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Warwick Build Guide by RedTitan98

JungleWick Lifestealin All Day Long

By RedTitan98 | Updated on August 27, 2012

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Hello and Welcome to my very fist guide, Warwick Jungle Lifestealin All Day Long. I'm not gonna give you a sappy introduction to how I came across Warwick and fell in love with him at first sight. I made a guide not a blog so lets get down to bussiness.
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I choose these runes to maximize Warwick's potential for jungling as far as starting at blue. The MR blues is for ganking mid at level 6 when you should gank to reduce the damage taken in case he decides to turn around and try and kill you. The attack speed seals are to stack with your Hunter's Call and give that little edge to proc your passive even more with each attack. And the now the Quints...... EVERYONE tells me to get the Armor pen Quints, BUT I love lifesteal so I get the lifesteal quints. With the Quints, masteries, and my Vamp. Scepter.... you have a Whopping total of 19% lifesteal at the beginning of the game. With the runes taking blue at the beginning will be a piece of cake.
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OK.... the Masteries ain't that big of a deal. All you really need is the Bladed Armor in the Defence mastery tree if your gonna jungle and the Vampirsim mastery in the Offense tree. Alternatives are going 9 21 0 and taking the all of the stuff normal junglers take (i.e. Mercenary, Juggernaut, Veteran scars, etc.). Or you can go 0 21 9 and take the extended buffs in the Utility tree. But come on this is a build for people (like me) who love lifsteal. But if you don't leave some feedback in the comment section so I can some differnt builds for Warwick. :D
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People always ask me.... WHY? WHY? RedTitan98 WHY? Why dont you take wriggles? And I always say I get it in sometimes. Now when you are playing Junglewick you as the player have have to make the choice to get wriggles or bloodrazors. I like bloodrazors for the extra attack speed to make Warwick heal and lifesteal far even more than he would if I had gotten wriggles. That being said wriggles is good if you dont think the game is going to get that far and your going to keep jungling throughout the game, in that case wriggles is the better item.
Now that we are done with that burning question, we can move on to the different items to get in Early, Mid, and Late stages of the Game.

Early Game

-Boots of Speed and 3 Health pots
This is for if you plan to start a speedy jungle and gank before Level 6.
-Cloth Armor and 5 Health pots
This is if your new to Junglewick. The armor gives you damage mitigation from all of the jungle creeps. The health pots gives you... well... health.
-Vampiric Scepter
my person favorite item for starting jungle. It gives you bonus life steal that with your runes and masteries gives you around 19% lifesteal plus your passive gives your tons of life back just for hitting stuff.
-Long sword and 1 health pot
I've only seen this once... it kinda works with the extra attack damage with your quints.... i really don't recommend this but hey if it works more power to ya.

Mid Game

-Berserker's greaves
This is the boots you should most often use. They give you a nice attack speed buff and a decent amount of speed.
-Mercury's treds
My second choice of boots if there is A LOT of CC on the enemy team or if they have a lot of magic on the other team. Those to really do come hand and hand most of the time.
-Ninja Tabi
Good boots if they have a lot of AD or if your running low on money and need the boots fast.
-Sorcerer shoes
*sigh* ok good boots if you plan to use your Hungering Strike A LOT. if not then don't get these boots.
-Boots of Mobility
These boots are good if your going to be ganking A LOT. The extra movement and the extra speed from your Blood Scent NO ONE SHALL GET AWAY FROM SPEEDWICK!!!
-Wriggles Lantern
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mentioned above.
-Madred's Bloodrazor
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ mentioned above.
-The Bloodthrister
This is the reason why this build is good. Enough Said.

Late Game

-Phantom Dancer
Nice attack speed, better crits, and the movement speed. The crits heal off of lifesteal, so when you crit your get a lot of health back.
-The Bloodthrister
NOW.... why do you get 2..... because when you kill one minion they both stack! so for every minion kill.... you get 2 extra AD and when you have 2 The BloodThristers its really easy to kill minions.
-Zeke's Herald
FINALLY SOMETHING NOT EXPENSIVE! This is actually a really good item on Warwick. Towards the end of the game your team is looking for every little buff they can get there hands on. If you have this Item, stay next to your AD carry in team fights. The Health plus the lifesteal AND the attack speed..... this is the item made for Warwick.
-Banshee's veil
The item for if that Karthus requium or that Nidalee spear hurts just a little too much. The health and Mana from this is great on Warwick, so instead taking that blue for yourself you can give it to the AP carry. If your not fed or really need it replace this with the sceond The Bloodthirster.
-Hextech Gunblade
For hybrid Warwick this is a MUST HAVE. If you are going the AD or AP path I wouldn't get this.
-Infinity Edge
If you've had enough lifesteal than swap out this bad boy with your second The Bloodthirster. The extra crit chance and damage is really nice on Warwick especially when you have a Phantom Dancer.
-Guardian Angel
If you have a problem dying or the enemy team is starting to realize how much of a threat you are.... this is the cure. Trust me.
-Frozen Mallet
This item will secure your kill everytime. If your having problems getting low enough so your Blood Scent speed buff procs, this is the answer. The extra tankyness from the giant's belt and the slow is really nice if your enemy is getting away too often.
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Summoner Spells

This is the section where I pick out the good summoner spells from the bad.


Flash- Yes. If your getting chased or chasing this is what you need. If your ganking and they are just out of reach of your ult... flash ult and they go down.

Smite- If you jungle, don't leave the base without it. If you arn't jungling... then go to a different guide plz.

Alternative Spells

Ghost- another option if you don't like flash. Its good if you gank before level 6 because you ghost then Hungering Strike and Hunter's call. If they flash back your speedy enough to catch up to them.

Heal- If your new to JungleWick then, yeah I could see this happing.

Exhaust- same as ghost. If you plan to gank before level 6 then you grab exhaust to slow them down while your and your teamates wail on him.

Ignite- if you the enemy team has a big healer (i.e. Swain or Dr.Mundo)
grab this to shut him down when they start to heal.

Don't get these..... EVER!

Revive-....... Do you plan on dying?

Teleport- Let the mid get it.

Clarity- let the support get it.

Surge- Is your name Master Yi?

Clairvoyance- Get out of my guide!

Promote- *sigh*............ really? really? your... your jungling and you thought about taking this...... really?
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OK. Here it is. MY JUNGLING ROUTE!!!!!

*ill have pictures Later*

Start at blue/wolves/wraiths/red/golems/back for boots or armor/ wraiths wolves golems/ wraiths wolves golems/gank/golems/wraiths/wolves/gank/golems/wriaths/wolves/LVL 6 (at the MAX!) then just Gank like no other.

When I say gank before Level six..... it doesn't mean you HAVE to kill them. You can just push them out of lane. Maybe even damage them alittle. When it really comes down to it anything you can do to screw with your teammates lane opponent anything but a death is worth it.

NORMALLY... you can take blue without a leash. NORAMALLY... you can take blue and come out with full health. NOW on your first time doing your rotations as a jungler take your blue for yourself. You need it to jungle. After your second or thrid jungle rotations.... you should let your mid or AD carry have the blue or red.

Your ganks are the sole most important thing when Jungling. If your bad at ganking don't jungle.

MID ganks

League of Legends Build Guide Author RedTitan98
RedTitan98 Warwick Guide

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JungleWick Lifestealin All Day Long
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