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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author .rehab1

Jungle Kaiser - Kaiser of the Jungle

.rehab1 Last updated on January 3, 2011
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A Guide to jungling Mordekaiser.


So why is Mordekaiser the KAISER OF THE JUNGLE? Easy. He kills every frigging Warwick, Fiddlesticks or Udyr that gets close to him. Why does he do that easily? Well after reading this build you will understand why.

Pros & Cons

+ enemy team will be confused
+ enemy team will be scared
+ your team will have constant nashor buff
+ enemy team will lose

- your team will be angry at you for hogging the buffs
- will get flamed for being OP, bugusing. glitching and exploiting. Just flame back.


Why manareg? You may have noticed that Mordekaiser is ALWAYS OUT OF MANA FOR SOME WEIRD REASON. That's why you should get as much manareg as possible.

You can also skill 13/3/7, since it's leet and you don't even need those 7 last points. They're for weakasses.


We get flat HP runes to intimidate the opponent from the beginning, so in mid and late game they are so scared they won't even notice you don't have much hp. Even if they notice, you just pound their faces in with your bare fists or weapon of choice.


Iron Man
This is the passive that makes you so great. If you play correctly, you will never ever take damage thanks to this.

Mace of Mace of Spades
This is a good skill for building up your shield even faster, or just to damage enemies.

Creeping Death
This is like a sunfire Cape. You will AoE their whole team to death, can steal kills or just the Golem/Lizard kills with this skill so no one should ever be able to steal from you. (And if they do, flame them.)

Siphon of Destruction
This skill is mainly used for damaging towers. Never use it in laning phase or to damage enemy champions, you will get called a noob and get flamed a lot.

Children of the Grave
Your ultimate is only useful when soloing Baron Nashor. It will shield you for every tick of damage and after Nashor's death you will have him as your own puppet. He only lives 30 seconds tho, so use him for the ganking of top lane in late game. Or just to destroy their nexus while being savely out of range. (If the game says "incorrect target", try restarting your client. Might help.)

So you get Creeping Death maxed soon, but not asap. But skill it first, it's very effective while jungling, since you gain armor and magic resistance and it does some pretty decent aoe damage.

Summoner Spells

Get teleport to port to your wards which you put up in jungle and near the enemy fountain (you might die while putting a ward there, keep in mind to place it outside of tower range or it will be seen and destroyed!). The ward at creature spawn places will help you get the creature kill even if someone else tries to kill the creature (e.g. Golem buff - you need them more than Amumu, Yi, Jax, or any caster! If they flame, flame back.) and the Ward near their Fountain will help you gank them at Spawn Point. They will be so puzzled they'll ragequit or surrender or just fail horribly.

You don't need Revive. But it makes jungling faster. Just suicide into a tower to have more hp at spawn, since you skilled it in defensive masteries. Maybe you'll die when putting a ward near their nexus, so it also helps reducing the downtime and with more HP it's easier to jungle (that is: kill Nashor).

Core Item Build

Let me explain the Item Build. Thornmail helps you jungle, while boots make moving around the map faster. You get the Madred's Razors. Obviously. Why? Because it makes jungling easier! Zhonya's will save you when getting ganked, since enemies will just ignore an immune player and move on. It also helps you regenerate hp and shield when jungling while you're untouchable. Archangle's Staff is the way to adress your mana problems. So in lategame you'll have a huge mana pool and so much mana regen and not run oom all the time. Boots are Ninja Tabi, and later you get Boots of Swiftness TOO. Why? Well, one shoe for each foot ofc.


Start the game by yelling "I GO MID" in allchat. The enemy team will or will not believe you, it doesn't matter anyway. You will then proceed with killing your mid opponent, and move to Nashor.

Jungling Route 1: Easy Route
You start this route by soloing nashor (1). You will probably still be level 1, but if you get lucky the whole enemy team will have tried to kill you so you and you will already have gotten your first level up. When killing baron, consume a mana pot before activating creeping death and then getting close to him. He will die pretty fast, so you can move on to top lane and help your team gank the top laning enemies. Don't be afraid to always gank when you have the chance. Even if you only have 5 hp left, and you need to towerdive into their fountain, and it's 3v1, just go for it.

After ganking top your team can proceed taking down the tower while you get the enemy lizard buff (2). After getting the Lizard Buff you will walk straight through the mid towers to enemy golem, while your mid laning enemy will still be pretty confused since there's no one laning against him, or maybe even getting owned by one of your teammates who took over mid. If someone took over mid, go and flame them telling them to gtfo and clearly stating mid belongs to you, showing them their place.

Walking right between the enemy towers instills fear into your mid laning opponent. He will never know where you come from and see you're not afraid to towerdive.

After you got Golem buff (3), kill bot laning enemies asap even if you need to come from above while they are at your own tower. These few towershots will not hurt you at all. And you can take them down even if it's 2v1 and the tower is firing at you.

Get dragon (4) asap, and after that your lizard buff (5) and your golem buff (6).
Port back to base and wait there for about 5 minutes. It will confuse the enemy even more. Try not to def your towers or help your team push; even if they spam-ping the map or flame you all the time. You have to endure, since your opponents will be way more confused that way.

Try to put up the wards you got in the beginning at both golems and lizard spots so you can see whenever an enemy or teammate is trying to get the kill. Just teleport to said ward with creeping death active and steal the buff. If your casters or mana users flame you, ignore them or flame back. Proceed getting Nashor's buff as soon as it is back up and gank occasionally.

Whenever you feel like the game is getting boring or you need to go to the toilet, start pushing mid and killing enemy team on your way. If you die in a 5v1 gank call the enemy team noobs or just ping-spam the whole map asking your team why they didn't help you, it will be their fault anyway. Write "LAG" in allchat, too. It helps confusing enemies.

Jungling Route 2: Pro Route
This is the hard route.


- Putting a ward near their spawn point helps to get kills.
- Buy Oracle's Elixir to see enemy wards and destroy them, so they can't killsteal your creatures.
- Flaming in allchat will help you be more useful as a tank. If you insult people they may start focusing you instead of your squishy teammates.
- Don't try this at home, kids!

I hope my Junglekaiser Guide is useful to you and you'll have a great time using this build in ranked games.
I hope you'll have as much fun playing Junglekaiser as I have and I hope you'll kick your enemies *** like I do. When I use Junglekaiser, I win one out of a hundred games.

Have fun.