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Karma Build Guide by Comet Dragon



Updated on December 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Comet Dragon Build Guide By Comet Dragon 2,207 Views 0 Comments
2,207 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Comet Dragon Karma Build Guide By Comet Dragon Updated on December 22, 2011
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Hello, this is my first time to build a guide and im make it for Karma, so please dont downvote me ^^. Im not very much seen karma user even when she is free to use. For first i thought she is weak and just can supported the others but, im wrong.. she can be realy powerfull when you use her right, give the right items and runes. But still she is a support so you will need another player to accompany you in lane. Do not try to solo mid or top with karma, its kinda difficult but you can try it if you curious.
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For runes im take9 mark of insight, 9 seal of resilience, 9 glyph of force, and 3 quintessence of force. Mark of insight use for upgrade her magic penetration. Seal of resilience use for her survivability. Glyph and quintessence of force use for upgrade her ap.
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For masteries im take 9, 0, 21. All of them use for upgrade her ap and magic penetration.
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Skill Sequence

I take heavenly wave as fast a i can. This skill is your killing skill. Not just that, you can heal with this skill too.
Second i take soul shield. soul shield does more damage than heavenly wave when you upgrade it with mantra. But if mantra is on cd it will just protect you and not giving any damage so its more value to take heavenly wave first.
Take Spirit Bond on lvl 6. you can still avoid ganked undr lvl 6 with soul shield and heavenly wave. But when you above lvl 6, it will be more difficult, so take spirit bond to escape from ganked.
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Play style

In lvl 1 to lvl 6 you can just harras your enemy with Soul Shield upgraded with mantra. Save your heavenly wave to heal your allies.
When your allies thinks he is ready to take down enemy, you can support him by giving him soul shield and heal him with heavenly wave. Try to use heavenly wave to heal your allies and harras your enemy. Because its range is big enough so i think it will not too difficult for you.
For spirit bond trick you can use it to slow an enemy and make the bond touch your allies to make them run faster to get your enemy.
When you are dying, do not panic and just play safe and if can you have to keep farming and assist your allies. thanks to her passive, Karma ap will be strong enough to make your enemy dying too while karma is dying. So dont panic when you are dying. if you think you will be defeated when dying, just heal with your heavenly wave upgraded with mantra.

For items im usually start with doran's ring. It gives health, mana regen, and enough ap. For boots you can take ionian boots of lucidity or sorcerer's shoes. Im usually take sorcerer's shoes for magic penetration. Next i go to hextech revolver or if I get fed i always get will of the ancients first and buy void staff next.
for the rest you can use my guide item or use your creativity to build another items.
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I hope this build can be useful for you guys. Sorry if maybe this guide make you confused beacuse this is my first time to make a guide hahaha... XD.
Please give me a comment about how you think my build.. tx
League of Legends Build Guide Author Comet Dragon
Comet Dragon Karma Guide
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