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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hyperion

Jungle Jarv Best By Far

Hyperion Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a quick guide to Jungle Jarvan. Build 1 is the best overall build for damage and having some surviability. Build 2 is best suited for facing a team with all high HP heroes. Build 3 is for when your team needs you to be the intiater or off tank while still hitting hard.

*NOTE* If you are brand new with Jarv this might not be the best guide for you but if you have some experience I think this will be perfect. :)

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The jungling route I am posting is the safest and easiest to do there are other ways however I find this way the most suitable and money conservative.

1.) Start at Golem Camp. Use your E move (Demacian Standard) in between the two golems. Hit both of the golems once for your passive to take effect. Then Smite one and focus him down, then the other.

2.) Head to the Wolf Camp. Use your E move (Demacian Standard) then your Q move (Dragon Strike) to the flag. Focus down the big wolf then the other two smaller ones.

3.) Head to the Wraith Camp. Smite the Blue Wraith use the E (Demacian Standard) and Q (Dragon Strike) combo on the smaller ones and finish them off.

4.) Port back and grab Long Sword and a Health Potion. Repeat Steps 1-3 EXCEPT DON'T SMITE THIS TIME AROUND

5.) Port back and grab Madred's Razor and a Health Potion.

6.) Head to Blue Buff E and Q combo the big golem. Then Shield, Combo, Focus till 550 or so Hp then Smite.

7.) Head to Red Buff E and Q combo then focus down Big Lizard. (use moves as necessary) (careful when taking on red buff it is the hardest encampment)

From here you have 3 options. You either gank, continue jungling, or port back for boots then either jungle or gank.

*NOTE* If you see a champion that is over extended and low HP and you are atleast level 3 don't be afraid to gank.

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Fairly Simple E (Demacian Standard) and Q (Dragon Strike) combo then use your shield (Golden Aegis).(ULT If Needed) Then Whack Whack DEAD.

The most crucial thing of your abilities is when to use your Ultimate. That unfortunately can't tell you to much about, this just takes practice.

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*NOTE* If you feel like you don't need the HP from Frozen Mallet get Trinty Force instead.

Wanted to add in this section in case you make it to UBER LATE GAME.

In Builds 1 sell Lantern for Blood Thirster

In Builds 1 and 2 sell Boots for Phantom Dancer

In Build 3 if you need to become tankier sell Lantern for Warmongs.(Will boost AD more for Atma) If not sell the Lantern and get Last Whisper.

And finally like every other guide states every game is situational don't be scared to change an item if it better suites your game.

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For my Mark and Quintessence runes I use Armor Penetration for obvious reasons. As for my Seals and Glyphs I chose Health and Magic Resistance to have some durability, even though this is primarly a DPS build you are still an intiate and you do need to be some what durable.

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Skill Sequence

Most DPS builds max out Dragon Strike first and why do I manx the two more "Defensive" Skills first you ask?

1.) There not as defensive as you think Demacian Standard gives you AS passively (sounds good!) and when you activate you are granted more AS and Armor and not only do you get it but your teammates as well. (Team Fights Never Been Easier) Wait theres more!. Standard also does a good amount of damage on landing.

2.) Maxing out Golden Aegis gives you alot better AOE CC and chasing down champions made yet even easier. Also this provides you a bigger bubble of protection allowing you to escape the scariest of ganks and those pesky DoT for ex: Mordekaiser's Ultimate and Ignites.

3.) So tell me if you think a little more damage is better then AS + Armor + Slow + Get out of Gank free Card.

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Most all of my masteries are self explanatory. The one thing I added in that for some reason I haven't seen on any other Jarvan build is the 4 in Sorcery and 1 into Archaic Knowledge. I put the points here one is obvious and thats for some CDR and who doesn't like that? The Major one for me that I don't understand why people don't have a point in is Archaic Knowledge. Your OP passive is done in MAGIC DAMAGE and your Demacian Standard as well. If you go with build 2 that has Madreds Blood Razor this mastery point is even oh so more important.