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Warwick Build Guide by NagOrth

Jungling Warwick.

By NagOrth | Updated on July 29, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Well, let's talk a little bit about the runes I USE (This could not be the best, but this are the runes I USE).

ArP Marks, to make your attacks stronger.
Dodge Seals, this 7% dodge will save you a couple times, so you can be a little bit more relaxed.
AS Gylphs, not so much to say about this runes, just to jungle faster and can be helpful in fights.
ArP Quintessences, to make your attacks stronger.

Now let me explain my masteries...

We're going to improve our smite to get 5 extra pieces of gold while using it, also we'll get some penetration, some AS, CDR, extra exp, and the most important thing, the reason of the 20-0-10, 30% bonus time on buffs, VERY IMPORTANT.

This are the runes and masteries I use, you can use another ones, but this works really good to me, so, you can use them or change them.

And my summoner spells are regular, flash to scape or get closer to an enemy, and smite to jungle.
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Jungling Sequence.

First of all I'll describe the route and after that I'll give you some tricks.

The route I always use is the following:

Blue(smite) - Wolfs - Wraiths - MiniGolems - Red(smite) - See if there's some possible gank or someone needs your help - Wolfs(Back to camp to get madred's).

Well, now I'll explain this more in detail.
You'll start at blue buff, you can make it on your own, but if you can get a leash you'll save a nice ammount of HP, we're talking of about 7 golem hits... and you'll use your smite here.
After this you have to move to the wolf camp, nothing to talk about, kill them and leave...
Then, go to kill the wraiths, nothing to say about this neither, you should not have your smite available, but, if you do, DON'T USE IT.
After wraiths go to the mini golems(Do not use your smite).
Now it's time to go to get the red buff, you should be around level 3 or 4, you should can kill him without troubles, of course you'll use your smite here.
After red you should go to gank someone, if it's bot, better, but try to see the best and profitable gank.
Now go once again to wolfs camp, kill them all and you'll have more than 700 gold, so, press B and go buy madred's.
After this you can follow your own order, with madred's is so easy to jungle, you'll jungle probably 2 or 3 times faster.
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Well, the items I buy are almost combinable with ww's ultimate:
Wits end 42 magic damage per hit.
Malady 20 magic damage per hit and 6 magic resist reduction per hit stackeable 4 times.
Madred's bloodrazor 4% of target's max health per hit.
Lantern to get some lifesteal.
Spirit visage improves the healing, lifesteal, and spell vamp by 15% of the healing, lifesteal, or spell vamp done.

But, it's quiet good on fights too, not only in ultimate using, you'll see it when you play my guide, you can be sure that you'll get a lot of kills with my guide if you play it correctly.
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Well, that's all, I think I have nothing more to say, maybe if I remember something else I'll update this guide.

If you have any doubt, or any question to make me, add me to messenger:

I hope this guide be helpful to you and enjoy! :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author NagOrth
NagOrth Warwick Guide

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Jungling Warwick.
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