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Karma Humor Guide by Rebecka

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rebecka

KAR-freaking-MA (Karma one shot you) (No doubt)

Rebecka Last updated on August 12, 2013
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Karma Build

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She is Karma!

KARMA is almost KARM, and KARM rhymes with HARM! That's right, she's the most powerful champion in the whole league. In fact if Karma herself wanted to leave those other noobs called "champions" she could. Riot would make a new game only for her where she would be the only champion because she's so freaking over powered and strong she can just one shot your face before you can say "You are not a champion". AND WHY ISNT SHE A CHAMPION? BECAUSE SHE'S A FREAKING GODESS.

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You are not worthy to play her

Listen up you smelly pasta-making-company-owner's daughter! Karma have got some things to tell you.
If you don't understand the champion then don't play her, you will lower her reputation even more. In fact the only thing Karma should rely on is herself. So your team should be 5 Karmas, or else you will lose badly.

And don't play her support unless you support an ADC Karma. Karma doesn't have to rely on someone else, she can play all lanes by herself at the same time; jungle included. And you should go 1v5 always, Karma can handle that. Never underestimate Karma. Have you tried going 1v5 with Karma? Not? Then don't judge, you fool.

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Karma's techniques

Karma is the most overpowered champion in this so-called "league" (which should be her private league) because her techniques make you go woop-woop wapidewapwap bam boom DEAD!

She's never predictable. She always surprises her enemies.

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Example of a Karma technique


If you are being chased by enemies or anything that puts you in a situation of a need of a distraction then you should pretend to miss. Shoot your skill shots far away from the enemies, and they will get so confused and turn back because they know you won't miss again.

If you are out of mana because you've been harassing your enemies to like 1 HP and you still need a distraction then use your extra spells. Use Ghost or Clairvoyance on them! If you have low health then run right into the enemies and surprise them, it will make them run away from you because you are a beast.

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