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Karma Build Guide by The Spunio

Karma, The Savior

Karma, The Savior

Updated on November 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Spunio Build Guide By The Spunio 1,797 Views 0 Comments
1,797 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author The Spunio Karma Build Guide By The Spunio Updated on November 26, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



Hey guys. This will be my first build and I though I'd do it based on the champion I deliver the best results with. I bought Karma the moment she was released. At first, I didn't like her much. But then I realized how much potential she had with her shield. The burst damage and the harassment that could be done with it was fun to say the least. So please, give feedback, positive or negative, on this build.
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I chose my items based off of what worked the best in my experiences.

The early Philo stone and Faerie Charm gives you a good amount of regen and keeps you ready and willing for a little skirmish or two.

The tear gives you a decent mana pool for the rest of the game since you will be popping quite a few spells to save your team from being killed in team fights.

The soul Shroud gives your more durability in team fights and helps you stay around longer with the regen it gives.

Archangels of course gives you that huge Ability Power boost along with the mana.

Rod of Ages will give you even more durability and a bigger mana pool.

I get questioned on why I choose Frozen Heart over other support items. Well, it gives me my maxed out mana pool that keeps me going through 3 team fights and possibly more. The slowing effect helps a lot in team fights and gives my team that extra push to get some kills. The armor gives you the much needed durability.

The alternative to getting Frozen Heart if you're having problems with AP Carries would be Abyssal Scepter. The reason to this is basically the same for FH. It lowers the Mag. Resist on the enemy team that gives your team the extra push for some kills. The ability power also helps with the amount of healing you do and the amount of damage you do.
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Early game.

Karma's early game is quite fun if you're in the right lane with the right champ. Personally, I chose to go with the melee DPS so I can harass with my shield a bit better since they will be trying to kill the enemy team.

I start out with a Faerie Charm, 2 Sight Wards, 3 Health pots and 2 Mana pots. The Faerie charm plus the mana potions help you stay in lane for quite some time before you need to go back for mana and pick up your boots and Philo stone.

During this time, try not to over-do your shield bursts or you'll end up out of pots and mana early. Try to only use it to poke them now and again to get them low enough for your lane partner to go in for the kill. Use your leash now and then to do damage to creeps and harass the enemy team.

Pop one of your wards at level 6 in the bottom or top of the bush, depending on what lane you chose to go to. Now, of course this will prevent any unexpected ganks from happening.

If things went smoothly, you should end up leaving lane with about 1200+ gold and a few assists with no deaths.
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Summoner Spells

Flash: It gives you two advantages other spells cannot; The Jump that either saves you or a team mate when needed. If Lux is about to Beam your team mate when they're low and you're too far away, that jump will allow you to shield and heal them to get them away safely.

Clarity: This will give you the extra boost in mana if you need it to keep you in lane longer. If your lane partner is mana based, it will help them as well.

Other Choices:

Clairvoyance: This will give you more map Awareness(Which we wall know is VERY needed)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Spunio
The Spunio Karma Guide
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Karma, The Savior

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