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Trundle Build Guide by Grandmaster_at_arms

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grandmaster_at_arms

Jungle Trundle:

Grandmaster_at_arms Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Trundle is an interesting champ. At first he seemed worthless and far to difficult to play. lately I have been playing him and he has been tons of fun. He is definitely a fighter/bruiser, which makes him great in 1v1 but he needs to be tanky enough to not evaporate in team fights.

I play Trundle as a jungler, but I always make sure to keep an eye on allies in the lanes. I lane for them if they need to return or they are getting beaten up pretty badly.

My choice of runes is meant for his jungling. Assisting your allies is important, but if they can last long enough for you to get ahead on levels and make way for a powerful gank then use the time in the jungle getting strong, fast.

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For marks I recommend AD runes or AS runes. Both will help with your vamp scept in jungle early on.

for seals, I would do armor. Once again the goal is accelerating your jungle and jungle/lane longer.

for glyphs I would do mana regen (flat). You can jungle trundle without blue or mana regen glyphs, but the mana regen glyphs will help with spamming that "q"

Armor Pen Quin. Low armor means that flat armor pen has more value. High armor means percentage pen is better. For reasonably low armor jungle creeps early in the game, get flat pen Quin.

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Now to explain my choice of items.

Right up front I get theVampiric Scepter. I do this because with TrundlesRabid Bite, it does wonders in keeping you alive in the jungle early game.

I quickly upgrade toWriggles Lantern. With this you can ward the river to help allies see incoming ganks and you can see the dragon too to anti jungle. Also, the lantern makes jungling a dream with itsMadreds Razor component. It gives extra damage and armor in case you need to lane for someone. It also helps push minion waves later on.

I dont really care what you say, but boots are important whether you think so or not. Lately I have been finding thatMercury's Treads are awesome. The description might make them seem worthless, but when you are under CC and in a blink of an eye you are out of there, you will realize then that it was worth it.

As a fighter you should like 1v1s. There is nothing more annoying then nearly killing someone and then they slip away. Your solution is the wonderfulFrozen Mallet. This gives you health for your tankyness. It gives you some damage for bashing heads. Most importantly, your prey never gets away. Once you hit them they either turn and fight or try CC on you, and Trundle has a slew of anti-CC to negate any of that trash (includingMercury's Treads, told ya they were awesome).

Next you can get eitherPhantom Dancer if you need to beat faces more, or theGuardian Angel if you need your face beat less. Either one is great.Phantom dancer makes unit pushing, tower busting, or chasing much easier. It has many uses.Guardian Angel makes it difficult to kill you, and if they thought you were a great 1v1 or 1V2 before, now even if they get a lucky hit on you and knock you down, you get right back up to finish the sucker. This is a terror to people 1v1ing you.

I have yet to get my full build, but I would imagineMadreds Bloodrazor would be next. This is your anti tank/fighter item. Extra damage, attack speed, and 4%(max life) magic damage for a "wtf" effect. By this time you should be pretty scary.

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Trundle should be a fun champ. he moves around the map unpredictably mashing enemy champs faces in everywhere he goes. He should be able to help allies escape, help allies chase and make kills, makes enemies suffer into retreat, take towers effectively, and even get a few kills himself.

He is a great champ if you have any doubts, he is just a very different play style.

Lastly, I am a noob, I am not doing this to show off. I just wanted to see what suggestions all of yall had for my build. Also I know Trundle is hardly ever used and very underestimated. for any little things that need tweaks let me know. I wont just do whatever everyone says, but I will definitely consider suggestions. I will update this and try to add a bit more in time.

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, IMPROVEMENTS. To vote please leave a useful comment for me. It is much appreciated.