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Trundle Build Guide by ComplezZ

Jungle Trundle - The Anti tank - offtank

Jungle Trundle - The Anti tank - offtank

Updated on September 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ComplezZ Build Guide By ComplezZ 5,550 Views 0 Comments
5,550 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ComplezZ Trundle Build Guide By ComplezZ Updated on September 14, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello again, and welcome to my second Mobafire guide, this one will be for Jungle Trundle, the Cursed troll.
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For Runes you can get:

Marks : armor penetration / Attack speed
Seals : Dodge / Armor
Glyph : Magic resist / Magic reist / level / Attack speed
Quint : Dodge / HP / (armor penetration [rather not])
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For Items:

i start with cloth armor and 5 Health Pots (basic jungle build)
i keep Jungling untill i have 700G , enough money for madreds razors, so basicly i just rush wriggle's lantern.
Then i go for Trinity force, wich gives me a nice amount of damage / defensive stats.
Then spirit visage is an item that i truly love on trundle, if you are being chased down you can just smite a minion and regen Some HP, depending on Wich minion you smite.
After that, I get Tank items, wich include HP, so my Atmas will give me a lot of damage endgame.
So if i need armor , i grab sunfire and Guardian angel (doesnt give me HP but i just like the passsive) Magic resist would be Banshees veil and depending on what you want , GA or QSS (quick silver stash) Or just a warmog's. your Choice.
Dont forget to buy the atmas after the first tank item, else you would get it a little bit to late
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Summoner Spells

My personal favourites are

Flash - Good for hunting / escaping / getting out of teamfights

Smite - Just Basicness for junglers.

other possibilites :

Exhaust - I dont really like it since you have your E for slow and your W for getting faster but some people like it

Ignite - Why not

Heal - one of the spells that i never use, and i kind of hate but it works for staying longer in jungle

All The others wich i did not name yet are useless on trundle (yes, even CV or clearity)
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How to use his Skills

Q - This resets your Auto attack, So always use it directly after an auto attack
W - use this to enter / run away from a fight, the CC reduction and movement speed make you rediculously Hard to focus
E - Should be Used to chase somone / Save yourself or a teammate / If you can aim well, try to hit in between the enemy and your teammate ( or ofcourse, yourself)
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Pros / Cons


- Chill Jungler
- Has an Epic /laugh
- Clears out the jungle pretty fast if Q is used well
- Nice ganker
- Can screw up a tank's tankyness
- Extremely strong 1 v 1
- Almost Immune to CC
- Does NOT have a lot of Cons


- Not played a lot :(
- Hard to lane with ( in my opinion)
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Creeping / Jungling

Start at Blue, ask somone to pull it for you
Then just clear out the rest of the camps
Once you have red buff you Gank The least pushed lane
Dont forget to bring wards
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In team fights what you do is use your Q on their AD carry so he will lose a nice amount of damage and your ulti on the tank. Try to weaken the enemies as fast as possible (ASAP) since it really powers you up, you dont take away their abilites but you steal them, try to remember that.
After weakening the enemies you switch focus to their Carries (Who should actually already be dead, but in low ELO games they really like focusing tanks.)
You Dont use your slow immediatly since you will need it after the big Bursts to Hunt the enemies down / run away / save a teammate with it
Your W however, should be used early in the fight so you are immune to CC
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End Thoughts

I hope you did like my build, if you did, press the like button or whatever it is, leave a comment and tell me what i did wrong / right or simply what you thought of this build, thanks :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ComplezZ
ComplezZ Trundle Guide
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Jungle Trundle - The Anti tank - offtank

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