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Vladimir Build Guide by kamszoter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kamszoter

Kamszoter Pro Master God etc. Vlad build

kamszoter Last updated on March 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is summation of my 8 months vlad playing in normal and ranked types of game.
Its very strong and op build so you can own everyone on mid lane also you can chose a bot or top if you want but the real power is when you go on mid lane.

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Runes used in this build are: marks of insight(you must have as much as you can penetration to deal damage ;) ) health per level, cooldown reduction (cdr) (low cooldown is recomended to increase your cast speed), percentage health quintecences (it is very good synergy with all your health items).

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Transfusion - give you free health. Low cooldown. Nothing more to say - maximize it asap
Sanguine pool- its most op vlad skill, but it have two cons large cooldown and it take some of yours health in use. Try to dont use it on monsters in early game. Its great in tower dive and slowdown opponents also it is great to initiate team fight.
Tides of blood-it give you bonus to regeneration health by using it rapid one by one to four times. It is great spell to last hitting minions and to check where are invisible opponents.
Hemoplague- your ulti is great to initiate team fight and it is helpfull to your teammates: it increase damage dealt in your opponents. Its very good ability to last hit running opponents who have low life.

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Mastery tree is 9-21-0. Why that you ask? I answer: we need big amount of health to deal strong damage by sanguine pool- your main weapon and survive longer. Why no 0-30-0? Because we need also to have magic penetration to deal some damage in opponents with magic defence - all your skills base on magic damage.

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All items are described bellow in gameplay guide.

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Beginning 1-9 lv

At the begging we start with dorans shield. It is best start item for that health build.
Maybe you ask me why i dont make next ap vlad build. The answer is simple - ap vlad is very paper-char and easy to own on mid by chars like malhazar on one combo. Health vlad is quintesence of that char so if you play follow this build you will usually win. By all game try to last hitting as much as you can, with high amount of health it will be easy for you. Dorans give you some ad defence and regeneration so chars like caitlin will be less problem then if you would started with ap build (tome+health potion). Use your heal and ghost only if you are near death or if you could kill someone by it. Next item is ninja tabi. Its very powerfull item which give you 10% less damage summary with your 3% less damage from masteries you become hard to kill and tanky char. Try to harrass opponent and when you are at 6th level you should have 1 kill. Try to back only when you have something about 200-300 hp. Your opponent should be more often in base than you it give you leading. Ask your team on support in gank. Gank sequence is: ulti->pool->tides of blood -> transfusion. Next item is spirit visage with masteries and runes give you something about 20% cooldown reduction what increase with your level it also syngergize with your warmong, heal spell and transfusion (bonus regeneration and heal) and give some flat health. You need to have big cdr because your main weapoon - sanguine pool have big cd.

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Mid game 9-15 lv

Now you should buy as soon as possible rylai scepter. It will give you very strong passive - slowing opponents. Its neccesary item to chase your opponents and in several times its helpfull for your teammates. This item provide you health and ap bonus so it great fit to all vlad builds. In mid game your team should kill dragon everytime when he respawn and take all red and blue buffs if it is possible. When you are near 14-15 lv and lead the game your team also can try kill a baron nashor. Start to complete first warmong if you can (always better buy first belt than health crystal and regrowth pedant).

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Late game 15-18 lv

If your opponents don't surrender yet you are now in late game :P. In this part of game you should complete your build. Summary items you should have are: ninja tabi, spirit visage, rylai scepter and 3 warmongs or 2 warmongs and sunfire cape(buy it if you have strong ad opponent team). If you need a empty slot for last item sell dorans shield of course. In late game when you complete your build buy all elixirs and finish your opponents. At level 18 you will be a godlike in several times so it will be fun to enter in large group of people doing ulti+pool and looking how fast they health is going down.

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I fighted with ap vlads too and it was easy to kill them. Really trouble could be mordekaiser because he is numero uno so beware him.
It was pleasure to made that guide so if you have some questions or oppinions please send me mail to: i also answer on neggative oppinions. I appologise for my low level of english language because i am not from UK and i know only basics of it.