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Jungle Jungling for Beginners

Jungle Jungling for Beginners

Updated on January 23, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author irelia support Build Guide By irelia support 721 Views 0 Comments
721 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author irelia support Build Guide By irelia support Updated on January 23, 2022
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Champion Build Guide

Jungling for Beginners

By irelia support
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Before you even get into a game you should be considering which champion you are going to play based on the match up. Don't play assassins into a tanky team i.e. Shaco, Evelynn, Shadow Assassin Kayn, Qiyana, Talon versus Cho'Gath, Sion, Shen, etc. Make sure to watch as the enemy team picks to see what jungler is best. If you don't know how to play a champion there's no harm in learning a new one in a normal game. Also make sure to watch what side you're starting on. Blue side will say first pick above the very first person in champion select. If you're on the blue side of map your leash will be on red buff. If that's not what you need initially and you're a jungler that needs a leash communicate it with your top laner in the champion select screen to make sure they leash because it is not their responsibility, if you say no try going a different pick with good early clear, i.e. Shaco, Yi, Warwick.
The way you clear early is significant, you never want to smite the first buff unless it's about to get stolen at like 100 hp because it's easier for your laners to steal it plus it'll be harder to clear without smite. Krugs and gromp are harder to clear camps in comparison to raptors and wolves for most champions so you should focus on smiting those. You want to use your smite knife as much as possible before the first dragon spawns. If you're not a cc jungler and the enemy jungler was last seen on the opposite side of the map you can use smite to break the shield on scuttle crab, however if the enemy jungler's whereabouts are unknown it's smartest to save smite to finish it off so you have less chance of getting it stolen. You don't have to full clear before ganking on most champions however Evelynn is an exception. She has a lot less potential before level 6 so it's best for her to farm early.
Intro to Ganking
Ganking isn't all just about going into a 2v1 or 3v2. It's about the minion wave and the other team's position or comp. Typically you want to go behind the laners while your bot laners come up, but what if your bot laners can't come up? Jungling centers around awareness. Laners may not be able to come up because they're low health or the enemy minion wave is too big and they'd tank a lot of minion damage fighting. You also don't want to chase a gank too far in bot lane. You can get hooked/cced under turret if you're not cautious. Other factors are the enemy teams champions, Nautilus is a really good champion early game and if they play it right or if you gank at the wrong time he can turn it. Same with ADCs like Ashe, if the ADC knows how to kite they can proc her q passive which can easily turn a fight. Prediction is also a good key part of juggling. Say the enemy team has an aggressive laner such as Akali and they're playing a mage like Seraphine. The Akali is most definitely going to try and push up and bully Seraphine off of lane; maybe even kill her. Seeing that if you go in for a gank Akali will have a harder time exiting because she'll most likely have wasted a spell already when playing aggressive and she'll probably be to far from her turret to avoid most damage. Counterganking is another prime of jungle, you always want to watch your map, try to track where your enemy jungler has been, what campes they may be doing, who they might try to gank, etc. If you see that the jungle was last clearing scuttle and your laner(s) are pushed up try and also go to the lane to prevent the enemy jungler or laner from securing a kill.
How to Gank
When ganking you want to try and abuse the enemy's vision. For example, Shaco would Q into lane so they wouldn't see him coming. Try and go behind the enemy laner if they're midway in lane, or if you have cc stay hidden until you're in a good position to use it. Oracle is useful when ganking because it can deactivate wards temporarily when ganking or if the laners saw you you can clear vision and try again later. Make sure to always communicate when you're ganking using the G key on your keyboard if you have default settings. Ping on the way at least 3 seconds in advance so your laners can get in a good position or ping that they don't have mana, health, spells, etc. Early ganks at level 2 can catch enemies by surprise however if you're squishy and don't have an exit or do burst you should most likely avoid it. Hyper ganking is also a good way to get a successful gank. Ganking once if not successful you can go back into your jungle, smite to reset health and try again to catch the laners by surprise seeing as most people wouldn't expect a gank every minute.
Successful Ganks
A successful gank isn't always just when you get a kill, a successful gank is when something is worth it. For example if the enemy laner use flash and ghost while your laner didn't use anything that's considered worth. Forcing an enemy to back and miss XP can also be considered worth because the XP gap and assist your laners hugely. You shouldn't try and die for a kill when ganking because a 1 for 1 is not worth it unless they have a bounty.
Objectives are a key part of League, they're known for turning entire games and are especially important now with the Season 12 bounties. You should try and keep these objectives control warded, or ask your support to ward if they have their item. You shouldn't get caught out on the opposite side of the map or try to engage in unnecessary fights before objectives. If you lose a dragon try taking rift herald instead because the enemy jungler can't be at both. Smiting is necessary to secure objectives. It does 900 damage when fully upgraded so as you're watching the objectives health bar try to smite as soon as it hits 900, if you have high DPS (damage per second) try to smite around 1000 because your team will shred it. 4 dragons in league can give a person a soul based on the dragon given which each has unique features. Soul can win a game for a person. Baron gives a damage buff, enhanced recall, and makes it easier to push to end the game. Elder dragon gives an extreme damage/burn boost that executes enemies early.
Camp/Objective Spawning
Camps all spawn at different times/rates. Scuttle crab spawns at 3:15 and respawns every 3 minutes after it's killed. Buff respawns after 5 minutes of death and small camps spawn every 100 seconds. Dragons spawn at 5:00 and respawn every 5:00 after being killed. Rift Herald spawns at 8:00 and then respawns 6:00 after being killed. The herald goes away at 19:45 minutes in the game and baron spawns at 20:00 minutes.
If Your Behind
Farming in League exists to put people back in the game. If you're struggling in team fights or in ganks try to full clear jungle and buy items then try again. Another issue is you could be missing too many team fights. Communicate with your team to only fight when necessary by pinging them to stay back or assistance ping. If you're team is fighting try and join in or get a pick if you're an assassin. These kills/assissts can also help you match the enemy junglers level.
If you follow everything stated above you should have a steady jungle game, don't forget to not only just help your team in lane but out of lane as well. Your champion can influence how team fights should go, for example if you're playing an assassin try to pick off anyone who may be too far from the team or doing tons of damage. If you're a heavy damage champion with AOE like Warwick or Lillia you should be trying to go in along with everyone else. CC tanks like Udyr and Rammus should be frontlining and trying to stun and absorb most of the damage done.
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