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Not Updated For Current Season

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Skarner Build Guide by HostilePinata

Jungle Skarner is outrageous. truly truly outrageous

Jungle Skarner is outrageous. truly truly outrageous

Updated on August 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HostilePinata Build Guide By HostilePinata 4,250 Views 2 Comments
4,250 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HostilePinata Skarner Build Guide By HostilePinata Updated on August 12, 2011
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Who this is, and the champion you are using...

This is My first build. I figured since I learned a lot from this site I should give you my Skarner build ,and hopefully someone will learn to use this champion better.

This champion is simply put the initiator. This champion's ultimate is the ultimate suppress, in the fact that it can not only suppress but also move the enemies to you almost assuring a kill in the right hands. You will get a lot of assists doing this. However, with this build you should be able to survive on your own.
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Pros / Cons

early game he can be pushed over and cannot do much damage to enemy champions, and he eats mana for breakfast.

Once you have your Nashor's Tooth you will be fine on mana.
His passive makes sure he is always prepared with his cool downs.
To top it off his ultimate is amazing. Set in the right hands you can get a quick kill.
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Summoner Spells

To begin. No you cannot Ultimate and then flash them foward. If you could do that, He would be OP. However you can increase your speed with Ghost and your W to drag them faster. Obviously if you are using a jungler you will use smite. This should really be self explanatory otherwise.
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Obviously the first things you will need for the jungle are the Cloth armor and the 5 Health potions. However, after that you must understand his passive. Energize allows you to use your skills freely, and toward the end of the game you will have more mana than you can find yourself using. The core Items for this champion though are the Nashor's Tooth, and the Lich Bane. The Nashor's Tooth is amazingly perfect for this champion in that it not only gives him the additional attack speed, but also gives him cooldowns, mana regeneration, and ability power. This item alone allows him to be recognized as with the reduced cooldowns, he can use the attack speed from the tooth and his shield to enter every team fight with an ultimate ready for the enemy. Lich Bane explains itself, as you will be constantly activating the ability with the shield. I see others using Tforce, but honestly you get more out of lich bane, because you are not only building AP, but you also have no use for the slow as the Q will take place of that (explained in teamwork) From there its really how you feel about the champion and the focus. Boots can be switched with Merc treads if the focus is on you, or mobility if you are feeling bold. I enjoy the attack speed boost though, and usually like the gold quicker. Cloth armor can go later if you want or can be turned into a wriggle's at any point if you feel that you need more wards. Abyssal Scepter works too because of the close up dragging, and the chasing of enemy champions as most of the time you will be quicker. Finally Gunblade is just a way to get some quick life from the enemies but can be replaced with any personal preference item of choice.
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Now lane Skarner is quite weak and as we have all seen he is labeled as a jungler on his summoner page. With my jungle I am able to do it in 5 minutes. Although there are quicker jungles out there he still has his ult which late game can be the deciding factor of a team fight. In early levels this champion cannot do much damage due to his low scales and low base without dishing out some serious mana on using tons of skills.

The jungle is simple enough, and runs basic runes and masteries for a jungler. You shouldn't have too many problems with it unless someone counters you. Leashes are nice and if you can get Golem in the bush then you can hit him with the E (Skill shot) but make sure you hit all of the minions. After a few hits from the golem (3-4) you can use a health potion. You can get away with more health with the leash (although you don't "need it") and you can do it a second or 2 quicker. From there you can level up his W, and start walking over to the wolves. With blue buff you will be gaining about 34 mana per 5 seconds which means you can freely use your E to hit the wolves, and you can get HP from the big wolf. Of course with your shield this means that you will be able to get out a little more HP and if you need to you can pop another potion. Now onto the wraiths. Same strategy shield up, E for all, although this time kill the small wraiths first then the big wraith. The only reason for this is that you will get more Health if you hit them first and in the end it is actually quicker. You might be low on mana after this so you can hold off red about 5 seconds for some mana, then take him on using the same strategy you used for golem although this time if you deem it necessary you can use the shield. After that you should be able to take the smaller golems without much hassle and finish just around 5 minutes for your jungle.

*obviously Smite the lizard and golem for the additional gold.*

For Creeping, just be sure to land your E first, then either take the life back with your Q, or hit them off one by one if you have the time and need the life.
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Team Work

In team fights you will (as silly as it sounds) act like a scorpion. Stay back, then when you see an opening use Ghost, and your W to clock your speed up. Then ultimate the squishy or carry and allow your team to make quick work of him. During the fight you won't be doing much damage although you can use your skills to damage. Once the fight goes your direction and they retreat, the chase beings. By that point your W should be ready for a round two and you can chase them down slamming Q's like your playing Urgot and you just landed your poison. If it lands properly you will be able to slow the enemy and once again have your team make quick work of them. If the team fights go sour then It's your priority to just get away to fight another day.
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In the end the champion breaks down like this.

You will be moving around the map with the greatest of ease, allowing you to hold lanes and get to team fights no matter where they are, because of your W (which should almost always be active late game). However your lane abilities early game are very limited at the moment because you lack the damage to hold your weight against enemy champions. He is a very able champion, and can cause a team to crumble just because of his Ultimate. Early game he is not Great, but late game he shines bright.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HostilePinata
HostilePinata Skarner Guide
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Jungle Skarner is outrageous. truly truly outrageous

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