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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ziggs Build Guide by tr1ckmastr

Just ziggs

Just ziggs

Updated on March 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tr1ckmastr Build Guide By tr1ckmastr 2,763 Views 0 Comments
2,763 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tr1ckmastr Ziggs Build Guide By tr1ckmastr Updated on March 4, 2012
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played ziggs for a couple games
this is what i thought worked on him
first guide
dont shoot me D:

so what is ziggs
just saying
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+Aoe Damage
+good harass
+farm's easily (passive)

-all skills are skillshots
-ult has a warning indicator
-his Q is easy to dodge if you have half a brain
-his E can just be walked over by a tank who can soak up all the damage
-mana hungry

that's a lot of cons vs the pros
but the pros are just tooo good in my opinion
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Explaining Masteries and Runes

so its a standard 21/0/9 basically with some tweaks
in the offensive tree i just personally like the point for minion damage so that i can farm a little easier? personally my last hits just suck and sometimes leave the creep with like 2 health and my PCM steals it T_T

defensive tree
why the points in armor? I would've chosen the movement speed in utility but the armor is just a nice SMALL protection against an AD jungler (so that i have enough time to survive putting down my w and e)

utility tree
he's REALLLYYY mana hungry. you start off with 200-300 mana depending on items and if you start spamming those q's, you're gonna start being mana hungry and unable to escape with a w and e if someone ganks you

standard reds

yellows can be switched with armor/ap runes if you dont spam but in the games i've played, i kept spamming my q to harass and i was only OOM once in the laning phase

blues are reallllyyy important. for most games you're gonna go mid as ziggs agaisnt another ap carry. what would you rather have, extra ap incase you just so happen to land that q or a lot of protection agaisnt that brand who'll spam pillar on you?
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Summoner's skills

ignite is a good skill incase you didnt quit finish that person off and since it's true damage, magic resistance and armor can go eff themselves

flash is also really good. your two escape mechanisms are your w and e, both of which can be avoided/hard to aim. the w especially since you have to walk to one side of the AOE circle before detonating it

you can use whatever you want...its always a preference and whenever i look at guides, i usually say to myself "NO! I WILL NOT USE THOSE! I WILL USE THESE CAUSE I CAN!" (insert **** yeah meme here)
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And an explanations of his abilities

you can google his stats and abilities and scroll up to see description. i'm just making this chapter to explain my perspective of the ability

his passive-(insert name here)
its a nice damage booster
at level 18 with about 200 ap, can deal i think like 200+ damage? so that's nice? :D. especially since its every 12 seconds with your abilities shortening the time it takes to cooldown

Q - bouncing bomb
its a skillshot
its long range
its a good chunk of damage
because there are two things i hate about it (sometimes i love)
1) it bounces
2) it's slow after it hits the initial spot

so it bounces...ya whole point of the ability...EXCEPT WHEN IT BOUNCES OVER YOUR TARGET T_T
so when you press q and left click, it shows you where it'll land first but it wont show you where it'll be in the air in the middle of the bounce. what happens is that it bounces over your target sometimes and the person escapes with 200 health -.-.

the second thing: its sooo slow...
Most smart players will stay at or behind the caster minions when in the laning phase (assuming ranged is in mid of course...which is 99% of the time)
so what'll happen? you'll say to yourself "my q can bounce! it'll just hit them anyways!" WRONG. it'll go at the spot you intended and then go REALLLLLYYYY slow and i mean like GLACIAL as it moves across the lane and a person who notices it a second after it first lands will be able to right click and dodge it.

W - Satchel bomb
AWESOME skill.
so you've probably seen the champion spotlight riot put up for ziggs
there's that one moment when phreak is in the middle of the teamfight and then uses his w at the blu buff and then hops over the wall and escapes
that's the AWESOME thing about this skill. you can use it to manipulate position of yourself and others
the problem: when you're under pressure, its a little hard to put down your w at the right spot and then walking over onto the correct portion of it and then detonating it.
1) you're probably fighting off 3 chasers with CC
2) the physical casting of w makes your character pause a little bit

e - hexplosive minefields
this is a great skill. little cons about it
it is a huge aoe (covering up a jungle path)
it slows
it still does a good amount of damage

the only bad thing about it is that a tank can just walk over the mines, have the one person slowed, and then the rest of the team runs over unslowed and unharmed
so its a problem that the other team can fix quite easily

this skill...this skill man...
so there are two portions to the skill when it lands
the huge AOE of it that deals a set amount + i think 65% of AP
and then there's the delicious center that does more damage with 90% of your ap

the cons:
1) warning sign on the bottom of people's feet
2) smalllllllll area where it'll deal half of their health in damage (like in the champion spotlight)
3) the travel time is based on distance, it is not a set amount.
so if you throw it at max range, it'll take a while to get there vs throwing it at your feet

so all that above must seem negative
it is.
on purpose.
because ziggs is ALL skillshots.
its like when you ask your "elite" friends if you should try ezreal: "only if you're good with skillshots."

he's a good character with awesome feedback and rewards but if you miss your abilities, you're EFFED.
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skill sequence


that's basically it.

your W is not meant for damage but rather utility so you only need it the one time when you want to escape/chase and the long cooldown regardless won't have you using it twice to do both escape and chase.
and your q does more damage than e.
and your ult does more damage than everything.

the only thing that can be changed is your level 2 skill. its situational in my opinion

for example: you notice their lee sin has smite
your thought process should be: i should probably grab w since my e can only slow and since lee sin dashes, it'll be useless.
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why the items

so you should know that ziggs is a huge mana user
and i mean huge
sure you got your mana regen runes but that alone won't realllyy help out if you spam
so i choose to get a doran's ring
1) it gives health
2) it gives mana regen
3) it gives AP
do you need anything else? :D

then you get your standard boots and stuff. so i'm gonna talk about the first semi-major purcahse you gonna make

so catalyst is a great item for the laning phase.
it gives mana and health upon level up
and it gives mana and health, both things that ziggs needs to survive ganks and to use his abilities
getting a tear is a bit of an exaggeration in my opinion. if you play smart and dont spam yoru abilities as soon as they come off cooldown + your mana regen runes and items, it should be finneeeee

get the needlessly large rod so that you have an extra boost of ap to deal damage with

then your tier two boots
as always its situational
if you're playing agaisnt idiots and wanna do more damage, get the boots that give magic pen
if you're playing agaisnt CC heavy teams: merc treads
if you're playing agaisnt AD heavy teams: ninja tabi

now the next purchase can be a little situational
death cap is a great item to get early on since its just THAT much more ap and damage to your skills
what if you're doing bad?
the jungler wants you to die no matter what?
get your giants belt first. it'll be a part of your build and it'll also give you health that you need

otherwise get a death cap. its nice.

the revolver is just something i like to pick up for the spell vamp and it'll also build towards a WOTA (i would only get wota if you have 2 AP casters on your team).

it slows.
it gives health.
STFU and buy it.

the last three items
rod of ages
and Void staff

so Rod of Ages is a good item to buy so that you'll have all of that mana and health and its just a good thing to have for survival. buy it no matter what.

only buy if you have two ap casters so more benefits in teamfights
otherwise just buy something you need like a Zhonya's Hourglass so that you can't be targetted etc

Void Staff
pretty soon the enemy team will realize you're dealing a ****ton of damage to them and they need to build magic resistance.
eff them over with a void staff and they can say goodbye to their magic resistance

so there are other items you can buy
tear of goddess
i personally dont like but if you DO spam that often, you should get you dont die

works GREAT with your passive
it'll sync well with a Q --> basic attack combo

Zhonya's hourglass
getting focussed too much?
want to escape?
need a moment?
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How to play :D

early game
focus on farming
harass with your Q when you know you can land it
but otherwise dont spam your abilities since early on your mana is kinda precious

mid game
this is when people will start pushing as a team
when people will start staring at each other funny
when people are questioning whether or not they should initiate.

what you should do?
tell someone like leona or skarner to initiate, then when the teamfight erupts, just spam abilities
and now to pick off the stragglers since your Q has a 3.84 second cooldown >:).

end game
you know your e and q? ya turns out it can farm REALLLYYY well
you want to push a lane? put your e over so it'll cover the melee and caster minions
use your q to do AOE damage to melee and caster minions
everything's dead.

basically the same as the mid game teamfights. jsut this time not everyone will die to your ult and q and e at the same time.
just play it smart.
stay out of the main fight and just keep laying out those skills.
incase someone catches you, use your w and e and RUN THE **** AWAY FROM HIM (i'm looking at you master yi -.-. *******)

and then you win with around 400 ap
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first guide
its so bland..
no links..
no color..
just massive blocks of text..


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