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League of Legends Build Guide Author jmazing

Karthus By The Book

jmazing Last updated on July 1, 2010
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So this Is a pretty Straight Forward KArthus Built Which u may have seen before. The built Is Really SImple and if used right should Net you 14 kills a game Easy.

( New Karthus Player, THings to Remember)

So if you dont play karthus often there are different schools of thinking with him but one thing everyone will Agree on is that he Is an Extremlly Strong Nuker. How you plan to make the most of that is up too you. Playing As KArthus You can Often Get first blood Without the use of his ulti.

Every Hero has a 2 part combo that can usally get him/her kills with KArthus I belive its Lay waste and Wall of pain. What wall of pain does is slow and lower magic resistance. The slow is Good but the magic REsistance Lowered is better.

So how to get lvl 3/4 gank: If you follow the guide you have rank 3 lay waste and rank 1 wall. So what you would do is try to hit him/her with lay waste once or twice. And If you do go right at them. Soon as they Start to run Drop wall Direcetly on them, and plant Lay waste one-two steps ahead of them. Most time this will get you the kill. How ever if they try to attack you directly and Stay in the wall even better cause you dont have a running target to land your lay waste. Just remember for the bonus damge of lay waste it has to hit a single unit. ( Meaning if its hitting the champion and Creeps REtreat, If its just hitting the CHampion you should win this 1v1 encounter)

Another Reason lay waste is your base spell, It has a one second cooldown but with this current built it starts at a .7/8 cooldown and gets lower as the game progresses. Meaning that anyone lanning against you is gonna have to be on there toes cause you can harrass fast and often. Thus The reason i take clarity cause you are gonna burn thru mana, This is Also the reason for the mana regen in Yellow cause your gonna need it.

early-mid game: By lvl 6 you should have enough gold to get your soul stealer. You should always always always solo mid. If the team you are playing with doesnt allow you to solo mid your better off with a different champion at least with this built. The reason is you wanna be able to buy soul Stealer at lvl 6 and zhonan's RIng by no later than lvl 11. Why You may ask because you have one of the Best( aka: Some would say the Cheapest) Ulti In the game. You Hit every hero on the opposing Team at once. Meaning 3 things, 1)You should get at least one kill per ulti, 2) You Want your Ulti to hit for as much as possible, And 3) You want your cooldown to be as short as possible. Thus Explaining the Glyph choice, It helps lay waste and your Ulti. Ive heard some suggestion to get an Item that lowers your cooldown but There arent many Items that boost your Ap power and Reduce cooldown that are cheap. They all are on the higher side. If you Wanna how ever make a built using them i would be interested too see it.

LAte Game: So you should be pretty Set up by this point. Protect your Stacks on your soul stealer best you can. Being you can use your ulti to get kills there shouldnt be much reason for you too be alone or on the front line. In Team Fight you want too use your Wall and Thought Defile is really good i only use it to farm Huge Waves of Creeps or if there are alot of hero's in one area who arent focusing on you.

So In Short Get soulStealer Try your best to protect your stacks. Gets zhoyana's Ring and boots. But honestly beyond that everything else is Just Gravey With those items you should be able to Average 10-14 kills a game. The Highest ive got his ulti too hit for was 1050, Which was soul Stealer at 20 stacks amoung a few other items. Once his Ulti Gets that High It may even be best to Start big Team fight using the ulti Giving your Team a 1000 hit point advantage on most if not all hero's. Also Depending on how your games going you may want to get something defensive. I like the Scepter with slow its pretty good and makes Defile Really Deadly, But also ( and this is if u can afford it ) Soul Shroud IS just Really Fun Making your Ult Cooldown Faster, Giving you some mana regen along with the health really Fills in the Holes Where Karthus is Weak