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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoncrow

Karma Support/AP Burst

Zoncrow Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Welcome all to my guide to Karma, the Enlightened One. This is my first guide so please feel free to leave suggestions to help with the guide. I bought Karma on the first day due to the fact that I enjoy support champions and a challenge. She has been a blast though, literally. She has very high potential to deal massive damage and turn the tide of almost any team fight in her favor.

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Pros / Cons

- Good low level damage
- Excellent farmer
- Surprisingly good pusher with a melee champion
- Great late game team fight support champion
- Surprisingly good in 1v1 fights from mid game on

- Steep learning curve
- Can be focused first
- If played badly, all she does is feed
- Spirit bond is difficult to use to the highest potential

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These a fairly standard caster runes. You can substitute the Quints for Quints of Fortitude if you are having issues with staying in the lane. I found that they did help while I was learning how to play her, but switched over to the the AP quints when I felt more confident with her. If you are really aggressive you might want to switch the glyphs to mp/5 per level to give you that extra mana regen. But I feel that the Marks are perfect.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: This is a must have for Karma, great for escape or chasing. She can get focused in team fights so it's amazing to have. This has saved me numerous times.

Ghost: Another good choice for chase and escape mechanism.

Clarity: Not a bad choice if you are having mana issues early game or if you are lanning with another champion who is mana dependent.

Exhaust: If you discover that you are having issues with melee champions carries or chasing down people this is a good choice. Personally I prefer Ghost/Flash combo.

Cleanse: If you get CCed a lot this is an awesome choice, but thanks to the shield and the spirt bond you shouldn't be in a situation that you need it that often.

Clairvoyance: If you don't like ghost/clarity/cleanse/exhaust its the next best thing, and can be an awesome utility if used correctly. The problem can be that it is very difficult for some people to use. But it can save your *** or your teams from ganks. Also it can be used to help scout for dragon or baron.

Teleport: There are better Summoner skills but if you are having to go a lot its not "bad".

Ignite: Damage is nice and the cut down on healing is a plus, but she is a support at heart and I would usually save this for an AP carry.

Smite: En-light of a youtube video ( Your text to link here... ) she after all can jungle, but for this build I do not recommend it. But if you want to use it I would recommend grabbing either ghost or flash to coincide with smite.

Heal: No... You should not need this with you Heavenly Wave/Mantra or Soul Shield.

Revive: No... Just say No. One more time, NO

Fortify: Leave this to a tank, Karma can farm just fine without it as well.

Rally: No

All in all Flash is a MUST for Karma!

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Nothing surprising here, 9/0/21 picking up improved flash and ghost. If you pick up one of the other summon spells you put the 1 point into Good Hands mastery instead of improved ghost.

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Skill Sequence

As Karma your most important spell is your soul shield, hands down. Heavenly wave takes a close second but spirit bond should be the last thing you level.

Here's why -

Heavenly Wave has great low level damage and even good mid level damage. But this spell shines once you hit the high levels with Mantra. Being able to heal for 11-13% plus a set amount of your teams missing life is amazing in team fights and with the added affect of WotA (Will of the Ancients) if enemy units get caught in the fray you will receive bonus health for yourself.

Soul Shield, or what I like to call it Shield Bomb, is by far her best ability. Low level it allows yourself and your team mate to lane longer and be more aggressive. Also with a bit of AP it can hit like a truck and take out entire minion waves, thus allowing her to farm very well. It can also be used on minions to bomb someone hugging a tower or ever to prolong a tower push giving you unexpected pushing capabilities. But this really shines one you get WotA. Around the time you get WotA you should have around 330 AP, and shield bomb should be hitting around 500 damage. Now this means if you are low on heath and you drop this on a minion wave you gain 20% of the entire magical damage done which should be around 100 health per minion. That can turn the fight on almost any 1v1 fight or gank situation. As well, if you are getting focused in later team fights this is a good way to give yourself a beefy shield, damage anyone near you, and heal yourself to keep you in the fight. This is by far her best ability and most Karmas I've played against never fully utilize it and never seem to do all that well because of it.

Spirit Bond is the last thing you should level. It's a very good skill but is completely out shined by the other two. It is not affected by any stat and it scales very poorly with its self. Several Karmas I have played against have focused on this ability to kill minions. While this is not necessarily a bad choice, it does cut down on her overall damage potential. If you are having to focus on running around the minions you aren't casting you shield to help your teammate or using heavenly wave to harass. Another issue come up when your movement becomes predictable. If the other team is wise and watching you well this could turn sour very quickly especially if you over extend a bit and get caught to far down the lane. Most Karmas I've seen that play this way usually have low damage output and and not always focused where they need to be.
That said, spirit bond can be used extremely effectively. I personally use it the most for chasing down someone or to help me and my teammate get away. But late game with good AP the damage in 5v5 team fights is awesome. Added with the fact that you slow most their team and speed up yours is a nice bonus. Usually you would want to tether it to their tank since he wont take damage from the tether, and run around hurting their team casting shield bomb and heavenly wave when appropriate. Although, if you are being focused this would just put you in a position to get killed, so this is still situational. I still prefer to save it for last when they are running back to base and tether the farthest in hope to slow the most down and deal damage to any stragglers.

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Rabadon's Deathcap
Mercury Treads
Will of the Ancients
Soul Shroud

These items are an absolute must on Karma. Grab Dorna's Ring form the start and head to a lane with someone. If things are going well rush straight for the death cap, otherwise grab the basic boots and then go for the death cap. If the other team is being very aggressive feel free to complete the mercury treads and them onto the death cap. But the death cap is essential for Karma since it works perfect with her innate and gives her a very nice AP boost in the process.

Now the rest of the items please keep in mind that Karma is a support champion.
-Mercury Treads-
I've tried the Ionian Boots of Lucidity and the cooldowm reduction is very nice but there are better ways of getting cooldown reduction. The problem with these boots is that CDR is all they give, and considering that most of the time you will be focused first in team fights, the CC reduction and MR from Mercury Treads will be much more helpful in the long run.
-Will of the Ancients-
I've already talk about this item in the skill section but this is also great for the aspect that it gives the spell vamp and AP to all nearby ally champions. Which is almost always a great way to support your team in the lanning phase or in team fights.
-Soul Shroud-
This item has several benefits for Karma and her team. The Mp/5 helps her with any mana issues she might have and CDR is always nice to have. Plus this is also given to all your nearby teammates which helps you fulfill your support role. The final plus is the health bonus which not only keeps you alive longer but also means that your heavenly wave heals you for more since its on a percent base.

Situational Items -

Deathfire Grasp / Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Both of these items are great if you are not being focused on to much. The Deathfire gives a nice Ap and CDR bonus and the activated ability is just icing on the cake. The Rylai's is great for that extra health and AP and the slow is amazing if you are having issues with opponents running away.

Frozen Heart / Randuin's Omen
These are great if the other team is using a lot of AD carries. The Frozen Heart should be built first if their carries are focused on AS, otherwise Randuin's Omen is usually a better choice for the health, armor, and hp/5.

Spirit Visage / Force of Nature
Both of these are great when encountering AP carries. The Spirit Visage works great for Karma since it gives her health, CDR, MR, and to top it off increases her healing will her healing wave by 20%. Force of Nature is awesome for the massive hp/5 and the largest amount of MR for a single item in the game. And always the movement speed increase is nice!

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I owe credit to Fledgar and DeviousB0B for helping me in the start and dealing with all the trial and error we went through. Even the bad games they still gave good criticism and still had fun with it.

But most the credit goes to Johnnylocke. He helped me with the final build and helped me test it to where it is now. He had amazing input and helped me realize Karma shines as a AP burst support, not an AP carry as I was originally trying to build her.

Thank you all for the help and I appreciate it.