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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Skarner Build Guide by Justblazex

Just Skarnered On Your Face And Left A Crystal Scar

Just Skarnered On Your Face And Left A Crystal Scar

Updated on September 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Justblazex Build Guide By Justblazex 1,774 Views 0 Comments
1,774 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Justblazex Skarner Build Guide By Justblazex Updated on September 21, 2011
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Hello, this is my first guide ever for League of Legends and I decided to do one for Skarner. I enjoy playing Skarner and feel he is rarely played. If I do see Skarner they usually build him tanky and don't do that well. I hope this build will get more people to play him around the league
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This is my jungling runeset and found it worked for Skarner. Other Options include Changing to complete Armor pene Marks and Ap Quints to give you a more hybrid feel at early game. I'd say this is still a work in progress to find the perfect Hybrid Skarner runeset. Feel free to play around with it and give some feedback
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I use 9/21/0. I like going Defensive tree to add some survivability to Skarner. But don't be fooled this isn't a tank guide so if you get heavily focused you might not survive. Don't be Overconfident and you should do fine. Feel free to play around it for your own personal play preferences. *I Plan to Add a jungle section after I play around with him but if I had to guess I'd switch it to 0/21/9 for that exp and buff duration increaser.
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Start out with a Mana Sapphire and two Health Pots This should give you enough mana to play with. You want to upgrade to Tears of the Goddess to get that 1000 mana faster. After you upgrade that buy tier 1 boots. Then buy another Mana Sapphire or Amplifying Tome depending if you are doing good or not to start on Sheen Now Complete your Merc Treads and afterwards your Sheen. After you got these 3 items continue to build your Trinity Force while you gain those mana stacks since upgrading to Manamune first isn't as important. Before you build your Manamune build a Hextech Revolver. Then finish your Manamune by this time you should be near the 1000 mana mark. By level 18 you should have 290 Attack Damage. After this finish off your Hextech Gunblade, which I like to put in the first item slot so I can press 1 for the active. Then Build your Nashor's Tooth the mana regen isn't that helpful but the extra AS, AP and CDR is very nice. Lastly Build your Rabadon's Deathcap. By level 18 you should have 290 AD and 420 AP. Some other Items that could be useful are Ninja Tabi for Heavy AD and Low to Moderate hard CC teams. Sword of Divine(I Love the Active), Malady(For Tanky Teams), Wit's End(For Heavy AP champs) Or Guinsoo's Rageblade but I don't personally like that
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Skill Sequence:

I start off with 1 point in Fracture because I like the extra range early. Then put a point in Crystal Slash. Then a point in Crystalline Exoskeleton to get that AS and MS + shield obviously. If i'm doing well in my lane I put 3 points in Crystal Slash. If I am not doing so good I Put 2 points in Crystal Slash and 2 points into Crystalline Exoskeleton before level 6. Then get Impale at Level 6 which is very strong. I personally feel it could use some more ranged but it might be OP. I don't see why Lee sin can Kick and Warwick can Jump Further then he can Impale. But enough with the QQing. After level 6 Max out Crystal Slash. Then put two more points in Crystalline Exoskeleton before another point in Impale at 11. Max out Crystalline Exoskeleton, With max rank and all your items you should have 493 MS, roughly 1.6-1.8 AS(not exact). Then put two more points in Fracture before rounding out Impale. Put the final 2 points into Fracture.
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Summoner Spells:

I try to get 1 Offensive Ability and 1 Defensive Ability in my Summoner Spells. I use Ignite and Flash. These work best for me and I find i use Flash more to get away with Skarner then to initiate but don't rule it out. Use Ignite to get those pesky runaways with just a sliver of health left. but some other options you could give a try Teleport or Exhaust a try. But mid to late game I feel Skarner can stick to people nicely with his Crystal Slash. So I feel Exhaust would only be worthwhile early game . Cleanse and Ghost But Skarner should have 493 Movement Speed with his Crystalline Exoskeleton up, So I dislike Ghost. Cleanse since Skarner can get kited easily but I wouldn't recommend it over my first two since you lose a valuable source of damage.
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Well, we're finally at the end and I hope you enjoyed the read and found the guide helpful with Skarner. Remember don't be too hard, this is my first guide. I appreciate the helpful comments and the constructive criticism of my guide writing techniques. Feel free to post your Scores that you have gotten with my guide. I hope to see more Skarners on the Field of Justice using my guide.

*If the guide does well enough I plan to update it*

*Plan to add a Jungling Section when I jungle more with Skarner.*
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Justblazex
Justblazex Skarner Guide
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Just Skarnered On Your Face And Left A Crystal Scar

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