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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrScrake

Jungle Shen

MrScrake Last updated on November 27, 2015
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Sup guys! So recently Shen jg has been appearing more, and I tried it out myself and figured out it's actually pretty good for a lot of reasons, and I just wanted to share my usual build and how I play it, so here it is

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Jungling--Where to start

So I'm gonna start off with the jungle route and how to clear camps effectively:

1. Start Krugs, using smite
2. Raptors (kill the small ones first. They're actually the ones with the most damage output)
3. Rift Scuttler, whichever one is on the side of the jungle you're on
4. Red. Your smite should be back up by the time you get back to red buff, so use it if needed

At this time, you could either back, or keep going. It's your choice. I personally like to keep clearing camps until I have enough gold for my Skirmisher's Sabre. But if you like to play it safe, then go ahead and back

When going back to the jungle:

1. Gromp (smite unless [read next])
2. Wolves (smite if the enemy jungler is someone like Shaco or Rengar, who can easily come into your jungle and steal your camps)
3. Blue buff

Once you've cleared those camps and you have enough health to gank, start doing that. Or you can go back again, spend some more gold, and do it

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In my opinion, Shen is one of the easiest junglers to gank as. He can either ult in to save a teammate and then counter-attack, or he can just run into the lane, taunt the enemy, and Q and auto them and just destroy

Also remember that your E is the most important part of ganking. To effectively defeat the enemy, you'll need to hit them with your dash and taunt them. It's easiest to do this by coming in from behind the enemy so that you can dash through them and force them to come towards your teammates, so they can't escape back to their turret

If you don't land your taunt, that's ok. Not every gank needs to be successful and it just lets the enemy know that you're keeping an eye on that lane, so they won't put so much pressure on your team

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Summoner Spells

The spells I like to use are Flash and obviously Smite

I'd also recommend Ghost, I just don't use it myself. I like Flash because it gives me another option if I need to escape, and it also helps in several situations like if you're out of range for you E, then you can Flash + E and taunt someone

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Why pick Shen?

Shen's Q and W make him really efficient for clearing camps while also maintaining health. His Q heals him if he attacks a marked target, and his W gives him a shield, making his health stay up more while being attacked by monsters

Not only is he great at clearing camps, but his ult makes it so he can save a teammate no matter where he is, and his E is fantastic for engaging. Like I said, all you have to do to gank is come in from behind an enemy, dash through them, and then you and your teammate go ham on them. It's that easy

Shen has the ability to get a lot of things done before recalling. He can clear a bunch of camps, get a gank or two in, and then maybe ult one of your teammates that's in danger. He can do all of this, and if you're careful and utilize your healing and shield, you can still make it out of it alive, and maybe with a kill

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  • Even with Shen's great sustain in the jungle, he can have a slow early start from lack of damage
  • This is an issue even in roles besides the jungle, but his ult has a pretty long cooldown, so he can only put it to use every once in awhile, and the rest of the time you have to walk there. It isn't TOO big a deal, but it's something you need to keep an eye on. Use your ultimate wisely
  • You might get flamed for picking him jg, since apparently not many people realize how good he is at it. Then again, you can get flamed for a lot of reasons

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Leveling Skills

You should ALWAYS get your Q first

Your Q is really helpful for jungling because it heals you when you attack the marked target, so you don't lose as much health, and it also does damage

After your Q, get your W and E, then go back to maxing your Q, then W. Your E isn't important, because it doesn't increase the duration of the taunt, so you just need to have it for ganks

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Late Game

Late game, you should be focusing on staying with your team. There's no telling when they're gonna need you, and depending on whether you built tanky or more damage-based, you're gonna have different roles in fights

If you're tanky, you're gonna wanna play Shen like he's usually played: an amazing engager who just jumps right into groups of enemies and leads them to their deaths

If you build damage, then you might be able to do the same thing but obviously do the damage

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Team Fights

In teamfights, Shen is a great engager. If he can hit even two enemies with his dash and the rest of your team jumps on them, then you probably just won the fight right then and there

During fights, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Use your W when needed. If you built AP, your shield will be stronger, and it will help a lot. I don't advise you to just spam it in fights whenever you can, because you may end up needing it a couple seconds later but it's on cooldown. Use it wisely
  • If you see a teammate dying (prioritize ADCs), jump out of the fight real quick and ult them
  • Look for opportunities to taunt multiple enemies at the same time. If a bunch of them are clumped together, go for it. With multiple enemies taunted, not only with you get a lot of energy back, but you'll also make it a lot easier for your team to just annihilate them

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Good luck, my ninja

I believe that's really all you need to know about jungling with Shen. It really isn't that hard, I just wanted to provide the build I normally use and some tips on if you're doing it for the first time and would like to keep doing it more effectively

It's really easy to learn, and it's pretty easy to play, especially if you build tanky. Tank Shen, you just need to lure enemies to their deaths with your E and keep an eye out for teammates that are in trouble and might need your ult

Have fun!


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