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Karma Build Guide by ShinyBoy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShinyBoy

Karma Ranked Gangnam Style top

ShinyBoy Last updated on November 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Karma is easily one of the most underrated champions in the game. How so? Well Karma is easily one of the best split pushers in the game. Put her top lane as an AD bruiser and her laning phase, mid game, and late game split pushing is simply on a whole different level. Think Master Yi is a good split pusher? Well Karma makes him look like S***! The reason is that with my full build, Karma not only does damage, but also has tankiness and survivability. She has a shield and with additional items, Karma will be an unstoppable force. Karma might seem weak at first, but get my full build on her and there is simply nothing that can stand in her way.

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Pros / Cons

-Strong split pushing
-High damage
-Really fast attack speed with items
-survivability and defense

-Really weak early game without items
-Very little escapes

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Runes & Masteries

All my runes and masteries are attack damage and speed for maximum split pushing potential. Masteries also include some additional damage from brute force and alacrity. My masteries are 30/0/0 to not only ensure split pushing power but maximum damage as well. Well 4 mastery points might not seem like much but it really will make a difference, especially late game.

For the most effective split pushing possible, keep all points out of Utility and in offense, since every Mastery in the Utility is useless anyways.

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I start with a dorans blade for early game damage and hp. To ensure maximum damage and minion wave clear, I get a dagger and rush a zeal as quickly as possible. Once after that, get an infinity edge AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. It is essential that you get an infinity edge because it does the most damage out of any item in the game. Add that to Karma's already high base stats and her damage is incomparable. After that..


why would we not buy boots?
Boots provide no utility besides speed. Phantom dancers gives you speed already in addition to attack speed and crit chance. Also, a lich bane will help with that even more since it gives you move speed as well in addition to magic resist. TL;DR boots are useless since they only give you speed and can easily be replacable.

Now for survivability!
A force of nature gives you the MOST AMOUNT OF MAGIC RESIST
A thornmail gives you the MOST AMOUNT OF ARMOR
Get them both? You will not take damage from anything since you have the most amount of armor and magic resist possible. But why is survivability important when split pushing? Because enemies will always try to gank you while you split push and unlike other split pushers, you have little to no escapes. Well we can easily fix that by getting a force of nature and a thornmail! Now you are possibly the most overpowered champion in the game

You might be tempted to use money on sight wards and vision wards for protection in your jungle, but that is completely useless. You need to save AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE ON DAMAGE AND DEFENSE. Think of it this way...

You would get 10 cs per minute, THATS THE IDEAL CS PER MINUTE MARK, and on average you get 25 gold per minion, so per minute you should earn 250 gold per minute. In a 40 minute game you earn 10000 gold in a game. BUT if you buy a ward for every minute, then you spend 75 x 40 on wards. THATS 3000 GOLD!!!!!! THAT CAN BE USED TO BUY AN INFINITY EDGE! Thats why you dont waste money on wards

Finally get another infinity edge, because there really isn't anything else to get but more damage. Also...YOU GET 500% CRIT CHANCE FROM BOTH IEs.
This is a crucial part of your build, to get as many IEs as possible. If it werent for the unstoppable thronmail and force of nature combo and the necessity of mobility from phantom dancers and lich banes, I would have suggested 6 infinity edges, however, this build is far more balanced overall and would provide the most for Karma.

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Skill Sequence

Skills on Karma are useless since she relies entirely on her auto attacks. So it doesnt matter what you raise at all.

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Summoner Spells

I take flash and teleport to ensure the most split pushing power possible. Also, surge can be taken if you want to split push more efficiently.

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Team Work

you dont need to work with your team, because thats the beauty of split pushing! As long as you pressure the top lane for the whole game, your team wont have to worry about a thing because your lane will always be pushed out.

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Split bush tanky AD bruiser top is the most overpowered champion build known to man. Reasons?
-High damage
-High attack speed
-decend mobility

As long as you follow this guide, you should have no trouble at all winning your solo Que games.

have fun getting free elo!