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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gozip

Karthus: place a deadly bubble in your ***

gozip Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okey. Here the ****ing video to make sure you wont do stuped things like placing *thrumbs down* on this build. I'll rape you if you do! Find and rape you! Be sured ><

Okey, let me get this started.

2 days ago i looked at ZembowaWruszka build and I saw how accurate it is in description of how you should play with Karthus. Just a great work of pro player. So in this build i'm not going to describe game mehanic. It's simply a little different way of getting on top.

General information

-powerfull caster
-good ganker
-great teamplayer
-his ultimate (requiem)
-after Heimerdinger and Janna Karthus has the most base mana.

-Karthus is very easy to kill
-He costs 6300IP
-In the beginning he is hard to play
-Very weak against DPSers. (especially carrys!)

Ecspect a lot of rage from some noobs from enemy team (and from yours ^^). You'll be call noob champ/only ult/****ing stealer/KARTHUS OMG/OP **** and so on.

Summoner spells:

I mostly take Cleanse (helps to escape annoying staners and disablers) and Flash to get away. For a slimsy hero like Karthus i think its the best. Sure you can take teleport. I dont recommend you Clarity since Karthus can regen mana from killing creeps.

Item tips:

Karthus is an amasing hero with a great potential in him. So I decided to unleash this potential with . . . SPELLVAMP. You'll say it's absurd. You'll say I'm crazy. I'm not. Now just imegine the situation. You going to gang Trund. 1 vs 1. In most cases you'll be killed. But not with spell vamp. Just try to be near creeps or something with life energy in it) Defile and LW will do all work for you. Yes, Defile makes you awfuly unstopble at early/mid game. Since it works even then you silenced/stuned/disibled.

In late game you can sold your Will of Ancients. It not so needed in the end. Here some variations of item builds:

This for team of disablers:
For mage team:
For crazy TrYnd/Xin/Trist and other AD heroes(they'll just kill themselfs):

Gameplay tips:

(just for extra reading -_-)
Early Game :

You are faster than enemy (not all but mostly), use this advantage to put lay waste on enemy path. Observe him, than try to separate him from his minions (because they absorb some dmg), and attack him (as in first scene in 1st gameplay video). Gain experience, and push enemy. If he come back many times to the base, he will become easier to kill. Remember to check bushes (use wall of pain or lay waste) before attack, because Karthus is paper hero, and can be kill very easy by enemy ambush (especially when one enemy is in the jungle). You can also use wards and save some mana. Inform team when you got miss enemy on lane, and when you gain 6th lvl try to help on other lanes. When you got Requiem ready to use, check map and find enemy with low hp level and and try to kill him by pressing R. Remember that some champions won't die because they have counter Karthus skills. For example: Vladimir (blood pool), Kassadin (Riftwalk), Sion (Death Carres), Janna (shield), Morgana (shield), Sona, Nidalee, Taric, Alistar, Kayle, Soraka (Heal). You should be sure that when you use Requiem you will kill someone or help your teammates in killing.
If your enemy is weak, try to travel between lanes and gank some enemies there. If enemy try to gank you, buy wards and put them into bushes. Be careful when you are near enemy turret because Karthus don't have best escape system and you can die.
You should know how put wall of pain:

* If enemy attack put it on his way
* If enemy is near your turret, put it behind him on his escape route
* If enemy try to escape put it on way he is escaping, slow him and finish using lay waste and defile if you have enough mana

3 tips how to gank and avoid being killed:

If you have jungler in enemy team put wards there (you will see when they want gank you it gives you time to escape, and you can always teleport to these wards behind current enemy position)

Middle Game :

Now you should get blue buff before team fight. You need it for Requiem cd reduction and faster mana regen, because you should use defile if its possible. You can use Requiem on 2 ways: initiate attack if you know where enemy is making ambush, or to kill escaping enemies after team fight both are good but initiate give you advantage (if more than one enemy already got , you shouldn't initiate teamfight by Requiem). When you are in team fight use Wall of Pain in the middle of enemy group (or keep it for escaping enemies if yours team got more kills than enemy), and spam lay waste. Remember that lay waste have 0.5 sec explode delay (and about 0,66 cd on 18lvl and full item set)!
When you meet alone enemy you can kill him using 1. on enemy motion path 2 on, 3 and put some , remember that you are glass cannon and you shouldnt attack when opponent got stun skill.
Try to destroy towers, use teleport and deal them some damage if theres no enemies on map, its possible that they coming to kill you, solution = use wall of pain, and leg it (If you want destroy turrets faster, you can buy instead of Mejais in Ranked Games or Archangel Staff)!
Remember to select low hp targets in teamfights, when enemy focus you that means you are to close , but after die you still can fight! When you die defile is automatically on, so put wall of pain and spam lay waste near your target positions. Remember to die in good place, near enemy (yours team should know that you are useful even after death) You can surprise enemy quickly coming back to them.