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Annie Build Guide by Plasmafox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plasmafox

Just Add Player build: Annie

Plasmafox Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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What this is

Most of the guides here are in-depth. They serve more as a demonstration of the writer's technical knowledge than a pragmatic tool to use the champion. You already know how to play. If you're who this guide was written for, you're new to this champion or don't play them often, and are either about to queue up and need a quick mental template, or perhaps already have and are looking for a reference to have up on another screen. Here it is, ready to pick up and play.

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Annie rundown

One of the best early game killers, up there with renekton and leblanc
Midgame, in teamfights, tibbers with stun is a very effective initiation as it can hit the majority of the enemy team at once.
Very sustainable in lane, skilled use of Q enables you to never run out of mana.
Effective pusher and tower killer due to high AP, easily taking out creep waves and Tibbers providing extra damage.
Tibbers has other utility as well, such as ordering him into a bush to scout or using him to detonate shrooms, jack in the boxes, traps or saplings from safety.

One of the squishiest characters in the game.
Shaky scaling, extremely powerful early on but begins to rely heavily on items late game.
No healing ability unless itemized.
380 MS with boots 2(and she NEEDS sorc shoes), no room in build for MS boosting items. SLOOOOW. You have to be on the ball with your positioning, especially in team fights since:
Annie is one of the highest priority targets in any encounter because of her huge burst and squish factor.

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Magic Penetration Marks
- Penetration marks are always a good pick on any DPS as penetration is hard to itemize
Scaling MP/5 Seals
Consider removing three of these for other runes. Because of her Q she doesn't need as much mp5 as other casters.
Scaling AP Glyphs
Scaling AP glyphs overtake their flat counterparts VERY early and give you better late game damage...
Flat AP Quints
While these give you a kick at level one.

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Masteries and Spells


OMG Y U TAKE ATTACK SPEED AND DAMAGE??? The 4% extra damage is very excellent. Aside from that you will often find yourself holding on to your stun to use it on enemy champions and so will not have Q available to last hit with. The extra edge to your autoattacks will help you continue farming in these situations.

Spells: exhaust teleport

Exhaust helps solve an important problem. Her stun is just enough for her combo. If that's not enough to finish it the enemy will likely escape, since Annie has short ranges and slow move speed. Exhaust mitigates this somewhat. You or a teammate WILL pick up an extra kill or two, every game, because of exhaust.
Annie is very strong mid. Teleport is very strong for mid. It just works. Annie can also obliterate waves of creeps with W mid to lategame, so it's useful to save a tower facing a large group of minions.

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Dorans Ring - No-brainer.

Sorceror's Shoes - Another obvious choice.

Needlessly Large Rod - An early buffer of AP.

Fiendish Codex - cooldown reduction and a little MP5 to support it, and a little more AP

Hextech Revolver - Another small AP boost, and more importantly HEALING

Rabbadon's Deathcap - Finish this. Your W should be able to wipe the three caster minions in each wave now.

Morello's Evil Tome - Builds from Codex. More CDR, more AP, more MP5.

Will of the Ancients - Builds from Revolver. More AP and Spellvamp(in an aura!)

Abyssal Scepter - lategame swag. replaceable. more AP, mpen, and a moderate amount of MR.

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Q is for farming, just like Nasus or Veigar. Only instead of scaling from it, you get to do it every couple of seconds, FOREVER. It's also very potent against enemy champions and once you've got a bit of AP and some levels it makes great harass. Max this first.

W is for pushing and pvp, and for casting into thin air to charge your stun while walking somewhere distant. Max this second.

E is moderate protection from AA based champions and minions, but mostly is good to keep on CD. The enemy will know to look for the swirl that says your stun is ready, so keep it at four charges and then use this right before dropping your combo for a more unexpected stun. Take one point in this early on then max it last.

R is for OH GOD IT'S EATING MY FACE HELP ME. Stunbear followed immediately by Q, W, autoattack, and then another Q is annie's best combo. Remember you can control-click to order tibbers around. There's a limit to how far he can go from Annie, but it's quite far. His AoE and autoattack can help alot in teamfights, either soaking enemies' attention, or dealing significant melee-range damage to several targets. Remember the enemy gets 50 gold for last-hitting him so call him back before he dies, if you can, to avoid this. Level this every time you can.

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Final notes

-Annie is slow so you need to have good map awareness in order to avoid ganks and also to reach teamfights in time. Wards are important for someone like Annie in particular. Since you're buying alot of cheap component items and then finishing the final item later, you should usually have gold left over to buy a couple of wards each trip back.
-Annie is very squishy and survivability items only help a little, so really you should just build her damage and stay in a good position to avoid getting focused. Your primary method of survival is to massacre any threats before they can hurt you significantly.
-Don't be afraid to hold onto your stun if a teamfight or gank is about to happen. Your enemies will be watching and will see a good opportunity to strike if you drop it and in pubs your teammates aren't likely to allow you to rebuild it with Q- you'll have to use E and W which will take a long time. Once you've used it in a teamfight try to use Q as often as possible and then keep in mind that you can AoE stun with W for a hasty retreat if needed..