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Nunu Build Guide by Shplick

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shplick

Jungle Nunu: The invading, sustaining AD jungle boss

Shplick Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Most people will jungle nunu as an AP/Support hero, whose primary aim is to counter jungle, buff and objective control. However, with AD nunu, you have the same sustain (with vamp sceptre), better objective control and creep damage ability with wriggles, and better 1v1 invading fighting power. He also brings more to a gank than AP/support nunu, as mixed with phage, E and red buff, the enermy may as well stand still for you.

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Pros / Cons

- Very good sustain
- High base damage on ult
- Alot of slows with red buff, E and Frozen Mallet
- Very good counter jungling
- Good ability to steal objectives with Q-smite
- W is super steroid for AD carry, lategame

- Extremely reliant on items to do damge (Wit's/Bloodrazor)
- As AD, using ult in a fight gives less damage than melee attacking with Bloodrazor
- Lategame offers less damage than other junglers but same utility

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There are two starts I use when jungling AD Nunu:

1) Enermy starts blue

Taking Q level 1, you can 1 shot their big wraith with a Q, putting the enermy almost an entire camp behind you, with boots 3 rush to either their bush at wraiths or the bush up the ramp to watch for enermies. Then get a leash on blue buff taking that with Q and smite, level W and take wolves -> wraiths -> red -> golems, if you smited blue early your smite will be up at red. You should have enough health to gank Top(blue team)/Bot(purple team) or mid, getting a kill or a summoner spell.

2) You start red

Taking W level one instead, you can comfortably take red with a decent leash from 2+ heros, then gank Top(blue team) or Bot(purple team) taking E level 2. After gank go back if low and get cloth armour if you have enough, or some wards and pots. Take smaller camps till 3, leveling up Q and take blue with smite, ganking again after blue.

Objective Control

The timers on the buffs are:

Red/Blue: 5 min (Spawn 1:54)
Dragon: 6 min (Spawn 2:30)
Barron: 7 min (Spawn 15:00)

As Nunu, you have very strong ability to solo and steal these objectives with Q-smite, so make sure you keep them warded (or support) and pink warded if you want to solo it. Early game, dragon is a top priority, so whenever you succesfully gank top or bot, and you have support from the other lane, take dragon to put your team at a 1k gold advantage.

Likewise, stealting buffs like blue and red from enermy junglers puts either the jungler at a disadvantage to gank, or the enermy mid lane not having a blue buff to spam spells. The buff that the enermy started at should spawn at around ~7:15, so trying ganking and warding that buff to steal it with Q-smite.

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Skill Sequence

For AD Nunu you want to max R>W>Q>E, or R>W>Q=E if you plan to gank alot and dont need the extra sustain and damage in the jungle with your Q and prefer the extra slow when ganking with E.

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For runes their are two main sets that I use:

1) Armour Pen

6 Arp/3 AD Reds
9 Armour Yellows
9 MR/lvl Blues
2 MS/1 Arp Quints

This gives you 13 Arp at the start making clearing the jungle very fast and allowing easy counter jungling ability.

2) AS

9 AS Reds
9 Armour Yellows
9 MR/lvl Blues
3 MS Quints

This gives alot of attack speed combined with your W meaning alot of damage when ganking, taking the extra movement speed quint to make sure you can attack run easily while keeping up.

The second rune set has slow clear times but equal/overtakes the 1st runeset once you have a wriggles, however, the 1st runeset sets you up better for late game damage.

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For items I start either:

1) Boots, 3 health pots
2) Boots, 1 health pot, 1 ward

I only start the second build when I know I'm going to steal a red buff from a jungler like WW or Rammus, that severly enhibits their ability to gank early. Place the ward in the bush between wraiths and mid lane, to see when the enermy jungler enters the red buff section of their jungle

Get atleast vamp sceptre on the first back, with first item being wriggles. This gives you insanely fast clear time mixed with Q and W, allowing you to ward Dragon, gank lanes and invade freely.

Getting Wit's end next for the mixed damage and additional attack speed, and merc treads for CC reduction allowing you to chase easier and slowing with E, red and phase/frozen mallet.

Next get phage and giants belt to give you another slow, giving you very strong ganking ability, and health from giants belt. Building frozen mallet makes you very hard to take down, with the highest base health in the game at level 18.

Now that you have alot of utlity, get Madred's Bloodrazor for more attack speed, putting you close to 2 AS with W up, meaning that every second you are doing 8% magic damage to the enermy. While slowing then to a crawl.

For late game, finish off your build with situational tank items like Frozen Heart, Randuins, Maw of Malmortius, or Force of Nature, selling wriggles late game.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells their is really only one choice, Flash/smite, smite is essensial for objective control, and flash allows you to close distance/escape or steal a dragon/barron over a wall.

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For masteries I take 21/0/9, for damage, arp and lifesteal in offence, and MS, mana in utility.

Other choices are 21/9/0, taking health, armour and smite bonus in defense, or 9/21/0 taking defensive tank mastries (armour, health, MS and HP5) and AD/arp masteries in offense.

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AD jungle Nunu gives suprisingly strong ganks and clear time, with your cleartime being faster than other counterjunglers such as shyvana with 1 item (wriggles) and alot better ganks than these heroes. Playing AD also feels like you contribute alot more than AP/support jungle Nunu, and flash/smite-Q to steal barron is always funny.