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League of Legends Build Guide Author samgoeslol

Jungling Nasus

samgoeslol Last updated on April 20, 2011
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Nasus Q has ben buffed pretty big so i started to really practice playing him. I find it a lot of fun to jungle Nasus and gank opponents. But remember to pick your charakter by looking at the team composition and dont choose selfishly because that will lead to defeat. Luckily rarely people chose a jungler/meleedps so Nasus can often be used.

I hope you enjoy this build

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Important stuff to know

You always should finish off creeps/opponents with your Q to increse its power by 3. That doesnt sound like much but i usually am able to get that up over 200 extradmg (only through creeps and opponents^^) by mid-lategame. Also dont hesitate to spend your money for green/red pots if needed. Those can easily change a teamfight in your favor. Also dont forget to use your ultimate in fights or if you have to finish off baron/dragon fast. There are many uses for it.
Another good thing is: if you attack towers use your Q; it will deal its dmg to the tower because its attatched to a normal attack.
If possible try to maintain bluebuff to help you with mana, by doing that i usually avoid running oom; still, your casters have priority to get the buff

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The runes are pretty much my standard jungling runes and most people will be familiar with that runeset. ArPen Quints might seem kinda weird, but they increase the impact of your Q by alot and help you clearin the jungle a lot faster. Seals of resiliance are really good for jungling because armor is really good against the creeps' attacks in the beginning. Glyphs and Marks should be clear for a charakter like Nasus^^ especially the glyphs help you killing creeps earlygame because the CDR (ie cooldownreduction) lets you cast your E more often and will help you to Q-kill the creeps

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In the masteries im kinda unconventional but i cant stress to much how important the buff duration is! I wouldnt trade it for anything. Lately i have become a really big fan of defensive masteries because they really support my aggressive playstyle by giving me the survivability i need to charge in and kill low health targets and flash/run out in one piece. Masteries of course should be adapted to individual playstyle but i strongly recommend the 10 in utility

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Cloth armor in the beginning gives you the extra armor you need to kill all the creeps and the 5 health potions allow you to keep jungling for a while without having to recall. You wanna build your cloth armor into an early HoG if needed, if not, go for the early sheen. Merc treads i use on almost all of my champions because they just rule in teamfights because they reduce CC AND give you magicresist. Trinity is really expensive, ive got to admit but itll boost your power greatly and kill your enemies, because it even improves the dmg of your c by its passive.Bloodthirster will give you extra dmg wich should synergize well with your Trinity and your Madreds, but this really is a situational item. all items after trinity are really situational.
If there is a need for it, buy oracles.
And dont ever forget to ward, ward, ward,ward,..., ward.

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Situational Items

Banshees Veil is rarely a bad choice and will significantly boost your survivability (i usually prefer it to guardian angel, because if you get revived by GA the opponents will usually have surrounded you and just kill you over again :(

Randuins seems mandatory, because the active AoE slow and the HoG that it builds from are really good.

Force of Nature: a good alternative to Banshees veil and a musthave vs APheavy teams.

Frozen Heart: if you are playing vs Adheavy teams and noone already baught it you should really consider buying this, because its CDR help your DPS alot (spamming Q) and the DAS (decrease AS) Aura will have a big impact on the damage your team takes.

Aegis of the Legion: i find this item very useful and you should buy it if you dont have someone else who wants to buy it (eg janna, shen, taric...)

Guardians Angel: Really strong if you always get focused and need to keep up your impact on the opponents' team
Red/Green potions: whenever you have extra gold you really should be thinking about buying these because they really will improve your impact on both teams^^

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Skill Sequence

Maxing E first is essential for good pushing and for teamfights; your Q really only needs one point because the bonus dmg/kill doesnt increse but if you feel like this game will have a lot of possibilities for you to farm up your Q (like a lot of quite laning), go for the early Q maxing to increase the value of farming aka lasthitting more creeps with SS (your Q); your W is a really great slow but 1 point should suffice for ganks because they usually will be dead anyways (and if theyr not you will still have helped your teammate in the ganked lane to win the lane)

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Summoner Spells

Smite is really needed in this build to be able to get the buffs early.
so there is one free spot left and i dont think that you have much of a choice there. I highly recommend picking ghost for the second spell

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Early game(Jungling)

I start out with cloth armor and 5 health pots. I usually start jungling at golem. The idea is to spam E while you hit the big one. Use a health pot after youve been hit for the first time and use smite to finish it off(445 dmg). Next camp is wolves (attack the brown one first); just spam E and finish them off with Q to increase its power. After that the wraiths are easy just kill them like the wolves and attack the blue one first. Whenever you need health just pop a potion. Now you should be lvl 3 and have E at lvl 2 so killing lizard is no big problem either. Just use smite it and kill it with your Q then kill golems and skill W. Now you are free to gank and remember to find a good mixture between ganking and farming to keep up in lvl and get fed early^^ now move on with mid game

PS: kite the joungle creeps so you are able to charge your Q by finishing them off with it

mid game.

Now you really wanna start workin on your trinity and merc treads. You should now frequently be switching lanes and ganking opponents; btw its great to cover for your teammates if they have to leave their lanes. Do this for mainly two reasons: 1. a sololane is worth more exp and gold than jungling 2. your opponents wont get any freefarm. Always remember to finish off your opponents/creeps with Q. ALWAYS finish them off with Q (if its off cd^^).

Late game

Now you really want your trinity to be able to devastate your opponents. in teamfights try to have doublepot (meaning red AND green (maybe even blue for the CDR) for more dmg) and use your e as soon as you think you can keep them inside; stop opponents from running by using W. Dont hesitate to use your Ultimate whenever you feel like you need it. The cooldown might be high but one of my main mistakes was to save up my ultimate and eventually rarely use it... remember: Your Q is now VERY powerful (you should have way above 200-250 extra dmg through creepkills [of course varying every game]) and you are a very valuable asset to your team and really can kick their buts by using your ult.

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To conclude Nasus is a great farmer with his Q and E adn a great ganker thanks to his W; in teamfights he sines by spamming E and Q and using his ultimate to destroy his opponents.

Never forget to help your teammates whenever needed and keep your map-awareness up

Greez sam

i am looking forward to constructive critizism to improve not only my guide but as well my own game^^
i will try to keep this guide up to date and expand it

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Stuff about me^^

Im a mid elo player (still around 1.2k) but believe i am capable of rising in the ranks. Even though i like jungling nasus, i rarely do it on ranked, because i find that olaf is a way better choice :P but still, if u jungle nasus u can manage to carry games pretty well despite of what many say.
In my 5 man premades i usually jungle and seem to carry most of our games. If u have any questions about jungling, or my build, or even lol-stuff, feel free to pm me, because i think that i have a firm grasp of the games' principles and my main lack is microing (which i should be able to improve before the new season)

If anyone wants to play a few games with me, im on the EU server (name: samgoeslol).

greez sam