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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Michel Gouache

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Michel Gouache

Jungle Fiddle; ANNOYING!

Michel Gouache Last updated on July 13, 2011
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This is my first guide so plz bare with me. I've been looking at various jungle fiddle guides and while they can all work just fine (almost anything can tbh, with the right team) I just couldn't find one that really worked for me. I've mained the little sticky bastard for a while now and this is, in my very humble opinion, the most effective set-up I found.

Now, I am far from being a pro player, thus I won't pretend that this is the only way to go, I just thought it would be cool to try writing one of these!

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The philosophy

Let's take a look at what Fiddlesticks actually does:
- great CC'er (fear + possible multiple silence)
- fast jungler (with cdr runes)
- highly sustainable (drain + see build)
- potentialy game-changing ult (it's all about skillz ^^)

To put it simply, he has the potential to be a MAJOR annoyance. Of course, this doesn't come without a few drawbacks:
- must'nt get caught alone (especially true late game, where team fights win, period)
- susceptible to CC (then again, who isn't)
- team might become dependant on your ult
- highly susceptible to counter jungling (damn you Nunu!!!)

Now I see a lot of guides where rabadon's is rushed as 2nd or 3rd item. I don't think this is really that wrong and if you get an awesome early game, don't let anyone stop you from getting that large rod. Most of the time though, against a half-decent team, you won't start with a huge killing spree and thus must find a different way to be effective.

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And then there was light!

I've come to the conclusion that stacking ap early on will usually end up getting you focused a lot more then you can handle, to a point where the opposing team won't start teamfights before they've taken care of you (and with good reasons too.)

After a lot of testing, I came to the conclusion that good old fiddle doesn't need that much ap to play his part correctly. That being said, we will focus on sustainability and most importantly, magic pen.

Almost all of the scarecrow's dps comes from dot abilities, and while ap really helps (a minimum is of course required) I find that Mpen is really key to it's full usefulness.

Think of it this way, by rushing more sustainability early, I can ult into a team fight and usually survive until the very end of it, which means more fear and more silence for your team to enjoy. Also, once you ult, they will focus you one way or another. The difference between death in 3 secs and death in 6 secs might not seem like much, but will by much appreciated by your teamates.

This build doesn't make you the best fiddle dps, but turns you into the most annoying thing there is!

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9/0/21 (standart caster really)

with runes feel free to experiment, I know most will disagree on armor seals but they help prevent an early jungle gank. CDr glyphs are pretty much the difference between a jungle fid and a fast jungle fid, so I wouldn't skip them

All in all, it's your game so just go nuts!

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Early game

Start with Amp tome and a health pot. You can either do the usual Blue route or if you feel you might get ganked, start at wraiths, then big wolf and then blue (use pot between big wolf and blue.) After finish lesser wolves then red, then twin *****s and finaly wraiths again.

After your first run, resist your urge to get those first boots and go gank bot. Now some people will say it's stupid but don't mind them; your goal isn't to get kills (although do so if possible!) but really to set up your lvl 6 gank by making bot lane waste their flash. As soon as they use it, leave the lane and blue pill. Now get boots and if all went really well, get your lvl 2 boots or another amp tome.

Now, depending on your first gank, you should be close to lvl 5. Jungle your way to lvl 6, while keeping an eye on the minimap for either ganks or teamates who need a lane covered. Once you get your lvl 6, it's time to bring on the crows!

Remember that bot lane? Now's the time to collect the fruit of your labor! Assuming you talked to your teamates, the lane shouldn't be too pushed. If they are close to your tower, don't cast your ult from the river brush, instead do it from the closest place where you are still hidden in their FoW.

The reason is you want to postpone using flash to get your ult in range, that way you can ult, followed by silence (so you can't be cc'd) then simply follow them until ult finishes. Now, if your mates reacted accordingly, your enemies should be either dead or very low hp. If so, then simply follow the lowest champion, flash behind them, fear and drain.

I find this better then burning all your spells while you're ulting, simply because draining means you can't chase, hence they get out of ult range faster, hence less overall dmg.

It takes a bit of practice, but really isn't that hard to use effectively!

After your first gank you want to blue pill and either finish your sorc's shoes or if you had them already, get your hextech. It will make your enemies fear you 1v1 since your drain can outdamage pretty much anything at this point (play smart though, dont drain xin before he lifts you, etc.) and will make you very sustainable for your future ults. Spell vamp on a huge aoe dot is nothing to laugh about.

With your new item, continue ganking and getting buffs. It's a good idea to ward their blue golem since fiddle can steal it really fast and/or it can make a great gank opportunity. Always try to have blue while your ult is on cd, the cdr will help greatly.

While you can solo dragon, he's not near as fast as the wriggle's jungler, so get bot lane to help out with it.

Your next item should be catalyst, which we will then build into rod of ages. I gives you everything you need for early/mid game. If all goes well, by the 20 min mark, you should have hextech, sorc's shoes and roa.

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Mid/Late game

At one point team fights will start being a more frequent thing, and this is where you really get to shine! Your ult will either make people love you, or get you flamed. You want to wait until the enemy team is commited before you get in with your vicious murder of crows (god I love that word!) Pick a target first and make sure you focus him/her with fear as soon as you pop in. You can follow with silence but usually I use it on their heavy cc instead (half the time it'll hit your main target anyway) then procede to follow the squishies. Don't use drain yet unless you're garanteed a kill or your ult is just about to finish.

Assuming your team did well, the team fight should be close to an end, this is where you'll be glad if you kept your flash. Flash in, fear - silence - drain - BOOM!

Of course, it's better to use flash to land a good ult then to ult into thin air, just use it wisely!

Use your spoils of war to get started on abys scepter. This sync with your passive really well, plus it gives you the Mres you are probably lacking right now.

Next on the menu is glacial shroud. Armor, a truckload of mana and cdr will turn you into a very hard to kill trigger happy fanatic! Cdr + your runes will give you a second fear almost right after your spell combo (assuming you're not cc'd while draining) hence giving your team more time to dish out dmg.

- NOTE -
Shadow Palm brought this to my attention: Morello's might be better then glacial shroud if you're not being focused too much by heavy ad dpsers. You get more ap, mana regen and more cdr this way, at least before FH.

Then you can go ahead and follow your basic instincts: get that rabadon's! It might not be a bad idea to get Zhonya's instead though, seeing as you can use the active while your ult is up! 2 seconds invulnerable beacon of death? I thought so too...

Now the important part is NEVER GETTING CAUGHT BEFORE A TEAMFIGHT! I can't stress this enough, if you get jumped right before a team fight because you were trying to surprise them from behind or whatever reasons, YOUR TEAM WILL MOST PROBABLY LOSE THE TEAM FIGHT (I know caps are annoying but this message have to be understood!) You are a game-changer, one way or another. Don't be that fiddle! Play safe, if you're spotted, walk away, even if you can take a tryn 1v1. Unless you're playing a very bad team, nobody is alone late game. Keep that in mind. Just wait for the right moment and make them regret they couldn't catch you before.

If this is one of those games that just won't end, finish your frozen heart.

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So this is it, my very humble contribution to a truly gigantic community. I felt I red so many guides on this site, it was time for me to give back a bit. Feel free to give me feedback if you think there is something wrong with this build, anything that makes it better will be appreciated!

Oh and I'm not english, so please excuse the few grammar mistakes you've found here and there!

Truly yours,

Michel Gouache