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Karma Build Guide by Starstalker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Starstalker

Karma, The Enlighted One.

Starstalker Last updated on June 4, 2015
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Karma Build

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About the author, Pro's & Con's, Karma's description.


Runes, Masteries, Items, Summoners.


Abilities, Laning, Synergy.


Credits, Updates notes, Closing.

About the author

Greetings everyone. My summoner name is Divine Mantra, I was a Gold tier NA player during the season IV. I have been playing League of Legends since the Season II and have known Defense of the Ancients since it's release. I excel at coordinating plays and my best roles are by far Support and Mage. My favorites champions are Karma, Kayle and Morgana.

I am a very experimented player in relation with some of the best Karma's players in the world, (for example: Graveinvitation, master tier player, playing almost only Karma and third best Karma's player acccording to Lolskills during the season IV) making me a very reliable source.

I will probably never be able to reach an higher elo then Platinum due to my carpial tunnels (piano, badminton, computer, writing ...) but I will have reached my goals if I helped you or one of your friends in any way.

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Pro's & Con's

  • Strong harass
  • Lots of utility
  • Excellent Kiting
  • Nice mobility
  • Bully in lane
  • Versatile
  • Great ratios
  • Burst damage
  • Simple to play
  • Confortable early
  • Relatively Squishy
  • Mana Hungry
  • Skillshots reliant
  • Casts can be overdue
  • Poor scaling
  • Lack of disables
  • Can't heal others
  • Limited synergy
  • Long to master
  • Counters are popular

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Karma's description

Good Against SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpace Karma SpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpaceSpace Bad Against

With an high base damage, low cooldowns and a long range, Karma has the ideal kit to freely harass her opponents. Her early game strenght allow her to dominate during the laning phase and the utility she provides through her abilities makes her a great support. She can shield her teamates, haste them, control engagements and root down dangerous foes. Even though she shine mostly in a poke team composition, she can also be picked in a brawl one. With strong defenses and a great healing effect: she can swallow some considerable amount of damage. Unfortunetly, her lack of hard crowd controls prevents her from shutting down some specific carries.

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With a 90% ap ratio on Soulflare, you will deal tremendous amount of damage taking these.

If you don't like to be a glass cannon and fear to get melted, taking some armor can allow you to resist to the physical damage you will receive.

Most marksmen use magic resist runes and all your abilities deals magic damage; making these essentials.

Since you will cast alot, it makes sense to get these. The scaling ones are also very good, they allow you to keep a good amount of mana regen as the game progress.

With a low base health, Karma can easily be bursted down. Taking these can prevent you from getting one-shotted if you get caught often.

Unless you are laning againts Corki, Miss Fortune or Sona, getting some ability power is more effective then getting some magic resist.
The masteries I present above are the best you can possibly use. They provide you everything you need as a support (cooldown reduction, income, mana regen, mobility, utility ...) and increase your early game strenght to dominate the lane. I don't recommand to place any points into the defensive tree since it will considerably reduce your early game impact.

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This section will be completed later on.

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Summoner spells

Flash and Ignite are certainly the most common and efficient options you have. You will be able to quickly reposition and bring even more damage. They both have alot of uses: making them quite of a safe pick.

If you prefer a more defensive playstyle you can also run Exhaust, the damage reduction is quite handy to shut down some dangerous assasins like Katarina.

Your last options would be Heal and Barrier. People rarely expect them, making some great baits during fights. They also have a good synergy with Renewal and Inspire.

Karma has a kit of abilities similar to Lux, Lulu and Jayce. She has an aoe slow a single target root and a shield. All of those gain additional effects when you use them along with Mantra: her ultimate. You will have it when you will start the game, giving you alot of diversity and a strong advantage until others get their own.

This passive is the reason why Karma harass is so strong. Everytime you land an ability or an autoattack on an enemy champion: the cd of your ultimate is reduced. Meaning that you can use it more frequently and deal more damage. It makes an agressive playstyle very effective, but also mean that you need more mana regen to make good use of it.

Inner Flame is your main harass tool. It deals an aoe damage on contact of an enemy (including minions) and slows it. The nice thing with it, is that you can use the aoe on the minions to hit a nearby champion. In other words, they aren't protected from your harass behind the creeps unless they are far from it. If it hits two champions: it proc your passive two times.

Soulflare is the improved version, it's casted by using Mantra. It deals aditionnal damage when it hit, but also leave a mark on the ground that detonate to deal even more damage. But thats not all, the slow is also doubled and reapplied if the enemy stay into the second explosion. The whole thing has a 90% ap ratio: which is very high. Of course, most people aren't dumb enough to stay into the circle of flames, but it can't be avoided if you shoot it directly on someone that stand in the mid-range of it or if your root them with Focused Resolve before using it.

Focused Resolve is your strongest crowd control. When you use this spell, you form a tether with the opponent and root him if the link doesn't get broken. The trick to make sure the root apply is to speed yourself with Inspire if the target gets too far. You can also use it before throwing a Soulflare to force the person to receive the detonation from the ground.

Renewal is your best form of defense, it has the same effect then the previous spell, but deal slightly more damage and heal yourself. You can use it to bait enemies into a fight, they won't expect your heal and will remain in place while you will strike. Try to use it before you get low on health, a bursty spell can easily finish you. When you have to receive some damage for a long period of time: use this instead of using Defiance, it can help you tank tremendous amount of damage.

Inspire is without any doubts your most useful ability. You can use it to: chase someone, swallow some damage, escape to a deadly assasin, save an ally from a poison ... It has tons of uses. I could make a list of it: but I'd rather let you use your imagination. After all, it takes practice to get better.

Defiance is like a mix of the effects of Locket of the Iron Solari and Talisman of Ascension. And even better: it deals some damage ! This ability give you the control of engagements and disengagements in alot of different situations and has just as much usages then Inspire. Prioritise it's usage to Soulflare in teamfight since it has much more utility.

With a very strong early game, Karma can completly control her lane. But what must you do ? Where do you position ? What are you aiming for ?

Your goal is to poke your opponents to make their last hitting harder. You want to deny them as much creeps as you can and zone them out. To do so, you need to position yourself properly and be ready to fallback to safety at any moment. Zoning your enemies often result in the lane getting pushed, which can be problematic if the enemy jungler set-up a tent. If you get camped: freeze the lane, otherwise keep it pushed.

Karma isn't like Janna or Sona in terms of positioning. In lane, you can't sit behind the creeps and still be able to hit your spells. In order to harass properly, you have to position yourself on the sides of the waves.

On the image below I represented the minions with the letter x and the champions with some fancy stuff. Imagine that you are the Cyan A, the arrows represent the movements you could do to be able to land Inner Flame or Soulflare.

The fact that you have to stand there to poke make you vulnerable to some enemies spells. It's mostly why Ashe and Blitzcrank won't be your ideal opponents. It's simply too easy for them to hit you back. To avoid this, you can sidestep or use Inspire. Like I mentioned earlier, Karma fit better in a poke composition then a brawl one. So it can only make sense that she synergyse well with marksmen that have a strong poke like Ezreal, Ashe or Caitlyn ... In addition to that, she also have a solid early game, making strong early Ad carry just as much legible, Draven, Sivir, Graves are good examples of it. Late game marksmen tend to have less synergy with her, but some like Tristana naturally push the lane making it easier to poke. This section is reserved to thank every of those who participed by close or by far to the realisation and the amelioration of this guide.

LaCorpse ~ For the Dividers.

Emoriam and Emikadon ~ For some Advices and references.

MissMaw ~ For some answers to the questions I had.

Astrolia ~ Her Columns guide saved my life.

And lastly Jhoijhoi ~ For her BBCode guide.

If you think that you should/n't be in this list for an idea or else: send me a message I will add/remove it.

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Updates notes

The runes, masteries and items have been modified. The Items section will be completed soon. I also added more champions in the '' threats to Karma ''.

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Yes, it's the end. I hope that you enjoyed reading my guide and if it's the case an upvote would be highly appreciated <(^^)>. Have a nice day and see you on the rift !

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