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Tryndamere Build Guide by jiwizol

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jiwizol

Jungle Trynd

jiwizol Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, this part of the guide is the one that almost no one reads sooo...
This is just a guide on how to jungle with Tryndamere.
I have seen many guides around but I don't totally agree with them and since there is so many people asking me for advices during the matches I decided to just make a guide...
Anyways I thought it would be fun.
I hope you guys enjoy it.

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The reason I chose these runes should be self-explanatory.
Even though there is a small detail that I would like to tell you guys.
Well, Armor Pen, and Attack Speed are awesome to jungle, I have tried many different styles of jungling and I think either too much Armor Pen or AS(Attack Speed) turns kind of into a waste.
I have tried jungling with pure crits, but basing your ability to jungle in pure luck is kind of dumb.
It's extremely boring to watch trynd attacking so slowly, and having an equilibrium between
AS and Armor Pen will help you with your Vampiric Scepter.

IMPORTANT PART ABOUT THIS RUNE BUILD: I chose to get 6% critical chance from 9 seal and 8 glyph because with this combination there isn't a major waste, this way you get
6,02 critical chance.
When the game starts Trynd has 4% critical chance.
With this boost of 6%(by runes) he will have a 10%.
His passive gives him a 0.35% critical chance every fury, with a total of 100 fury which turns to be 35% critical chance.
So, trynd has 45% critical chance so far.
In this guide I recommended an infinity edge(25% critical chance)
and phantom dancer(30% critical chance).
So lets calculate:
4% from base
6% from runes
35% from fury(passive)
25% infinity edge
30% phantom dancer
Guess what? We have 100%!
So with this guide you will not lack any % of critical chance in the late game and you will have a(not so slow) early game.

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I chose this masteries because in this way your late game isn't affected in a bad way, so if you're facing a trynd that fought in lane, it's very possible that in the late game you guys wont have any difference in damage.
Wait! What? You will be out damaging him o.o
Because lane trynd is bad D:
You need farm and if you get laned against some ranged champions...
You wish that before the 10 minutes you will have more than 20 creeps(Minions) lol...
Anyways back to the topic (Masteries)..
I have seen many guides where they recommend to get magic resist and armor from masteries.
In my case I don't recommend this. Why?
Because having Good hands and Swiftness will help you to:
First, jungle faster because of movement speed. (You already have spinn and you need to learn when to use it and how use it), but there is times that it's in cooldown and you still need to walk so.
And in late game Trynd is an easy champion to die.
Because most of trynd players can't keep an eye in his skills (Buffs) to notice when the skill is about to expire and time it with their heal and look their map at same time.
So they just run randomly activate ulti and try to not die. (or fight until death, YEAH!)
So having a 10% less in the timing to come back to life is pretty cool.

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The items are self-explanatory.
Berserker's Greaves = Attack speed and movement speed.
Infinity edge= dmg and critical needed to afford 100% critical in mid(almost late)game and during all the period of late game.
Same happens to Phantom Dancer, plus attack speed and movement speed.

Depending against who you're fighting and how you're doing you can always get the last 2 items in a different way.
For example: So far we have 4 items.
Berserker's Greaves, Infinity edge, Phantom dancer and BloodThirster.
If you're playing against certain champions as kassadin, niddale and champions that stunn, etc.
You can always buy frozen mallet for extra health and for a long therm slow.
Since Trynd lacks disables as stunn, fear, taunt,etc. and his slow isn't the best thing ever... it's always a good idea to get frozen mallet for higher survivability and to keep your enemies close to you :D
Many people don't agree with this, but who cares...
You can experience it by your selves and then get to the result, I personally many times lack something to keep the enemies close to me...
For example I'm chasing a nidd and veigar... Let's say they both have almost no mana, we are in their jungle, they have no ulti since we just had a team fight.
I slow both of them pressing W, while they run away from me. veigar uses his last stunn and blocks my way as we passes by the bushes next to the ghosts.
Nidd turns into a jaguar and jumps away.
I successfully slowed them but once the stunn goes away their slow also, and this way there is no way that I can catch up with them.
I can Spin and attack them once, it might be probable that I get veigar since I have phantom and I run faster than him..
While if I had frozen mallet even 1 attack will be fatal to them because of the major slow.
There is also other items as Guardian Angel and Thornmail that you should keep in mind depending against who you're fighting and who are the most feds in the enemy's team.

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Creeping / Jungling

I normally start by red with a small leash from mid, followed by golems, ghosts, wolves and then it's up to you, you should be lvl 3 almost 4 right now.
Keep in mind and ask your team to keep a look into your blue.
Many times if mid is doing well I tell them to come and take blue with me.
How successfully you concludes this part will some times change depending on your luck with the critical chance.
Some times you might need to go back to the base using B, other times you might have enough hp to gank, think carefully before doing anything.
There isn't a guide telling you when to gank or not.
This will rely on your experience, everything depends on who your teammate is and who you're going to gank.
So you will gain the ability to judge who to gank and when to gank by playing a couple times. (many times xD)
There is tons of gankers that they stay waiting 2 hours in a bush to gank, this is a waste.
If your teammates don't know when to stop pushing.
There is nothing that you can do.
After all this is a team game.
There will be times that your team will be mad at you, for their own defects, just ignore them and if you want block them after the match, so you don't need to play with this useless players anymore.
I for example block them but after a long time I unblock expecting that if I find them they already know how to play.
Anyways, don't forget to sometimes hold lanes if they need to go back, and you can always tell them to stop pushing so much before going to gank.
Here is a picture of 2 matches (The other matches were with other champs so I cut them out)
And the Defeat one was just a while ago, so I copied and pasted.

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Thank you for reading my guide :D

I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!