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Alistar Build Guide by Laih

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laih

Jungling your way thru Ranked

Laih Last updated on March 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alistar the Cow King

Alistar 1'st build is all bout brining mobility.
Perfect as part of a 2 tank setup. Excels at ganking, staying in the fray and chasing down strays

Alistar 2'nd build is that goto tank build. Your the tank, your dont go down!
Perfect for the we all wanna carry setup. Excels at getting in and not getting stopped (Banshee's + Cleanse)

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Why oh why noob are you picking health per level runes? ... SIGH AT YOU! ...

hehe, i guess you allready voted down the guide for that but let me math up a bit with you.
Alistar's ult is a 70% dmg reduction at max lvl. With theese runes they bring in a bit under 200health at 18. So when you rush in and pop ulti. thoose runes alone grants 725 effective health ... woaah, not bad right? But derp! What about magicres runes? Well, in a random 1v1 / gank situation where you don't blow ulti the magigres runes + other marks prolly preform slightly better, but, as you get res/armor from items theese runes increase aswell. at 200 armor you get ~66.6%dmg reduction from phys so that increases the value of the health@lvl runes by a factor of 3 ... norm norm? :)

As for the 1.5% health quints. Same rules apply. At 3k HP they outperfom the health@lvl quints so unless you decide to stay sub 3k ( Not recommended ) you should run theese.

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Theese versions are what i prefer. Use em or swap em as you see fit. Its marginal changes but i sorta like theese the most.

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Build 1
Mobility, mobility, mobility ... and then some tanking.
As mentioned earlier i so enjoy this build for the gank/chase potential and i tend to run this the most

You move around so fast that if the enemies blink they'll miss you ;)

Mobility boots, Force of nature, Ghost and Shurelya's makes this cow go 1-100kph in 1.2sec flat! :D

Build 2
Standing your ground like a bawz.
With this build you get to go into the frontlines and they can't do ***** abut it. Banshee's block of 1'st cc and cleanse takes care of everything else.
The healthpool with regen makes you hard to take down and with ulti up you go off the charts with 20k+ effective health ... Ye, you just focus me down chaps!

Warmogs' for the max health and randuin's for the slow down kids effect.

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Pros / Cons

Build 1
1: Mobility
2: Mobility
3: Mobility
4: Makes you so very very ganky thruout the game
5: Gives you the the speed and survivability to get inthere a second after the other tank and get straight to thoose carries in the back and take them out of the battle.

1: CC'able if they set their eye on you
2: Less tanky then build 2
3: Can't pick up a kill by yourself, all about team synergy

Build 2
1: Tanky as F ... udgecake at a healthconvention.
2: Unstoppable, Banshee's and Cleanse makes you dive right in and stay there
3: Regen thru the roof so by 10sec in and at 1/3 HP all you have to do is take a deep breath, exhale and your back at 50%

1: No way to really escape again if the fight really turns out bad
2: Slow as a snail in a hailstorm
3: No real dmg to get them kills

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Team Work

Build 1
The Ganky One:
Focus on getting out thoose gank early. depending on your jungle route you gan make effective ganks at lvl 2 that makes lee sin look like a 2'nd grade girl.
By lvl 8 or so you should get an oracles and sweep the map while ganking on your way.
When **** hits the fan and the teamfight is there you can go 2 ways
1: Sprint to the back of their team and stun that carry, wait for 2 sec and then knock him/her away. Thats at least 5 sec you just bought your team. Thats hella long! :P
2: Disable thoose big aoe ults! Stun / knockback is so strong vs AoE heavy champs. If you choose option 2 follow up by protecting your carries as best as possible. If everything goes south you can dive in like a bull infected with mad cows disease and take the focus of your carries while they retreat.

Build 2
The Undeniable Undieable Alistar:
Look back, nod at your team, face forward and walk right in that storm not giving a damn.
You are the tank from hell and your here to do 1 job, and 1 job only, get beat up.
Make sure your team is ready for it when you dive in. If possible walk right straight to the fray and butt that carry the hella back! 5sec later you look around, breathe in and go "Baylife" and press on.

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Final Words

This is my first guide and by standard i'll be making a few mistakes or forget something.

Please pinch in with constructive criticism and idea's/mistakes that ive made. I'll try my best to keep this guide updated and i will add some info on how Alistar fits in this role in the current metagame.

Will also try and get some vids up at some point but as im currently playing from my laptop it might be a while or you'll have to settle with 280p of hell :P

The best of luck to all you junglecows out there.