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Karma Build Guide by gui1e

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gui1e

Karma- Jungle... are you ******ed?

gui1e Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In the Jungle

Before you shut this idea down let me leave you with something to think about. I have done this many times and it has never disappointed.

Karma has a heavy damaging shield and immense early game aoe damage.

A 20% slow on the enemy and 20% movement speed increase on herself. (which i will elaborate on later)

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I've never made a guide on before and will therefor have a very bland guide full of words and barren of images... please bare with it.

This idea is an idea that I imagine would be shut down without consideration by anyone who is accustomed to only the cookie cutter ideas they have seen win. I am here to change your mind. if i can't change your mind it means you're not really reading what I've said and in that case it isn't really worth your time to read this guide anyway.

First: This is only a guide until about level 6. (It's a jungle guide)

Second: To learn how to play Karma the whole way through a full game go read the comprehensive Karma by Egypsian_Lover it is incredible. ( )

Third: This guide is full of suggestions and recommendations that i have found help immensely but are not set in stone.

If you feel like this is laughable I would like to make a suggestion. (Assuming you have Karma) Open up league of legends and start a custom game with no bots. Make a rune and mastery page fairly similar to what i have. (don't waste any money on runes you don't have.) And follow my guide until level 4 (suggested gank level). See how you feel about it then.

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Pros / Cons

Severely Underestimated
Very well rounded support
Full Hp level 4 gank
Your enemies will laugh until you make them cry.

Very mana hungry
Only a slow for CC
Her dress is impractical

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Karma is (With very little arguments against) a support, supports need mana, always. I have chosen the seal/glyph/quint of clarity because I like to build karma tanky, with few mana regen items, and the level 18 mana regen with these (very inexpensive) runes is formidable. I think the seals and glyphs could not be refuted as the best choice, however the Quintessences/marks are very much up for personal choice.

Quintessence and mark choices:

Armor is a wonderfully useful tool when jungleing and so flat armor runes would be a wonderful choice and will help you late game.

Flat damage or attack-speed will help you in the jungle but will prove neigh useless for you late game.

AP will also in fact help you jungle and will also help you late game and would make for a good choice.

I however, very much like my flat armor and my too much mana regen.


Do not use mana regen marks, they are comparable to poop and your time would be nearly as well spent simply leaving the spots blank.

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I'm a very big fan of the defensive tree and the bonus gold and 3% extra HP you get.

Putting one point in summoners wrath for the ignite bonus is without a doubt worth it for the jungleing period.

Bonus 9% cool down at level 30 is unarguably worth it, and the 20% longer buffs is an absolute must in the jungle.

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Summoner Spells

I wrote this guide with ignite as my favorite summoner spell and therefor the guide is written entirely surrounding it. Ignite is a great summoner spell for Karma to jungle with; however, if you don't mind a slightly slower jungle using exhaust or flash can greatly increase your ganking power.

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Pre-Jungle knowledge

As karma you may notice that even with the blue buff you sometimes run out of mana while jungleing, just give it a second. Her moves are very costly with low cool downs but they are very worth it.

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Jungle walk through.

You will need cloth armor and 5 health potions. (buy them)

Level up your shield and walk to blue creeps. (i suggest leaving wolves until after).

Do the following whether you have a leash or not. (Without one you may use 2 pots at blue instead of one, no big deal.)

Initiate with ignite on the large blue buff bearing monster, this will do only about 80 extra true damage to him but it will add 5 attack damage and 5 shield (damage and absorption.) using ignite this early will also ensure it comes off cool down just as you should be going for a gank.

You have 2 charges on your ult and this is what makes the karma jungle possible, After initiating on the golem with ignite wait until he starts attacking you ult and shield. your auto attack should be aimed solely at the large golem. When next your shield comes off cool down ult and use it again. By the second shield you should probably have used your first health potion.

Now that you've killed big blue and his little friends grab a level in your fan and walk to wolves. simply spam your fan and shield whenever they are of cool down trying to hit all enemies in front of you. (it's not worth backing up to hit them all if they've approached at a spread out angle.)

repeat at wraiths.

repeat at golems. (you may need to use some health potions but resist using smite and try leave one charge on your ult for red.)

Go to red, spam fan blast and shield. Smite the big guy and focus him down. (I suggest that you avoid using your ult on your fan, the health return is not worth as much as the added damage from your shield ult.)

When you have red you will without a doubt be level 3 and at about 3/4 health. The 3rd level point is down to personal preference but I always chose the shield. This is because the heal from the fan is weak, at this point. If you ult your shield it does equal damage to the fan and adds absorption. The largest bonus from your shield is, the fact that, if your ally is much closer to your enemy than you are you can still hit the enemy hard. While also giving your ally the added hp they need to maybe live through that tower dive. (Try not to ks with your shield, YOU ARE A SUPPORT)

Quickly go kill wraiths and wolves, but be sure you do not spend any charges on your ult after you have killed red buff.

Once you have killed the wolves you will hit level 4. Spend your final point in your slow. Use any left over potions to top off your health. You are now done foresting (except for random blue buff throughout the game).

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Initiating your Gank

The moment you've been waiting for!

You didn't spend those ults i told you not to right? you used ignite, immediately, on the blue golem right? Great! Lets start helping our friends kill some bad guys!

First look at who needs help the most and look at which enemy lanes have over extended the most. Just like you would with any jungler, now pick a lane and go to some bushes right beside it.

This is where Karma's gank is much different than almost any other jungler, the initiation. You will want to spend your first ult on your slow, this will make it slow the enemy by 20% as well as make you 20% faster.

Using this skill directly on your enemy may not actually be the most effective way to use it, let me give you some scenarios:

If your ally goes in for the enemy and the enemy is between you and your ally, dropping your line on your ally will make for a wonderfully powerful initiation. If you link your ally and your enemy is underneath the chain you and your friend will both gain the 20% speed enhancement and if you hit your enemy with the chain he will take almost 100 damage and also receive the 20% slow.

If there is a creep(enemy or ally) back further than your enemy you can use the chain link as a scary wall that your enemy will not want to cross but just might because they've underestimated its damage and slow.

Finally, and worst case scenario, no-one is close enough to use your link on except your target. This happens most frequently but will still most often result in a kill.

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Finishing your Gank

Once you've placed your chain the next few steps will almost always end your opponent. (Assuming they aren't Wukong, Vayne, twitch or Akali. Who will get away from 90% of ganks anyway.)

You want to hit them with your fan first. it's short cool down will probably be over so you can get a second use by the end of the gank.

A large majority of enemies will underestimate Karma and actually charge her instead of running like they would from a Shaco or Volibear, but do not fear. Spend your second ult and shield yourself (or your low HP ally if they are close enough).

by this point you've already done 220ish magic damage even if you didn't hit them with the damage from your slow.

auto attack and follow because they are more than likely running right now and you're fast and they are slow. your ignite is still of cool down if you need it and your fan should be coming off cool down in about a second. Good luck.

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Your Shield

I always focus my shield, the extra shield on your allies is remarkable and the range you can hit an enemy if you use your ult is very good.

Shielding creeps is a very good way to extend your welcome in front of a tower by two or 3 extra shots if you, always, shield the creep its targeting.

When in lane ulting and then shielding a creep is a wonderful way to harass your opponent and prevent them from getting a last hit.

Once again, go read .