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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akromah

Karrykaiser - The Steamrollin Morde!

Akromah Last updated on October 25, 2010
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I'll put more in the guide ASAP but I think the most important things are core build and tips.

First guide so bear with me please!

I'd first like to point out that the items you get are very flexible depending on the team comp you go against so I'll address individual items later in the guide. For now I've just put up the items I find myself commonly getting (when I get bored sometimes I even stack sunfires :P)


I used to think Morde was a hero that didn't pose much of a threat as any sort of role in a team. After looking into him more, I discovered how hard he is to kill and furthermore the sort of output he has if you don't take him down first. I'm not trying to say that he can out-carry other standard carries but he can sure as hell get on your opponent's nerves with annoying aoe and terrific focus fire (when he gets his ghost up). Not to mention his 1v2 laning capabilities and tremendous farming frequently give me the edge in games.

Starting out:

Don't worry about their team comp yet. Simply grab a regrowth pendant and head to lane. Why regrowth over doran's? Doran's isn't terrible but the main thing you need is regen to counteract the damage you deal to yourself per each cast. Doran's cover's levels 1-3 fine but when you get up to level 4+ a single doran's will not be cutting it. If there's a jungle make sure you request the 1v2 lane. If you can't get 1v2 either a solo lane or a partnered lane will be more than fine.

You need to decide whether you want to just farm and not worry about towers or push towers. This is largely based on your lane opponents. If they have what looks to be their mid/late carry I might let their creeps push and consistently harass them by cutting off creeps. This is unlikely at early levels in a 1v2 lane but it's something to ponder. Honestly, I almost always find myself just farming and harassing for lane control. You'll see that morde can easily drop people that sit in their own towers after consistent harass and a quick ult + ignite combo.

Level 6 is approaching and your opponents are only level 4 and one of them is even at one third health! Awesome! I like to enter a bush at level 5 just as I'm about to level and then come out swinging with my ignite ult and siphon combo that will kill most 1/3rd health level 4s. Ghost if you need to get in range to do the combo. The thing about a 1v2 lane is that ignite is beefed up since you're level 6 and they are only 4 and so overall the DoT (damage over time) combination is much stronger than it would be against a person of your level. It catches people off guard and is generally a pretty easy first blood.

Push your lane out far and go back to shop when you can. I like to ensure that I get at least another regrowth pendant and boots of speed. Really though you should be very farmed and be able to get full sorcerers shoes too.

Check other lanes and see if anyone needs a gank before returning (especially if you do a blatant recall people frequently don't call MIA for that). I like to gank the middle lane 1) because it's close and 2) because they are the other solo that usually poses the biggest threat. If you successfully gank the middle, push it up (as long as bottom is under control and your tower looks like it will be okay). Don't forget about the awesome ghost that is what makes morde OP IMO. Crazy crazy crazy DPS from it as well as a beefy tank.

Mid game:

Team fights are starting to break out. Morde can quickly push creep waves and then move to another lane. It's sort of like hybridized roaming. Always be looking at the minimap for opportunities to ghost over to a tower diver's lane and combo them to avenge your allies and push the lanes. If ganks aren't looking good go ahead and kill some neutrals. Honestly I LOVE the blue buff but it is very very greedy of you to take it from other champs that actively call for it (amumu for example). If you think you can get it without your team getting too mad go ahead and snag it because the CD reduction helps immensely. Also, being out of the picture for a while has 2 effects: 1) people are either more wary of ganks and play more defensively near their towers (especially if you've been a huge threat) or 2) people get used to not seeing you in lanes and are less suspecting of ganks! Opposites I know but it works out either way. You can also find weak heroes in their jungle and quickly combo them.

Late game:

Get in the way! But only if your team has your back. Ideally, try and enter the team fight simultaneously as your other team just with you in the front lines. Throw on that shield and start spamming to hell. Get that ult up on what you guys agree is the focus fire target or whatever seems to be dying first. Make them make the decision to target you down or target your team. More often than not, they can't take me down efficiently so they target my team. This is where you need to make them regret that. Get in their carry's face and just spam spam spam spam spam spam spam til no one is left. Morde is only truly tanky when he is spamming. A morde on the run dies significantly faster (especially with this build that is designed around spell spam and generating as much as possible into your shield).

Tricks with morde:

1) Most obvious one isn't a trick it's just your basic combination of ignite/ultimate
2) Sometimes when chasing an opponent it is better to put your W shield on and run next to them and only stop to siphon. This trick is situational as sometimes it's better to just give them some smacks (especially with ghost)
3) Checking for creeps (mainly baron) by siphoning from opposite side
4) Kiting around your ghost (ideally a ranged ghost) so your ghost can stand still and pew pew while you just generate your shield
5) Forest fights you can siphon creeps across walls to generate your shield
6) Shielding your creeps while you siphon harass heroes in lane

HALP! When do I ultimate?!!!

1) The most obvious one is ultimating the focus fire target in a teamfight. Hopefully it's ranged because ranged are the best to have but you want the ghost as fast as possible and the core of most team fights is rather stationary so melees aren't too bad.
2) When you need health and are escaping a gank or surviving against tower divers
3) In a team fight it is CRUCIAL that you get a ghost so just ensure that it happens even if the curse aspect of your ult doesn't do that much damage.
4) Early game you can ult pretty liberally because there aren't many pivotal team fights and it has a pretty short cooldown (considering the ghost is up for 30 seconds after your target dies). Essentially, if you can get a ghost get a ghost and put it to use.

*Most of the good tricks come from having a ghost and using it skillfully which takes time to learn*

Good ways to put your ghost to use:

1) DPSing towers while you take care of the heroes
2) Vise versa of the tip above where you send your ghost at an opponent and your team DPSs the tower
3) Throw ghost on opposite side of creep wave and then shield it when creeps come
4) As stated before, kite around your ghost while you generate your shield. The ghost is SO MUCH dps
5) Use your ghost as a second player when chasing people in bushes or around corners/seperate paths
6) Use your ghost as a scout in dangerous situations
7) This is probably the most important one and it's also the most obvious because it's how you contribute to team fights: stick your ghost on the nontank that is contributing the most to the team fights...make them handle the situation by running or taking an obscene amount of damage. Essentially, evoke a response. Sometimes this will be the carry (more often than not) but sometimes this will be that annoying sona floating around the back.

Comments on Runes:

Let me know what you think of runes. The spell pen is a must IMO but the health is debatable. I chose health runes because of the lack of raw health in this build. The CD redux is a bit more flexible but it will greatly help you keep that shield building along with some armor pen.

Comments on Masteries:

Some of you are probably like, "OMFG UTILITY TREE MORDE?! T0TAL NEWBLAR D00000D!" Well lets take a look. Yes, much of the utility tree is dedicated to mana and there doesn't seem to be a ridiculous amount gained from going to the deepest tier but it's actually very deceiving. CD redux = faster generation of your shield. Summoner spell cooldown makes it so ignite is more readily available for the deadly combo. If you ask me, deep utility is pretty much a must. Regardless of what you choose make sure you get the spell pen from the offensive tree.

Comments on Itemization:

I find that the Force of Nature and Sorcerer's Shoes are the only two essential items and even the FoN is debatable. FoN pretty much covers your regeneration for the whole game and makes it so you rarely need to return to town other than to buy. In addition, the movespeed cannot be overlooked as Morde has no slows or snares. The magic resist is just the icing on the cake. I have done many builds without the FoN and even against non magic heavy teams I felt a little more useless. Now for my thoughts on individual items:

Randuin's Omen:

Absolutely great great great item for a melee heavy team. This is a must if you're against this type of team. The attack speed/movespeed slow as well as the shear armor/health stats. I cannot tell you how much Randy's has contributed to my team fight presence and to my ganks and elusiveness as a Morde. You'll find that a running Morde is actually very vulnerable but Randy's greatly helps solve this problem. Also, with the attack speed reduction, your shield/health will not go down as fast in those brutal team fights where you could very well be focused down.

Warmog's Armor:

I've never been a really huge fan of Warmog's to be honest. I get it when people tell me my build doesn't have enough health just to make them shut up but I rely heavily on my ability to generate a shield and reduce to rate at which it goes down. This is another reason why a fleeing Mordekaiser drops relatively fast with this build when compared to a full on tank build.

Sunfire stacking:

I love it! Just stacking that with my W aoe shield just makes it for tremendous damage when you're not getting focused. Remember though, getting a single sunfire as a last item is often very ineffective. If you're going sunfire stacking, consider creating them immediately after the FoN and/or Randy's. I think I most often end up with Sorc treads, FoN, Randys and 3x sunfire just for kicks and pentakills. Obviously, the armor/health added would be for a physically oriented team.

Abyssal Scepter:

Pretty sweet item. In addition to the aura, the spell pen and the ability power contribute to faster shield generation. The magic resist is not to be overlooked either. The scepter's contributions may seem subtle but it can actually be fairly substantial from personal experience (especially when you're not fighting in a giant creep wave!!)

Frozen Mallet:

Simply amazing. Your ghost gets the slow so on a ranged ghost it creates for a tremendous way to counteract morde's lack of stuns/slows and at the same time contributes a ton of defensive stats. I have not been incorporating this into my builds until recently but it's WELL worth the investment especially if your team's carries are failing.


This is an absolute must versus some teams. You will not believe the success I have had with this item on Morde vs melee carries...namely Trynd. Trynd has given me so much trouble with other heroes when he gets fed but with Morde I can usually put him down pretty easy (as long as he's not obscenely fed). Thornmail, ignite, ult, stand and fight and watch him blow himself up (and ocassioanlly crit and kill himself w.o ulting!). If you're getting focused down this is also something to consider because then they have one more reason not to focus you and you can make them regret that.

Guardian Angel:

I've been incorporating this into some recent builds as well as a last item solely so my ghost still gets to pew pew if I die for a kill Even in just the time it takes to animate a GA death my ghost can deal an inordinate amount of damage. Certainly worth your consideration.

Shurelya's Reverie:

Pretty fun item to use. I don't use it often in my builds but it may find its way in soon. The CD reduction and more movespeed both are great stats to take advantage of with this style of Mordekaiser.

Final words...what can you call your mordekaiser to piss people off:

Lawldekaiser (any form of lol will do)
Faildekaiser (try and avoid being this type of kaiser!)
Steamrollin Schmidtty (personal favorite)

Carry on the legacy. If you think I've forgot anything let me know or please tell me things I should address or why I'm wrong! Comments please! Thanks for reading this wall of text.