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Warwick Build Guide by Gervantes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gervantes

Jungle or lane wick

Gervantes Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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There is a guide for jungle and one for lane. They are very much the same (with few twists) and all items not shown under jungle ww are the same as the lane ww item build.

I havnt put all skills in the skill sequence, but that is because the rest should just be focued on Hungering strike and Blood scent, no big deal.

The rune build are also the same for the jungling wick.

If you meet a heavy cc team, then try and change an item with tenacity (maybe boots), since a running ww is deadly.

Never buy health items with WW.
Wait with ulti till they flee.
With this spec, you can tower dive more often, cause you heal more. Get used to it and do it, cause you run so fast.
Ward dragon.

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Lane wick

If you lane with WW and get hit alot, then buy the armor or MR parts first, when you build the items. Focus on minion kills on your lane, ww is strongest late game or when he carries the blue buff.

Save mana and maybe buy few mana potions.

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Jungle wick

Start at golems, use smite. Move to the group with 4, use hunters call and only 1 hungering strike on the blue guy, pop the health potion here.

Go to wolfes, dont use hungering strike only hunters call.

Go kill blue with everything you got.

I chose the AD item instead of armor cause ww are so slow jungler and he can handle the hits.

Then go kill golem, red, 4 guys and wolfes.

WW aint the best ganker before lvl 6, he shine late game. Still try and get out there and make something happen.

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To explain the items.
WW hungering strike is 1+ per ability power. That is quite nice.

Abyssal scepter gives you great defence with 57 MR while lowering MR on target and gives you great ability power for you to deal damage and heal yourself, I like it alot on ww. At this point you have 15% MR pen from mastery, sorcerer shoes and the abyssal scepter passive. Makes your Q hurt quite nice.

The frozen heart is great on ww, since he lacks mana and the CDR is just great for him aswell (more damage more heal), and who doesnt like armor?

A little more heal and damage from Hextech revolver before I build bloodrazor, which will add to your ulti hits aswell and give you great damage on tanky targets.

Then finish off frozen heart, but if you have to play tank role (or die easy), might finish it earlier.

The last two items are just trololol I WIN items. Now they have to kill you twice, you heal and damage like crazy.

If they are very heavy cc, you might have to add a banshee instead of the Hextech gunblade. This build die if you get locked down constantly. Pick banshee and mercury, ofc you deal less damage but you have to do it.

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So I put some items and an idea of a build. But when to buy which items, are very much depended on who you face and how you wanna face them.

But dont change much in my build. I tried to make it as I most often do.

Also please come up with few ideas if any good ones? :=)