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Vayne Build Guide by JimHalpert

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JimHalpert

Jungle Vayne so OP!

JimHalpert Last updated on October 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm going to be making a jungle vayne guide. Although vayne is an AD carry and has never really been jungled I still find it somewhat viable and really fun. If you found this guide you were probably trying to play jungle vayne yourself so here is what I believe is the best way to play her. This is my first guide so its not so fancy but i hope you enjoy.

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The runes i like to run are attack speed reds and blues, armor yellows, and AD quints. This allows you to get through the jungle quickly with the true damage activate on your W constantly being activated, and also gives you some sustain and damage.

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The masteries are actually just normal Adc masteries in the offensive tree but i like to put 9 into defense instead of utility so you can stay alive in the jungle a little better.

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The item I like to start with is the cloth armor and 5 pots because it allows you to stay alive longer and it can later build into the wriggles lantern. Next I get my boots for moving around quicker and allowing me to try and gank easier. After this you should get your wriggles for more damage, lifesteal, defense, and very quick jungling on the wriggles proc. Next I go for a bloodthirster because it is overall good on adc's and it gives a bit of lifesteal. After this i just go ahead and move on to the general adc build and get a phantom dancer, last whisper, and a quicksilver. If the game goes on for extremely long you can go ahead and sell your wriggles for an Infinity Edge.

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Skill Sequence

For the skills on vayne i like to start with 1 point into my W to go ahead and get a leashe get a few W activates and smite it easily. After this I begin to max my Q for shorter cooldowns allowing me to gank much more effectively. When you look at the actual cooldowns a level 1 Q cooldown is 6 seconds but at max level it is only 2. This will allow you to roll 3x the ammount in a gank and allow you to easily chase down an exhausted enemy while your ult is activated and they are smashed into the wall by your E. After my Q I go ahead and move onto my W then my E. Maxing E could be more effective but only if they collide with terrain otherwise I believe W will do more damage and help you jungle quicker.

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Summoner Spells

There are quite a few summoners you can use to make jungle vayne's ganks very effective. First of all take smite for obvious reasons. The other options can be either Ghost, exhaust, or flash. Taking ghost allows u to turn on your ult and easily chase people down or kit them. Having exhaust allows not only yourself but the person your ganking for to totally destory the enemies. And finally flash is a great option for any champ and if u prefer to be boring and plain go ahead and take that lol.

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Ranked Play

I would not recommend trying this is ranked for 1 reason. If you do extremely well in normals it doesn't mean she is playable in ranked. Ranked players will take advantage of an ADC in the jungle and counterjungle you hard because they are being little try hards :P. I have won normals as anivia jungle and ahri jungle but I would never try that in ranked.

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Pros / Cons

1. Quick around the map and quick jungler mid-late game.
2. Pretty good ganks if you can do them right and really high damage throughout the entire match.
3. Super fun champion
4. OP combos
1. Meant to be an ADC
2. If she is counterjungled hard she can be put behind
3. People will dodge
4.If you have no tanks you might have to try the tank build lol(not so effective).

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Creeping / Jungling

The easiest jungle route for me is to start at blue with a leashe-smite move onto Wolves>>Wraiths>>Golems>>Red-smite. It is pretty simple and if you would like to start at wolves you can but you might take a little too much damage unless you took the tank build.

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Vayne is actually quite good at jungling for a few reasons. She can be very quick at jungling mid game especially with a wriggles, she can gank very effectively if performed correctly, and she can counter jungle quite well. If you want to take wraiths all you have to do is roll on in easily auto attack it down with your W and roll out without stealing the other 3. This allows you to actually get ahead on gold with you being able to constantly take those so I like to get it warded by mid because it also helps your mid to steal them. Vayne can also help your friendly lanes by pushing towers down effectively with her being an ADC. Overall it is a fun play and I recommend trying it out. Finally the combo I like to do is Auto attack>Q>Auto attack>E this also activates your W and knocks the enemy back so they cant begin to harass you back so it is really effective.