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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Kotesukesai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kotesukesai

Jungle Jarvan (Support, Tank, Bruiser)

Kotesukesai Last updated on January 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide that will teach you how to successfully clear the full jungle route from Blue through golems while only actually needing to use 3-4 of the starting pots without a leash, 2-3 with a leash.

This guide is following the series of Jarvan nerfs, namely to his battle standard, which made it difficult to jungle, especially were you using Phreak's guide. Fortunately for you, I am not Phreak.

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My runes are typical jungling runes, putting yellow into defense for durability, and a little bit of a bonus to late game tanking, should you wish to build for MR more than Armor (Which in this build, I do), ontop of that, the runes take advantage of Jarvan's battle standard.

9 Flat Attack Damage for Marks, the bonus 8.5 AD stacks quite well with Demacian Battle Standard
9 Flat Armor for Seals, reasons are obvious, but if you plan on getting a leash, you can easily change these for Dodge or HP or whatever you desire really.
9 Flat Attack Speed for Glyphs, This really helps towards the AD benefits from your marks, and again, works well with standard, however, feel free to change these to an actual glyph stat, such as cooldown reduction, again, this depends on your leash, but not so much as the seals do.
3 Armor Penetration Quintessences, Absolutely necessary. However, feel free to modify the build between the quintessences and marks, so that you have 12 Armor Penetration and then pure AD elsewhere, as most jungle mobs have 12 armor. The difference shouldn't be too nominal, but Quintessences act as any base stat, so it wouldn't hurt you to shoot for 12 Armor Penetration.

Generalized, You want (Max) 12 Armor Penetration from Quintessences and Marks, whereas the rest will go towards attack damage. As for Seals, unless you plan on being with someone you can trust with a Leash, just go for armor. Lastly Glyphs are generally of your own accord, the "free" slot, this slot won't affect your jungle to the point where you can't complete it, so long as you complete the other prerequisites, so feel free to use whatever as a glyph.

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I'll make this section simple. I will state the mastery, the effect, and how many points you can / must spend in it. Obviously, if I don't say it, don't get it. Reds are mandatory, Greens are optimal, Blues are alternative (Not recommended but possible).


Resistance: 2/4/6 Magic Resistance (1-3 Points)
Hardiness: 2/4/6 Armor (3 Points)
Evasion: 0.5/1/1.5/2 Dodge (3-4 Points)
Defensive Mastery: 1/2 Reduced Minion/Creep Damage (2 Points)
Nimbleness: 10% iMS after Dodging. (0-1 Point)
Harden Skin: 1/1.5/2 Physical Damage Blocked (2-3 Points)
Veteran Scars: 12/24/36/48 Bonus Health (4 Points)
Ardor: 1.33%/2.66%/4.0% Bonus iAS and AP (3 Points)
Tenacity: 4% Decreased Damage Intake (0-1 Point)

Good Hands: 3.33%/6.66%/10% Quicker Revive (0,1,3 Points)
Preservence: 2%/3%/4% Bonus HP/MP Regeneration (0,1,3 Points)
Haste: 6% iMS and 1.5s Duration to Ghost (0,1 Points)
Awareness: 1.25%/2.5%/3.75%/5% Bonus EXP (4 Points)
Utility Mastery: 15%/30% Duration to Creep Buffs (1-2 Points)

Generally, if you choose anything alternative, it's still possible to jungle, efficiently, but the optimal route is plainly better for a fast run and quick gank.

Also the reason I go 3/4 in Evasion and 2/3 into Harden Skin, is actually due to the rounding system within the game. Evasion wise, this is only calculative and the difference between 1.5 and 2.0 isn't anything major. As for harden skin, There is never a mathematical equation that will ever require 2.0 as 1.5 nearly counts as 2.0 in almost every mathematical case within physical damage, and every case where it does matter, it's still not going to matter, because it's 0.5 damage.

The reason I care little for Nimbleness is unless I am going to get ninja tabi, or dodge runes, this will be incredibly useless, if you happen to use Dodge Seals rather than Armor Seals, then it is recommended to drop the magic resist for these mastery points, but alternatively it's useless in 9 out of 10 cases, and nobody likes to base their games on luck.

As for Tenacity vs Utility Mastery, there isn't even a need to ask questions, the only reason to ever drop tenacity, is if you plan on ganking plenty, to the point where the enemies feed overscales the 4% damage reduction, after all, you're building tanky, so if you gank well enough, you'll definitely make up for that lack of defense quickly. Again, this is relatively luck based, but Jarvan is a very good ganker in the first place.

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There isn't alot to say for his itemization, this is a tanky support dps jungle. If you know Jarvan, you know that he need only amass HP and slap on an atmas and can still be incredibly damaging. So that's generally what this build will advise you to do. That said, this guide focuses more on jungling and early ganks, so after you reach Madreds Razorclaw, feel free how to build how you like.

I highly recommend purchasing a Heart of Gold before the Acquisition of Mercury Treads. If you gank well enough you can get it before Phage as well. Keep this until you feel you've used it's worth. I keep it until I reach Warmogs, personally.

Jarvan is meant to be a ginormous *******, just like Garen. That's they share most of the same builds. The difference is, Jarvan is a *** with knockup CC and more instantaneous mobility, so this is why I focus more on things that will make use of that. The biggest thing is, you don't wanna die unless you have to, the longer you stay in combat with the enemy, the more intimidated the enemies will get, you're building up health so you can just stay in enemy range and not have them worry about you too much, or have them try to focus you down and smile, because they killed you, and your team killed them.

As for the actual build itself, mine "will work", and if you want to follow it, then there isn't much to argue about it's order. You'll notice I put Mercury's Treads in the build relatively late. This is because you have a flash and a knockup charge, as well as a damage shield. You're not the easiest target to kill, so you CAN delay the building of Mercury Tread's, if you feel that you still need them though, feel free to purchase them earlier than the build says to. If you feel you want Atmas prior to Frozen Mallet, it's probably because you haven't been ganking like a Jarvan, at the same time, if it comes to that, go ahead and do it, nobody wants a tanky Jarvan that ISN'T threatening..

Basically, Treads only exist to make you more of an ******* and Randuin's Omen is a not-so-necessary item and easily swappable for anything you feel you need.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty simple to understand, Demacian Standard is your "Go to" ability. That said, it may also be nominal to learn Golden Aegis at level 3 rather than Standard if you feel it suits you. Test as needed, but what I have listed is what works for me.

You're maxing Demacian Standard first because it's aura makes for a great gank.
You're maxing Golden Aegis second because you're a tank, a tank who ganks, and last I remember a damage shield and slow makes for a pretty decent tower dive.
You're maxing Dragon Strike last because it won't help you much more than it's knockup effect for ganks and CC. You're a supportive tank, you give no ****s about damage output.
And when does anyone ever ignore their ultimate ?_?

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Creeping / Jungling

1. Start at Ancient Golem. Kill it with E and Smite, and then kill his friends.
2. Move onto wolves. Focus down the "Adult" wolf, while killing all three simultaneously with the E+Q knockup combo. Don't waste your mana on Q unless a Banner is up to knock them up, aka, just E+Q whenever Q is up.

3. Move onto Wraiths. Repeat the process on the "Adult" wraith. After the "Adult" wraith is dead, try to tag each of the three "Baby" wraiths once before finishing them off with a E+Q.
LEARN E (or W if you deem it necessary, but it isn't)
4. Move onto Lizard Elder. Kill it by using the same E+Q combo you have been using, and kill his minions too.

5. Move onto Mini Golems. Kill them with the E+Q Combo as well. Make sure to wait until you actually have 105 mana before engaging them.
LEAN W (Or E if you learned W prior)

Gank, Jungle more or Gank, depending on the situation of you and your team. You yourself should be healthy enough to gank or continue jungling a bit more, if you're not, you're not doing it right.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: if you have to ask, don't bother jungling Jarvan.

Flash: Ever tried killing a Kassadin before?
That and Flash -> Demacian Standard -> Dragon Strike -> Cataclysm makes for great ganks.
It's a great tool for escaping ganking, but you already knew that didn't you.

Ghost: Works I guess, if you're a very inactive player this may be more beneficial than flash, as it will help you get into battle quicker. However if you're an aggressive or active player, you won't ever need this because you'll already be where you need to be anyways.

Exhaust: Somewhat unreliable, if you know for a fact your enemies will be bad with positioning, this might be the best choice, but it's not like you're going to talk to them during the loading screen, after all, they are your enemies. However, if you're in a draft loading screen and you see that you're enemy has a counter gank like Eve or Shaco, I guess this may help as well, if you really are that scared.

Cleanse: Read where I said you're SUPPOSED to be an *******. But if you believe you're not being a good enough *******, then you can use this to get into a position for better *******ry. I'm actually conflicted with it's uses, but you're a jungle, so you're probably better off getting ganking utilities.

Ignite: It can help you kill golem and gank quicker, it can also help you gank better. But so can Flash. Ignite is NOT going to help you be an ******* really. I suppose you can take it if your team is up against some nonsense like Swain + Nidalee and nobody is intelligent enough to get ignite themselves. I'll rephrase that, take it if you like to play with mechanically brain-dead players.

Clairvoyance: You're a supportive tank dps bruiser ganking jungle. The first thing I said was supportive, arguably, this may be useful. Take it if you feel your team will need it.


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You have only 7 Tasks.
1. Be an *******
2. Jungle
3. Gank (Red Buff, Jarvan's Passive and your Runes make this incredibly easy at level 4)
4. Amass HP
5. Build Atmas
6. Reach Armor and Defense soft caps (A feat you've probably already completed by doing 4 and 5)
7. Complain in all chat about how Victorious Jarvan is unacquirable without having been good.