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Pantheon Build Guide by elchimster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elchimster

Jungle Pantheon (Jump Gank)

elchimster Last updated on December 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this build ill show u how i jungle with pantheon, since the new remake on the jungle almost anyone can jungle now, but the problem is; Can that jungle actually help the team? Well to answer that question jungle Pantheon actually does help the team with his awesome gank ability after lvl 6, you can gank earlier but the lane has got to be pushed by the enemy team.

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For runes i pick up Armor pen runes on mark attack speed seals attack speed glyphs and armor pen quints, i do this rune build because it helps pantheon proc his passive more often and helps me clear up the camps faster with little damage infliction of the minions on me because of the masteries i choose which ill explain in the next chapter. U can actually exchange if u want the armor Pen quints for Experience to reach lvl 6 faster and opens up the opportunities for gank faster.

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I choose 8/21/1 because it helps me with the lack of armor marks which i don't use in my runes and because you will probably be targeted in team fights because of your high damage output and this masteries will help you survive to deal more damage in those team fights.

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The item sequence i choose is a pretty standard one for a jungle in the begging with a cloth armor and 5 health pots after that i get a boots of speed for more gank opportunities since pantheon is a great ganker when he hits lvl 6 and higher then i go for a wriggles lantern for faster jungle clearance and a nice life steal early item then i finish my boots and this is where things get important go for a mercury threads if u fear their AP carry and if they have buttloads of CC and choose a ninja taibi if u fear their AD carry, after that i choose a hexdrinker for more survivability in team fights and more damage too then i take a phage for some health and damage go for a Bf sword to pop up that damage output finish that frozen mallet for more health and chasing ability then finish the Infinity Edge or go for Yoummu's Ghostblade if u feel that u need that active better than the infinity edge.

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Skill Sequence

I open up with spear shot because it helps me proc Pantheon's Passive ability faster against the Golem after i take up heartseeker strike for the passive it provides me for even faster jungling then i take another point in spear shot for the damage output it provides me and in lvl 4 take aegis of zeonia when u hit lvl 4 ull probably have blue and red buff allready so u can choose to gank a lane u think needs ur helps or that u can probably score a kill after that gank go back to the fountain and buy ur boots ull probably be in lvl 5 by now (after that gank assuming it was succesfull) so you will take a point in heartseeker strike and in lvl 6 take your ult then max out ur heartseeker strike until lvl 9 after that max out your spear shot stopping to take a point in your ult in lvl 11 after that max out aegis stopping again to take a point in lvl 16 on your ult again.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i usually take Smite and flash. Smite i choose for faster jungling and flash for its utility but u can also take Ignite if u want better gankability or exhaust if u think your team needs it, probably can take teleport if u want to better help your team in lane but never take Revive, Promote, Clarity, Clairvoyance or Garrison. The other Summoner Spells i haven't mentioned are not totally out of the equation like Heal, Ghost and Surge but the first four i mentioned are probably better suited unless u think that your play style is better suited for the last four.

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Pros and Cons

1) This build is a great build in early lvls and late game too for its early survivability and early damage as well
2) This build is not a very expensive build so it gives u some room for error if u fail to achieve ganks in your game (not that much of an error though)
3) This build gives u great damage output and a good survivability for team fights so you will be able to ditch out damage while still living to tell the tale

1) Your early gankability is reduced somewhat because of this choose of champion to jungle (not that great though)
2) You need to be careful for the other jungle the other team chooses and be wary of their invasion so investing in wards is never a bad thing to do.

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As you can see in this Build i do for my Jungle Pantheon u do great damage u have good survivability with 2500+ health and 100+ armor and magic resist also you will be able to Jump into team fights with your Ultimate so try and split the other team with this awesome ability.