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Warwick Build Guide by ocirne23

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ocirne23

Jungle Magewick

ocirne23 Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Chapter 1

I made this build with the intention of clearing the jungle at top speed while not limiting the amazing damage capabilities of Magewick.

This build sacrifices some of Warwick's already way too high jungle safety and turns it into clearing speed, with this build he has one of the fastest jungles, a few seconds behind Udyr.
Magewick is naturally insanely powerful in lane, with a full build his Q deals 750 damage and heals him for 600. Now add Infinite Duress, Deathfire Grasp, Ignite and 2 Lich Bane Proc's and you've got one hell of a burst for a jungler.

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Pros / Cons


  • One of the fastest junglers, only seconds behind Udyr.
  • Can solo Blue Golem at level 1 without a leash using ignite.
  • Huge burst for a jungler with Infinite Duress, Hungering Strike, Deathfire Grasp, Ignite.
  • Maxes cooldown reduction to be able to gank very often with Infinite Duress.
  • Can still do a ton of damage when ulti is on cooldown with his Q.
  • Has no problem with taking over a lane since Magewick is one of the strongest laners.
  • Less boring jungle since you use skills a lot more and clear it quicker
  • Has to start at blue
  • Low health after blue without full runeset (still very possible without full set)
  • Squishy

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(This part needs some improvements so please comment.)

Magic Penetration Marks since his Q deals magic damage.

Armor Seals to make his jungle safer, monsters in the jungle deal physical damage.

CDR Glyph's to keep his cooldowns low mid/end game when you dont always have a blue buff.

AP Quints to increase jungle speed and overall damage. Health Quint's can also be taken if you prefer to have more survivability early.

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9/0/21 for Magic Penetration, max CDR and taking Improved Smite and Greed.

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Starting out with Amplifying Tome instead of cloth armor allows Warwick to quickly kill the blue golem with his Hungering Strike before his mana runs out. Once he has blue, the rest of the jungle is fast and easy due to his high AP and health gain from Hungering Strike(Q)

At the first recall we get Fiendish Codex for some very needed AP, CDR, and Mana. This item builds into Deathfire Grasp which is perfect for magewick since its active adds to Magewick's burst and adds a nice amount of AP, mana and CDR.

Sorcerer's Shoes since most of our damage is magic damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap. Now this is what makes our damage and sustainability really shine.
After this we should have about 220AP. Warwick's Q should now deal about 500 damage and heal him for 400, every 3.5 seconds.

Lich Bane gives us some more AP, mana, and most importantly Damage. Lichbane is triggered twice during Magewick's burst.

The last items can vary greatly but I've included some items that give Magewick AP and survivability.

Other items include:
[*]Banshees Veil
[*]Madred's Bloodrazor

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Summoner Spells

Smite - Standard for Junglers, improves jungle speed, avoids getting buffs and dragon stolen.

Ignite - This one is very needed if you are not sure if you can get a leash on blue, it allows Magewick to solo Blue Golem at lvl 1, and makes his ganks much more dangerous. Since Magewick doesn't rush lvl 2 boots he relies on his E to boost his speed. To get that speed boost he needs to be able to burst down his target to atleast 50% health, ignite helps accomplish this.

Flash over Ignite - If you know someone is able to leash blue golem, allows you to escape from, and chase down enemies.

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Blue Golem, Melee, potion+Ignite, After the golem hit twice use Hungering Strike(Q) and Hunger's Call(E), spam Q smite.

Wolves, Melee once, use Hungering Strike(Q), melee again, Hunger's Call(W), Melee, use Hungering Strike(Q) once more.

Wraith, Smite Blue wraith, Melee once, Hungering Strike(Q) once, activate Hunger's Call(W) and melee the rest down.

Double Golem's, Melee once, Hungering Strike(Q) once, activate Hunger's Call(W) and melee them down, dont use Q since you need your mana for the Lizard.

Red Lizard
Melee once, Hungering Strike(Q) once, activate Hunger's Call(W), Melee and spam Q, Smite

Melee once, Hungering Strike(Q) once, activate Hunger's Call(W) and melee and spam Q.

Wraith's Melee once, Hungering Strike(Q) once, activate Hunger's Call(W) and melee and spam Q.

Go gank if needed or go back to spawn Buy Fiendish Codex and a few pots if needed.

Double Golem's
Melee once, Hungering Strike(Q) and Smite one gollem down quickly. Hunger's Call(W) and melee the other down.

Wolves, Melee once, use Hungering Strike(Q), melee again, Hunger's Call(W), Melee, use Hungering Strike(Q) once more.

Blue Golem
You should be able to kill everything easily by now, just gank and clear whatever monstercamp respawns.

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Usual ritual. Initiate with Infinite Duress(R), use Hungering Strike(Q) and Hunger's Call(W) and chase down with Q.

Make sure you disable Blood Scent(E) if its not needed.

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Magewick power + faster than Junglewick