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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertical Dsb

Jungle Olaf - Do you got that, bro?

Vertical Dsb Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Recent Patch

I haven't managed to play LoL since the new patch came out nerfing HoG, I will be playing soon enough and will update the guide asap.

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Olaf - Introduction

Ok so Olaf is pretty much a beast champion if farmed and played right, go ask Lilballz how devastating he can be in high elo ranked matches. The Way I play Olaf is the jungle Olaf, if you are not jungling him then you are not playing him right, he is far more suited to the jungle than a lane as he lanes really weak but jungles oh so very well. He can be very difficult to learn and I personally had a lot of trouble with him but after 10 or so games I started getting better and realizing that he isn't that hard to play if you play him smartly.

Now this is a guide, I don't give you fancy little pictures and make it all pretty for you, your hopefully not a little 8 year old girl that likes pretty colours and pictures, if you do get off this page and go play Annie or Teemo.

This guide works, that is all you need to know, its not some non level 30 scrub build, I've asked Kobe24 and Lilballz a lot about Olaf and have tested this guide out over 50 times at least.

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Olaf - Runes / Masteries / Items

My runes fairly standard, armour pen, armour and cooldowns if you would like to change the yellows for hp per level or blues for magic resist per level go for it, with cooldown blues you will be more damage and the magic resist per level blues will make you harder to kill.

Masteries are simple, 0 9 21, gives standard defence and utility for Olaf cooldowns for his true damage and axe spells, if you want to put one point from the defense utility into the smite +5 gold box go for it.

Tank Olaf I feel is the only way to tap into Olafs true potential, his damage scales by how much health he has, also in the current meta game if you rock into a team fight you are going to get ruined by just about everything if you are building dps. Tank Olaf has the survivability heneeds to survive + with an ultimate that can't be cced you become every carries nightmare with your true damage and life steal.

Now I have included a wriggles lantern into my build, this will make jungling a breeze for you plus helps out a lot with dragon and warding your/there jungle, basically you will never be low hp while ganking coming out of the jungle. Lilballz the best Olaf does not get this item because he says its not needed, he rushes the heart of gold first, if you feel you can jungle without the wriggles by all means do but I really like using the wriggles.

The randiuns omen and banshees veil are your core items, gives good armour / magic resist / health / aoe slow and a shield against negative spells / cc from your enemy.

The other items are really team / game dependant, if you are really fed and your team is dominating I would definitely rush the atmas impaler or youmuus otherwise if you are still weighing up the game the frozen mallet is definitely the better choice.

After you have finished your build you will want to sell your lantern in the late game stages as it is pointless, you will want to buy any item you feel you need.

The build order is not in complete order, I like to go to the Randiun's Omen and then after that decide which item I'm going to get next, generally its the banshees but I will swap around depending on how well I'm doing.

Now people have asked about Warmogs, warmogs and atmas will make Olaf ridiculously strong and are the two best items on him, but it takes so long to farm the Warmogs then max out the bonuses and then having to farm the atmas after. It will gimp your early and mid game so hard but if you feel you can do this go for it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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Olaf - Jungling

Grab a cloth armour and 5x hp potions, grab your throwing axe as your first spell, rock to golem axe him (the smallest possible one so it regrabs your axe without moving), as soon as he hits you pot your hp potion, keep axing him whenever you can, smite him at half hp ish and finish him off and his creeps.

Take your W (heal) as your next spell, go wolves Q and W the big one dead, then just heal wit your W on the little ones.

Go to wraiths, make sure you have a good amount of health and mana, as soon as you fight pop a health pot, Q and W him dead, then when there are two red wraiths left only use your W to heal.

Rock over to the Lizard and take another Q from your level up, save up some hp and mana (200-220) works, Q and W then smite him dead, W the smaller lizards, use your last hp pot.

Kill the two golems with axe Q and W, then take E for your 4th level and recall, buy boots a ward and 5x hp pots.

Watch this, it will help you a lot with jungling and Olafs general play style

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Olaf - Ganking

After you have rcalled its time to gank for your team mates, find out whos low / over extending and hurry on to that lane to Brolaf some stuff up. Use your axe to slow people (this is really hard to learn but it does become easier, if you are already good at skill shots then no problem) then run up to them and slap a E on them followed by pressing W and hacking away, throw your axe to reslow them whenever possible also if its needed pop your ghost to catch up to them (use E whenever you can its your main damage).

Now you can either keep jungling / babysit the lane while your allies recall or recall yourself if you got a kill etc and buy your madreds razor or if you can afford it your wriggles lantern.

By this stage jungling should be easy for you, when you don't have golem try not to spam your axes so much as you will run out of mana very fast, if your game enough ward / jungle your enemies jungle and gank / take their buffs accordingly.

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Olaf - Tips

- You are building a tanky Olaf, but remember you are not the tank, you will go down fast if you initiate a fight.

- I thought Olaf was invincible at first and tower dived like a **********er, don't do that :|

- Make sure you pick up your axe after you throw it as it lowers your cooldowns considerably

- Remember to make use of Randiuns Omen, put it in your first item slot which will mean the 1 key will activate it

- Be a **** and save your E for a last hit on a champ ;), screw carries, Olaf is the carry

Team Fights

- Wait till it starts, run towards the back where their range dps or ap caster is sitting, pop your ulti and randiuns, throw your axe to slow em W and E away at them, you are a sweeper which is basically clean up the carries on the enemies team.

- If your team is clearly going to lose the fight don't even bother going in you will just die aswell.

- For getting away pop a ghost and your ultimate, plus randiuns / axes means nobody except a master yi or some **** with ******ed move speed should ever catch up to you.

A game I played 30 minutes ago 19/3/2011

If you have any questions feel free to ask, make sure you check out my

other guides on the right hand side --->

~ Vertical Dsb