And remember if there top got crushed by the crushinator know as olaf and there bottom was an awefull ashe that never got of the ground but they have a strong malzahaar and a competent warwick don't be afraid to get a quicksilver sash or a FON. When you get a tanky item always consider if the enemy team is only really scary on ad or ap or if there is another item that can do the one you were considering's job better.
Trinity Force: you are building her as an all round champ so a tri force is always a good idea. Also you have a quick spam ability so you can bet your basic attacks are now doing a whole lot more.

Moonflair speelblade: Don't get it that often but if they have so much cc they just throw some more at you as soon as you pop your sash or cleanse then you could do worse
    Banshees veil: If the enemy ad's aren't really that well fed and you think your runes and wriggles have got enough armour to do the job then a banshees veil is a wise choice. The extra hp and mana make it a first rate item to choose if your'e looking for an item that gives mr and the shield is always handy
    Hextex Gunblade: If you are owning hard and you are fully built and you just need a little more kick then sell your wriggles cos you aint jungling anymore replace it with this. Has lifesteal like wriggles has more damage than wriggles and has spell vamp and ap unlike wriggles. It's just plain better in the late game.
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Less likely items

Mercury treads: if you think the enemy is packing to much cc then getting mercury treads can be a wise move. Getting ghost or taking exhaust are bot good summoner spells to get around your lack of speed.

Zhonyas Hourglass: if the enemy ap has been crushed form the start of the game and then went afk then getting this instead of the guardian angel is an amazing opportunity because who doesn't want to do more damage???? Also if you activate stealth then use your zhonyas then maybe you will stealth while invisible.

Abyssal scepter: same thing as zhonyas only with an Abyssal scepter: cant use the invulnerable stealth trick but you do reduce the mr of nearby enemies which is always useful. Careful though because a shrewd enemy will use that aura to see if you are near them but invisible because the debuff will appear above their hotbar!!!
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Summoner spells

Smite: your jungling don't be an idiot

Flash: her only utility is stealth so flash can come in handy. Helps for escapes and and chasing. Also if somebody flashes after you for the kill the short delay will usually have been long enough for stealth to activate so your laughing anyway.

Cleanse: as said earlier taking constant damage such as ignite can be a pain and you will usually have boots of mobility so you can just cleanse wait for you to stealth and then just run away from the enemy team cackling.

Ghost: IF you are see the enemy team packing a lot of cc or ad carries and you decide to get a slower pair of boots to mobility taking ghost in advance with the planned change of boots can be good. Otherwise ghost could should be something else.

Ignite: always a good option for early ganks and late game dueling

Exhaust: look to ignite it's the same thing

If you take anything other than these then you will have personally helped add to the myth that every Evelyn player is a troll. Except surge maybe but i just don't recommend it because you never know how the game will turn out and you may spend most of your time running away
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Some things i need to mention

1. If your confident of getting a kill on someone activate your ulti. IT increases your chances of getting the kill and if you do you have it straight back. Not as good as highlander though.

2. If you are new to Evelyn then you should know you can play her full ap. Just a note.

3. People undervalue Evelyn: use this to your advantage. E.G: if ur feeling ballsy take your stealth first and try to smite steal the enemy blue. go bot for a creep wave to get to lvl 2 take your q and then return to the jungle at golems with a pull from the support. Funny and incredibly damaging to the enemy jungler. If you think they will take yours then let your mid have but only the 1 time remember blue is your bestest friend. That's why you took runic affinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. If you have boots of mobility and the enemy ad carry has an oracles: not sure why they would have one, maybe the support then you can get within melee range and they will have all of 0.5 of a second before they are getting hate spike after hate spike shoved down their throat!!!! Plus you get kudos points if you kill someone with an oracles. It's nearly as good as a pentakill honest.

5. If you sacrifice a few of your magic resist runes for armour then it allows you to get less defensive masteries and go for aggressive ones allowing for the handy armour and magic penetration buffs. You can even put all your points into offense but this is inadvisable on ranked because they will almost definitely have a jungler meaning you will not have runic affinity and only one blue unless you go for a smite steal every game which is not recommended for any reason.
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And that brings us roughly to the end of our guide. However a little anecdote before i go. I was running down to gank 2 people on less than 100 hp each and then out of nowhere ****ing lee sin. IF you don't get that joke go subscribe to the videogamedunkey on youtube right now!!!!!!!!!!!

While i have aimed this guide at new Evelyn players or people who want to jungle with her i have assumed that you are a competent, experienced player and therefore i have left some details out like why i level hate spike before my other abilities or a pro's con's list. I have assumed that from my guide you have been able to figure out your own pro's and con's list for her yourself. However here is a small recap

Armour is important as her when jungling. Never have one set build. Think of every item that might fit this role and its merits in the match your in. Don't be scared you use your ult to secure kills Don't be overconfident: she is quite weak in the early until she gets her tri force or lich bane to help with damage. Has super good amounts of dps late game.
You can probably never reach the point where you can go up and kill ryze or veigar and some other champs if they have all of there abilities up. This means you have to stay at the edge of teamfights or just cloak till the tanks have soaked up damage. This is good however because as soon as an ap carry has used their abilities you can be standing next to them in ambush. GET A WRIGGLES LANTERN.
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