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League of Legends Build Guide Author Savagry

Karma, Nuke/Support

Savagry Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Karma is a very unique champion because she can support her team very well while also putting out very good damage. She is a also unique because she her ult is instantly learned and can't be leveled up and her other 3 moves have 6 levels to them. Karma is a very mobile and deceptively tough champion. Hopefully with this guide I can help you maximize her potential.

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My runes seem a bit random but they really do cover all the bases. Magic pen marks to get past some MR. Mana regen per lvl seals (yes I know they were nerfed) but I tried a few games without them and still noticed myself going oom more often. If you really don't want to use the mana regen runes I would recommend health per lvl or ap per lvl seals instead. Glyphs are CD reduc per lvl so that late game you can spam your spells more often. Quintessences are AP per lvl so that she can have a bit more oomf to her moves in the early game.

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I start with a Dorans Ring because the stats on it are exactly what she needs to start out with. She needs some AP, mana regen, and health in the early laning phase and getting any other item seems to put me at a disadvantage. Next I get boots of lucidity. If the other team has a large amount of CC then you can trade these out for Merc Treads. However if possible try to get Lucidity boots because Karma,like most casters,is very CD dependent. Now if you feel very confident in your Karma skills I would recommend getting a Mejais here before you build your RoA. Because Karma has very good defensive moves if playued correctly it is easy to get stacks off of kills and assists. So if you feek confident get a Mejais. Next I build a Rod of Ages. This gives her mana health and some ap. This item combined with the mana regen runes will allow you to farm minions and harass alot more with acess to a bigger mana pool. Next I get Rabadon's because well AP is good :) Next Come Rylai's. This item is a godsend to Karma. Your spirit Bond will slow for a tremendous amount and honestly you can slow down an entire team easily if you hit them with all your moves. Next I get deathfire for the CD reduction and very good active. Finally you can decide between a Will of the Ancients and a Void staff. If the other team has a lot of MR void staff if not Will of the Ancients makes you even harder to kill than before.

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Skill Sequence

I level Q and E pretty equally while maxing W last simply because unless you have a competent lane partner who knows how to land your W or you become a master at moving the link around to hit enemy champions it is a very hard move to land and the slow% goes up at a very slow rate while you level the move up. Thus I get Q and E first. If you are laning I recommend focusing more on the shield. If you are mid I recommend leveling your Q first.

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Team Work

Karma is an excellent teamfighter and 1v1 champion. In large teamfights wait for the tank to initiate then as everyone moves in use your mantra and shield an ally who is close to all the enemies. This will do damage and sheild your target making it quite useful. Next Mantra again and hit all the enemies and allies you can within the cone. Lastly hit the farthest back enemy with a tether and swing it around to hit everything you can. Make sure not to get too close to the enemy teams carries or DPSers when you use the tether as Karma is a prime target for the enemy to pounce on and crush quite quickly. When Laning Karma does very well with a heavy melee dps champion such as Renekton, Olaf or Xin. To initiate tether your ally he will charge or slow or stun or whatever move he has the enemy and if hes smart hit them with the tether. Then mantra and shield him to do dmg and protect him from retaliation. Lastly Mantra again and hit your lanemate and the enemy. This usually results in a kill or at least causing one or both to back. When Mantra is down keep using your abilities to support your team. It is odd how many Karma's I have seen who use their mantra abilities and then sit back and watch. DONT DO THAT.

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Karma is a very unique and skill intensive character. You have to plan your moves ahead of time and react correctly using the correct abilities to succeed. However when used correctly she can be a very tough support who puts out quite alot of dmg. Please comment and rate and if you downrate please say why. Thank you.