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Alistar Build Guide by Gandalfzer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gandalfzer

Jungle/Roam Alistar There Is no Escape

Gandalfzer Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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There Will Be No Escape

Guide Still Works, Just Updating because of the freshness

Hello Welcome To My Unique Build

Once frowned upon by the community jungle alistar has come far. Since the release of his new passive he has become even more deadly then before. This guide focuses on a mixture between roaming at level 4 while still jungling if played right you will deny opponents and score your team easy kills and stay close to your Middle lane level.

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Pros / Cons


-Provides A solo lane
-Fast Experience and Gold
-Strikes Fear Into Enemy's Denying them EXP and Gold
-Great At Ganking
-Can get your carry and side lanes fed

-You must have someone who can properly solo a lane
-runs out of mana quickly without blue
-Enemy wards
-Requires Stragety

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For the runes I chose flat magic penetration and Ability power since both these stats will make are jungling faster and easier and are ganks more painful you can jungle with alistar without any runes or masteries so choose what you think best.

Why I chose flat magic penetration: If you were laning and needed more power I would recomend over time but alistar requires very little items or runes to be effective.

Why I chose flat Ability power: These runes will make your jungling easier and more manageable right at the begging and like I said before alistar requires few things to be effective.

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I chose these masteries because there standard jungling masteries but I added a zest of ability power,EX: Archmage Savy and Archaic Knowledge and the standard caster and jungle masteries combined

You can jungle without a full set of masteries on alistar from level 1-30 with this guide, all depends on your experience with junglers

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Reasons and explanation of why I chose these items.

Cloth Armor: Alistar has low armor compared to his MR in the begging since most junglers get cloth this is the best choice.

5x Health potions: No other items cost 175g and these HP pots let you stay in the jungle longer.

Boots of Mobility: This champion revolves around being in and out of action, with these boots you'll also be able to outrun most targets.

Shurelyas Reverie:Not only does it give a growing alistar HP and CDR but its Activation gives you and any other allies A nice speed boost.

Spirit Visage: Plan and simple HP and CDR and its passive makes your heals super juice.

Soul Shroud: Two kindle Gem Items later we have soul shroud another great CDR item with a nice Aura

Banshee Veil: Two reasons alistar has trouble fighting mages due too most mages come with utility and CC and this will also give you some nice MR

Rylais: Making your Passive and other ability's slow in team fights and chases is a must buy.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence was chosen because its the most effective for Laning/Roaming/Jungling

Let me explain on all parts

While jungling: The Aoe CC and damage from pulverize will be noticed and it fastens your route
Alistars Heal will also set off your passive while giving you a nice health boost
Getting Headbutt at level four is when you are starting your ganks.

Roaming: The skill sequence is intended to still make you a strong ganker while maintaining your jungle The heal you'll be able to recharge your HP from moving from lane to lane and with increased duration to your pulverize fearing your enemy will come easy.

Laning: While laning your farming abilitys with pulverize will decimate creep waves providing you and your lane partner tower pushing ease.

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Summoner Spells

Nothing much to say here but standard smite and Flash which is so important for A Alistar to close a gap, Many other uses as escaping and hoping walls.

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So to make this as simple and easy to read as Possible im going to write a step by step.

-Buy Cloth armor and 5HP potions

-Smite big Wraith, Use Pulverize and auto attack all the minions to death

-As soon as you kill wraiths activate your first HP pot and moves to wolves

-Wolves, Attack biggest One Pulverize till its dead and level your heal, Use your heal and finish off wolves.

-Head to golems, Pulverize,Hp potion,Heal,Smite One of them, Melee the other.

-Recall:Buy Regular Boots.

-Head to wraiths, Use Pulverize-Trample-Heal and repeat if you have too.

-Wolves, Pop a HP pot on your way to the wolves use the same combo you had too on the wraiths and repeat if you have too.

-Head to Blue Golem, Same combo as always and smite if you have too.

Recall:Sell cloth armor and a HP pot if you have too and buy boots of mobility
Time to gank and roam but your still also jungling don't forget that.

Check the alistars combo and setups chapter.

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Team Work

What is alistars job in a teamfight? Stuns?Heals?Meatsheild? yea those are the basic things for most people, But when I play alistar in a team fight I play to scare the living Shiz out of the other teams carry and supports.

Before you gank or initiates a fight always choose a target and a game plan since alistars has large Cooldowns on almost all his abilitys, It has to count.

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Alistars Setups And Takedowns

Here is some good strategies I have come across using this build.

First see if flash is on CD or not and go over to see if the gank is worth using flash or it is needed.

Using Flash:

Original Alistar: Flash Onto weaker target or enemy support or carry>Pulverize> Head butt to team or turret.

Advanced Harpooning: Flash behind Enemy Carry or Support> Headbutt to team or turret>Pulverize when they try to escape.

Wall Butting: If X champion is trying to kill Y ally who is next to the turret or anywhere, You can headbutt enemy X or the wall into a farther range or into the turret flash over the wall and pulverize.

Without Flash:

Harpooning: When X enemy champion is near a wall or impassable terrain you can head butt them into it and pulverize.

There Is No escape:

Basically this is for a single enemy behind one of his towers, you go around the tower and head butt him> then use your ultimate and pulverize him. This is a risky tactic but has high rewards if used right.

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Summing It Up

Well thats all I have left to say, post your feedback and how you did and what I can improve on.