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League of Legends Build Guide Author zygen360

(Jungle nocturne Guide and build)Welcome to the jungle!

zygen360 Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Update log

6/3/11 Fixed typos and added quints in(dang forgot them the first time Lol)

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Hey guys welcome to my second guide on mobafire for nocturne!
I use nocturne as a jungle Champion I'll explain why latter in the guide.

Anyways enjoy and leave some comments about it down at the bottom!

Thank you and enjoy!

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Why jungle nocturne?

Why not Jungle nocturne? hes a top tier jungle champion hes also a Deadly ganker at lvl 6 If done correctly its imposable to live through the gank.

I'll explain ganking latter on the guide tho.

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I see tons of nocturnes get attack speed runes on jungle nocturne but I think good old armor pen red's is a better choice it helps take them out quicker and in the long run is just better to me. maybe your choice differs but I chose Reds Armor pen.

As for armor Yellows its nice for jungle in general and blues as CDR is nice for his ult since its a bit long on a CD but you could pick other things for this if you want.

And armor pen Quints just cause you get tons of armor pen from that making you almost attack right through most champions armor

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Pretty normal jungle Masteries 21-0-9. with Smite and ghost and the reduced death timer mastery and XP and Gold per 1 second as the health and mana regen isn't really that much help anyways.
And I don't really need the CDR mastery as its not that needed really if your getting CDR runes just my opinion.

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I start with normal jungle items cloth armor and 5 Health pots then I get Wriggles and I get Berserker's greaves. Then I get Avarices blade for the gold per 5 early on giving lots of Gold for the pricey items. Then I get brutalizer. Then i get phage for the nice HP and slow. and I get a Phantom dancer which is a really nice item giving tons of good stats on noc.

Then Things can change. You can get a Ghostblade if your losing in Towers I get ghostblade and start Pushing lanes with that. But if your doing bad In teamfights you may wana pick up a Infinitys edge. Both ways I pick Frozen mallet in the end just Cause its a nice finishing item to me the extra slow doesn't really make it much more worth it much i just get it for HP so latter on is when you need HP most of the time with such high damage.


:BLOODTHRIRSTER: I sometimes get this after I got wriggles if we don't need wards and just some Lifesteal and Damage

:BANSHIES VEIL: This is a nice item if your getting focused I'd replace Brutalizer-Yommums with this.

:SWORD OF THE OCULT: Now i've never got into a posision that I need this item or have a chance to get it effectively so I can't say anything much but if your getting really fed and want to get this Replace Brutalizer-Yommums

:FROZEN HEART: Get this over frozen mallet if your in really big need of armor WARNING this item gives no extra damage and should only be got for high AD teams that are focusing you!

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Skill Sequence

I go Q first as a pretty easy first choice then I get my E now I know what your thinking most I have seen people pick Q or W but you don't need W and I find E very handy in jungle just cause you can E someone and attack another while there feared. Then I get Q again and at lvl 4 I get W by lvl 4 I can start ganking W is good for ganking because if done right can block a Vital attack stoping you from being CC'd but that's a latter section.

Then I max Q And Max E Getting ult when you can And then maxing W last as it doesn't really help to lvl anyways.

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Summoner Spells

:SMITE:So smite is a pretty easy choice if you chose to not pick smite on a jungle let me just say.. Your kinda stupid. most good players know when your jungling or not so there's no point in that. but also it's almost needed on nocturne if your starting Blue or red buff.

:GHOST: is really the best choice for nocturne jungle wise as flash Isn't good on offence with his ult and fast speed plus with his Q's speed buff Ghost is amazing.

:FLASH: I explain why you don't need flash on Noc in the ghost section

:CLERVOYANCE: I actually acidently got this spell and clarity once and I won crazy huh? Still a bad Summoner spell for noc.

:EXHAUST: This build already has phage's slow why do you need exhaust? and with a fear its useless.

:PROMOTE: lolwut this is still in here :D

:CLARITY: Noc needs no mana between blue and having other better summoner spells

:HEAL: This isn't needed... Need I say more?

:RALLY: Maybe good on a tank or maybe a support but not on noc.

:TELEPORT: Could be a choice but I personaly like Ghost better and you need smite on this build.

:CLEANSE: A nice summoner spell but I really don't use it on nocturne I see better use in Ghost.

:FORTIFY: I only find this summoner spell useful on certain tanks.

:IGNITE: I find this not very useful as nocturne does enough damage to finish and Ignite is used to finish plus his Q is a nice finisher if you can aim it.

:REVIVE: This summoner spell doesn't really seem to have any uses to me.

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Pros / Cons

Here are the pros and con's of this build.

:You jungle making you a great assist to your team providing ganks that are deadly.
:Has great pushing potential mid-late game.
:Gives you a big chunk of Hp late game
:Some armor pen from the brutalizer or ghostblade is helpful vs tanks
:CDR runes help have your ult ready more often.
:Armor pen runes give you extra Armor pen over Attack speed.
:A little extra armor from runes that makes you a slight less squishy

:Still a squishy champion
:Less attack speed without the runes
:Less damage in exchange for Suriviablity
:Wriggles gives less lifesteal and damage then Bloodthrister

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Creeping / Jungling

Ok now im going to explain my jungle pattern In this order

:Start blue buff
:Wolf Camp
:Wraith camp
:Small golem camp
:Gank-Go B and get Madreds
:Red buff

Lvl 8 is the lowest I've got dragon (Solo) so far so that's what lvl i recommend soloing dragon you may grab it early if you have teamates

I haven't got a chance to try getting red then going B-gank-Madreds.
May try it latter.

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Now i'm going to explain your role in teamfights.

Your role can differ but most of the time is to go after the squishys you can go about this a few ways..

You can ult to there teams squishy Ranged AD and if done correctly you can destroy them

You can also just go into the fight after the tank(If you go in first do it only as a last resort because your going to die if so.)
And destroy there team slowly if left alone you can take there whole team down easy.

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Skill usage

Here i'm going to explain a few things
First of all i'm going to explain your basic spell combo.

Here's your basic Champ combo. Q E And Then R for a finish if they get to far away and are low enough.

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Alright I guess that about sum's up this Guide-Build

Hope you enjoy! remember to leave a like on this and a comment Tell me what you think what I can improve ect.

This is only my second guide so I don't have much experience with guides.

Anyways peace and enjoy!