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Udyr Build Guide by Randomz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Randomz

Jungling Tiger

Randomz Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Udyr is a tanky DPS jungler with amazing gank potential. Hes very fast with bear stance and with blue buff early on he can spam it and get from lane to lane very quickly. He is an AMAZING chaser and runner with bear and turtle forms. With this build you'll be going pretty tanky and very fast. Your job is to get to the back of the enemies group and target the squishies. Fun stuff!

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I go with Armor penetration reds and quints. This means LOTS of early game damage and fast jungling. Armor seals and magic resist per level glyphs is pretty standard. You could also go Attack speed but you would lose quite a bit of durability mid/late game. I'm not going to go into masteries because they are also standard tank/jungling masteries.

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Starting off with armor and pots and eventually building into a wriggles. After that you want boots, either with swiftness or if they have quite a bit of CC go merc treads. After your boots you want to start your trinity force and sheen is a great item to get first. Alternatively you could pick up phage if you are getting targeted in fights and want the durability. After you finish your trinity force, you're going to start getting tanky. Start with Force of nature or Sunfire cape depending on their team composition and whats beating you up the most. And eventually going into Guardian Angel. With this build in bear form you will hit around 550 move speed when bear is activated and you'll still do quite a bit of damage to squishies. If the game goes on for a long time, you can sell your wriggle's lantern for a bloodthirster or a black cleaver both will increase your damage a lot.

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Skill sequence

Jungling udyr you generally get 2 tiger ranks 1 turtle and 1 bear and gank at 4. After that though it is completely up for grabs. After maxing tiger (do this no matter what), you have a choice of turtle or bear. You don't really need to get any more levels in turtle to jungle so your choice is do i get turtle to avoid poke or do i get bear to become better at chasing.

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Early game

There's two jungle paths you can go with Udyr. You can start at blue and go through the jungle getting level 4 when you finish red. Or you can start mini golems and go up through wraiths wolves and then going back to mini golems when they spawn again to hit 4. Since Udyr doesn't really NEED red to gank, especially if you're gankin for somebody with a stun its not imperative to have fast red buff. Starting blue also has the risk of you getting ganked because its predictable.

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Mid/Late game

If you successfully gank bottom lane and get a kill tell your team mates to dragon! Dragon is important and really easy for Udyr. Though having your teammates there just persuades the enemies not to try and kill you ;). Around the 20-25 minute mark you should have Boots, Wriggles, and Triforce. This is where you determine which spectrum of resistance you go and big teamfights start breaking out. As in the introduction your main job is to go after the squishies. One good thing about udyr is he can stun everybody in a teamfight by going into bear form and just hitting everyone one after another. Once you land yourself onto a squishy pop tiger and wreak havoc. Remember spamming you're skills is more damage then just staying in tiger. Remember that every time you change stances you get a triforce proc! You're also good at cleanup being chase down stragglers really easy. Remember though if you are chasing somebody into their jungle to take a look at where your team is! If you get baited for chasing too far its your own fault! Like doing dragon Udyr is an amazing champ for doing quick barons so if you win a teamfight and manage to snag 1 or 2 deaths without losing anyone you might be able to do baron depending on your teams health.

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So all in all Udyr is a borderline OP tanky dps. Hes an amazing jungler and ganker. Has an easy time farming and taking dragons and baron. He has a fun time zooming around the map and being everywhere at once. He takes out key people in teamfights. Hes an excellent chaser and off tank.