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League of Legends Build Guide Author NimRast

Jungler High speed Olaf

NimRast Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Hello everyone! I'm here to introduce the build I use with Olaf.
I tried to keep the runes non-especific for Olaf so you could use that runes set with almost any dps. If you feel rich enough to buy specific runes for Olaf, go ahead.

With this guide your Olaf will reach high movement speed as well as high critical strikes and life steal, while getting some armor and magic resist.

First of all I recommend choosing GHOST and SMITE. Ghost + Your ultimate will let you hunt enemy team's carry or mage or whichever low hp champion in every single teamfight.

If you want to jungle with Olaf it's EXTREMELY important for you Sunder, Awareness, Alacrity, Offensive Mastery and Brute Force masteries, as well as the flat health quintessences. Without them you will probably die in a few seconds. Note that there is no need of maxing Awareness, one point is enough to let you lvl up only by killing the first to stone golems.

While jungling, don't forget to keep drinking your potions non-stop. And use vicious strikes as soon as it is available or you will die. Start with the stone golems, then go to your red, kill it with the help of your Smite spell. Then kill the ghosts, then the wolves and then your blue (use the Smite with the blue again). Wait for your Smite speel to be available or kill some lane minions to recover HP and go kill the stone golems again with your Smite. If you've done this properly you should be level 4 by now.
Go back to your base, buy Maldred's Razors and a potion (if you've killed the golems that last time you should have enough gold or wait a bit if necessary) and go kill the dragon. With your Smite and the potion you shouldn't have any problems. This first steps is when you're more vulnerable. Always keep an eye at the minimap, and buy wards if there is another jungler in the enemy team.
Once You've past the jungling hell (from lvl 1 to 5 or 6), you should watch enemy champions and try to gank them whenever is possible (try to tell your teamates what you're doing or it will be inneffective). If you see that one lane needs some help (i.e enemy champions being overly aggresive, or overly powerful) go help that lane repeatedly.

Here's the most important part of this guide. If you use this guide you should know that your role is to kill enemy carries and mages no matter how far of the frontline they are. You should always be a bit suicidal (I said only a bit) and go running with ghost and your ult towards enemy dps or mage and take them out as soon as possible. If you allow those players to hit your allies you will probably lose the fight. If you do this you will die several times but every single time you die you will take enemy carry's life with you, allowing your team to kill the rest of your enemies. You will also be the focus of enemy team's stuns and slows making them wasting them.
One thing you should know: NEVER charge towards the enemy BEFORE the tank. But once the tank is in possition activate ghost and your ult and meke enemy carries retreat AND die.

Those kills along with your ganks will feed you pretty well. As soon as you get the bloodthirster you will become even more dangerous and start beeing the main focus of the enemy team. Then you should choose whether to buy a Phantom Dancer (more movement speed attack speed and critical strike) or be a bit more self conservative and buy an armor. I've chosen the Guardian Angel, just to avoid those deadly focuses on you. That armor also grants you phisical defense, and magic resist.

So... that's pretty much how I use Olaf, being a bit suicidal at the begining and extremely dangerous at the end. Don't forget to kill the dragon as soon as it is available, and buy some wards if the enemy team has a jungler too. As soon as you keep an eye at the minimap you'll be fine.

Thanks for reading and see you at the Summoner's Rift!