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Karma Build Guide by TheAntiFreaK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAntiFreaK

Karma the most underrated champ in the league (in-depth)

TheAntiFreaK Last updated on October 9, 2012
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Build 1: Glass cannon (not always recommendet)
Build 2: Tanky Frontline mage(what u wanna be the most games)
Build 3: Support (In all honesty Karma is not a good sup. i would prefer soraka or taric instead of karma.)

Karma is the most underrated champ in the league. I honestly can see why. Shes kinda hard to play but when you once now how to she can and will be really powerfull. helpfull and the most important part of the team. She can kill, protect, heal and support champs. Shes tanky, does damage and is mobile(relativly). So let me tell u something about how i discovered this champ.
I was kinda curios about her. i played the first games with her and was meh. I didnt know how to play her but i saw potential so i kept on going and now i write this guide :D. have fun reading it.

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Pros / Cons


*If played right she will take almost no damage
*Heavy AOE
*Can protect and rescue Allys from sticky situations
*Is relatively mobile in lane or together with other champs
*Can be very tanky
*Can poke melee champs in lane down
*The early game can be hard
*Relativly close ranged
*People will flame u often until u show them what karma is
*Doesnt have the highest burst
*Silence champs hurt u real bad

Thats already it or what i can think of feel free to post other thinks in the comments.

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In every build is some mana regen for a good reason. Karma is very very mana hungry. And if u want to sustain in lane u really need the mana. U can combo twice and then you´re already oom and absolutely defensless. And i take so much Per level runes because Karmas early game is kinda weak dont try to strengthen it thats not gonna work.

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Skills and explainations for them

Karma skills work really unique. Karma wich is the thing thats basically her ult but its so not. U can add an effect to every spell u can cast.

Heavinly Wave: adds a percentage heal. The heal heals percentage and AOE. u can heal you´re whole team for up to 12% Some tanks love to have a karma in their team because of that heal
Spirit Bond: Doubles the effect that all there is to it. Sometimes this double can help a teammate or you to escape out of a gang or another sticky situation.
Spirit Shield: Adds an AOE attack to the shield. That is in my opinion the most important spell of Karma. Its great to harass the enemy in lane. Or in a teamfight to shield the initiater for example malphite ults in, u mantra shield him for 600 DMG and 600 shield if he hits 3 enemys, all enemys take the same damage and malphite is so hardly shieldet that he doesnt take much or any damage.

I have to be honest to you guys i not mastered the spirit bond. The spirit bond is a beam between you and your ally/ennemy every enemy who passes through takes damage. normaly i just try in teamfight to focuse someone in the back so the frontline take damage through it but thats all i know to do with that.

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Item choices.

Item choices and explanaitons. *thanks throatslasher for reminding me*

Build 1:The rod of ages explains himself. Karma is relatively close ranged and needs the HP to survive fights, u have to come up close to fight and u dont want to die instantly. The abyssal again youre close ranged and abyssal boost youre damage a good bit. Rylies to boost youre spirit bound. The lich bane is to boost youre burst before i buy this i often experience that i miss out just a bit of damage the lich bane gives u that lil bit of lacking burst.
Build 2: The goal of this build is to get very tanky. While still having enough damage/support potential to be an important part of youre team. This build is recommendet if u have no one who can initiate realy well.
Build 3: The goal of this build is to obtain some more utility late game thats why i build wota. Your shield scales hard with ap so u will need some to keep the shield usefull.But as i sayd i dont like playing karma as a sup.

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Farming And laning

Karmas farming is extremely effective after u get some ap.
Mantra shield and heavenly wave.

and the whole wave is yours. Because of the same karma counters alot of roamer. TF for instance he cant go anywhere because hes always pushed into his tower. and when he comes to near to youre minions u can mantra shield the minion. he cant get much farm and cant go anywhere because of that.
Laning and some hard and easy opponents
In the lane u should be harrasing youre enemy alot. u almost never will be able to kill someone in lane unless theyr derpin. If he comes to close to one of youre minions spirit shield the minion he will take some damage. if he wants to attack you shield yourself. Its very important to note that if u have an aggresive laner DONT SPIRIT SHIELD THE MINIONS WHEN A COUNTE ATTACK CAN KILL U. What i mean by that is lets take TF for one more time as an example. You just mantra shieldet a minion. He has a yellow card for you ready and he already poke u down alot. He attacks u cant shield yourself because of cds youre stunned ignited aaaaand down. the shiel is really strong so if u fear a counter attack dont mantra shiel a minion it could be youre death.
When you get gang and they dont have to much cc u should be fine. A lil example your ward just ran out. For example amumu is the jungle and youre enemy laner is oriana. Amumu comes in u see the bandage shield yourself dont mantra thou. then try to mantra spirit bound the nearest or more freatining opponent in this case orianna. mantra bound her it slow her down by 10% and speeds u up by 20% with a bit of luck and fast reflexes youre able to escape a gang with u almost at the enemy tower.
TF: Thats quite an easy one. as i already sayd u can push him in the tower all day. U should be able to avoid his wildcards if he comes to stun u and you know theyr jungler doesnt comes to gang u just spirit shield when hes in range so you take almost no dmg and when the stun is over heavenly wave him. never forget to push him to his tower so he cant go anywhere.
Kassadin: He can be hard. Aslong as he isnt level 6. Everytime he goes mellee for a minion spirit shield the minion. if he comes to close shield yourseld wait for the silence to end. try to block his way by a spirit bond and heavenly was him. through the shiel u almost took no damage while he takes tons of.
ORIANNA: This is a hard one because she has range on you. You wont be able to kill her in lane just try to push and roam some thats almost all u can do. Avoid or shield her attacks and u should be fine.
Mordekaiser: Hes a lil puppy ^^. Hes almost as close ranged as you. And your shield is way stronger than his and hes mellee. so poke through minions if he comes to attack u mantra shield and heavenly wave he wont do any damage and u did alot.

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Roaming. Assisting.

Karma can early on just assist. If u have a malphite on top and youre both lvl 4-6 u wont have enough damage to kill a tough opponent. If the opponent is someone squishy thou lets say TEEMO. Malphite has his ult. So wait for him to ult. He hits TEEMO so u mantra shield him then mantra spirit bound for the speed a malphite q and youre q should be enough to finish the job at this point. BTW teemo was an example for a squishy champ i know teemo is hard to gang because of shrooms.
A dragon fight brakes out your ad carry gets dangeroussly low. You shield him and mantra spirit bound him so can gtfo we lost the fight for dragon but nobody died because of youre shield and your bound. the same thing works if u just need to save someone from 1 shot or ignite tick if u shield in this situationes u sure get an teamwork honor ^^.

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Team Work/ Team Fights

Team work is one of the most important parts of karma play. In small fights u can protect youre carry really well. Give him shields. Give him spirit Bound. All in all you are a big damage source but never forget that a fight is lost without the ad carry. So if a shield can save him do it. u miss out on damage but u wont miss out on youre ad carry. In Teamfights its important to mantra shield the initiater. So he takes less damage and u already did a good potion wait for the enemys to bunch and then heavinly wave. take care of your ad carrdy and youre whole team youre shield is really strong so shield to protect for ignite ticks or poisen or just for offtanks and mellees to take more punish.

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All in all karma is the most underplayed champ in the league. She is a valuable part of almost every team comp. And counters out alot of heavy roamers.She can change a teamfight throu protecting theyr ads. She can assist an initiation. She has great poke in lane. Is mobile and can fill alot of roles.


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*Thanks to throatslasher*
I forgot to explain my items and to put a point in runic affinity for the pure ap build.
*just a lil think*
English is not my first language sorry for Mistakes or wrong grammar