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Nasus Build Guide by MetaWerewolf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaWerewolf

Jungle Nasus: Jackel of the jungle

MetaWerewolf Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A starting word...

This build sadly, is experimental. I made this in the hopes that some other brilliant gamer will help make this Jackel king of the jungle. He definitely has the potential, but i do not believe i am the one to make him so. If this build helps you a terror of the jungle or if it starts you on your own, please comment.

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Step One

What I've done so far is that you go for blue buff, if you hit him with ignite and smite you won't need a leash, pump siphon strike and try to make it the last hit. It might seem scary there for a while, focus blue and Nasus will come through.

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From there...

continue onto wolves, don't worry your passive and the scepter will keep you alive as long as you focus the main wolf first. Continue to feed your siphon strike on the revenants and then the golems.

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Level five: ganking time

With level five you'll get wither with this build. It will be more effective than a stun really and your AoE will lower their armor, if you've fed the Siphon Strike they will find their health bars gone or very deplinished and if they stuck around to fight Wither will be back by now when they start running.

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Continue building and leveling in the jungle

keep building and feeding the strike, red buff can be a big help, and if a lane has less action use it to heal back to full with all your life steal.

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The really cool part

With red buff or blue buff, your ult and smite, you can kill dragon at level 8, something even Warwick is hard pressed to do. And with 5 out of 6 items at level 18, your ult and smite, you can take Baron solo (with something of a close call at the end).

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Flaws with this build

Again, it's a prototype as i don't have the runes and i am making this as something of an inspiration to some jungler out there rather than an actual build.
Flaw one: Your survivability depends entirely on your ult and being able to attack something even minions as your lifesteal will be at 50+%.
Flaw two: He's somewhat slow for a ganker (in comparison to say Hecarim, Lee Sin or Warwick), but just slow them to compensate.
Flaw three: Mana hungry since you'll be pumping Siphon Strike just use blue to compensate.
Flaw four: this build depends entirely on Siphon Strike and your ability to burst as well.

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One quick tip

If you feed the Siphon strike it'll A. scare the hell out of people and B. counter last second moves like... Undying Rage (Tryndamere), Kayle's ult, as well as other last ditch efforts to escape or disable.

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Final Word

If this guide helps someone out there, please tell me, I can edit this build or make your own and show me. Help this Giant Jackel be king of the jungle and be a fear to those whose souls he shall judge. Questions or suggestions? Please comment. So far it works well.