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Karthus Build Guide by achimasi

Karthus - undeafeatable

Karthus - undeafeatable

Updated on November 17, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author achimasi Build Guide By achimasi 2 7 4,662 Views 1 Comments
2 7 4,662 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author achimasi Karthus Build Guide By achimasi Updated on November 17, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



Hello and welcome to my famous Karthus build. i have trusted this build for hundreds of games and had almost never failed. I have won 9/10 games with it, the other 1/10 is from pubbers, yes, pubbers you know them u hate them and you hate how idiotic they can be. But you have to deal with it unless you play ranked games, there are a bit less in them. Oh and also you must be mid with Karthus, argue if you have to. Karthus has mid priority over all.

Any questions or comments please to leave. TY.

Warning this is a build for advanced users.
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My runes are pretty strait forward AP and you want it early in game. why? Because your Lay Waste will tear them up. pretty basic.
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Basic masteries for any spell caster.
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First item you get is Doran's Ring, it well help your mana regenerate and give you an extra 15 AP. yes thats right 45 AP at the start of your match, same as your attack damage, aha. Second item Sorcerer's shoes, you should be able to get these on your first teleport back, if not just the boots, if no boots be a bit more careful. Third item is soul stealer, you need it pretty early so you can get stacks and just devastate their team with all of that power you have, if you do not get many kills you may have to sell it. Fourth item, Void Staff. you really need it for all of those jerks buying magic resist just for you. Fifth item Rabadon's Deathcap, after your many stacks from your soul stealer and void staff, your AP will start to rocket sky high. The next 2 items you will probably have to get rid of your Doran's Ring unless you have tons of money. But the second one you will have to get rid that ring. Karthus thinks rings are over rated anyways. he loves those staffs. when you have all of the items just get all of the potions and baron, you will have close to 1000 AP. Oh yes you see those Karthus's going all archangels well they are stupid, super stupid, you have no magic pen and everybody has magic resist on the other team so your useless. I've tried it and hated it. take it from me that you wont like it. Oh and its really expensive. Phew thats a lot of typing.
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Skill Sequence

You want to max out our Q (Lay Waste) as fast as possible. with having your wall and defile just in case they start to get away. just the basics.
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Summoner Spells

Ahh the classic flash and clarity, why either on him? oh thats simple, the flash is just in case theres a jungler and they want a gank, u see him, now you don't. if you have to throw up your wall so theres not a chance to die, and clarity on a Karthus? doesn't he have a passive mana regeneration with defile? he sure does, and its great. but when you are focusing on a champion with defile on your AP will drain really fast, so thats why that is there, and just so you can be aggressive, an aggressive Karthus is usually a good Karthus.
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Using Karthus's Ultimate

your ultimate is very important, and not for kill stealing. only use your ultimate when somebody is out of reach. NEVER and i repeat NEVER use it on impulse. it usually messes everything up. always keep a good eye on your team mate's lanes, and only use your ultimate when they get away from a fight and are close to death, you may use it to help them win a fight to if you want, but remember once the see that red line on their head they are going to want to run. on your level 6 ultimate and your only doing 250 it will do that much with your AP with this build, unless they have extra magic resistance. be careful to do a quick calculation before you hit that R.
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Team Work (Team Fights)

You are a very important person in team fights, yes you are very squishy in this build but that is okay. your passive allows you to be alive for 8 seconds after death. that means while your dead and a team fight is going on beside you, you keep on your defile on use your lay waste a few times and then use your ultimate to help with your team mates and possible a wall right before you kick the bucket, and that usually ends up with a lot of kills on your side. and if you are not focused, which their team would be stupid if they didn't. you can chase and just tear their little faces up.
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Different Champs To Face In Mid

facing other champions in middle, i have faced just about every champion in middle and i will tell you how easy or hard they are.

Akali - not many times have i seen her go mid but the few times i have, she never did to well, mind the burst damage, so if you are in a fight with her, and she throws he smoke up, by you. throw your defile on and use your q around it or if you know were she is.

Anivia - many times i have faced anivia, there are a few that are very good, so be careful until you know their potential. if they are good, you mush shut them down early or you will be having trouble later game, and even later gamer do not 1 v 1 any anivia their burst damage is too high for you. especially with this squishy build.

Annie - Annie is usually very easy just be careful about her ult + stun.

Ashe - Ashe is a very easy target she is very squishy and you don't have to hit her but a few times with your q. BUT after she has her ultimate, beware of that stun. if you do get stunned best thing to do is to flash away, or depending on your health and their health keep attacking her.

Caitlyn - very very annoying she is, be ready to dodge her little line of AOE she does, it hits you hard. she has a better range than you so if u want to kill her start up close and personal or you will die to her.

Ezreal - very annoying i have faced many and best to take him down fast. once he can use his little flash he can evade your Q very easily best to wait to gank him after early game.

Heimerdinger - very easy early game each time he puts a mini turret up shoot it down with your Q without a turret he is easy prey.

Karthus - versing another Karthus is all about who's better even ganks are needed just to make sure he will not be the better one.

Kassadin - *CAUTION* very annoying you cant do anything to him when he gets his ultimate, if you do go for him you must kill him before he has his ultimate, if not make sure you have ganks. and a lot of them.

Katarina - not too bad, but must be taken down early game so wont be annoying late game. if you are ulted by her not to worry turn on your defile and q until dead, but if she has a lot of health you may want to flash out of there asap.

Kennen - can be very annoying must be ganked or will kill you a lot early game.

Kog'maw - very easy until he has ultimate, you must be able to dodge very well to keep him on his toes either AP or DP.

Le Blanc - be careful after about lvl 3 will kill you easy after they have ultimate.

Lux - very easy just be ready to dodge lazer..

Malzahar - can be very easy or hard, depending how aggressive they are chase them off early game.

Miss Fortune - can be easy, can be hard but most of the time easy. just be ready to move out of her ultimate at fits second put up do not sit in it and think you will kill her can be turned around.

Mordekaiser - *CAUTION* he can be easy early game until he gets a lot of health. you must be very aggressive to him because of his shield. if you keep on him he will die, if he turns and chases u put up wall wait for him to hit it and turn back and let loose.

Morgana - be aggressive till lvl 6 then stop or you will die from her ultimate.

Sivir - must be aggressive early game. after a few lvls she will push you hard so beware.

Soraka - very easy just heals a lot so just annoying.

Swain - again early kills make it easy later game he heals and messes it all up so be careful unless you know his limits.

Teemo - very very easy let loose on him just watch his shrooms and don't run through them.

Tristana - very easy push her early and late game depending on health.

Twitch - super easy just can be annoying and sometimes can catch you off guard, set a ward and wait.

Urgot - very annoying with his long shot blades but unless he has health pretty easy.

veigar - you must be aggressive early game so he cannot let his passive get too farmed, his passive is that if he uses his q on a minion and kill it he gains 1 AP. that can stack very high.

Vladimir - can be easy but you want to be careful around him by level 9.

Zilean - his bombs will mess you up if you attack him and he hits u with them do not fear thats all he has. for defense.

and thats all the people i have faced mid as Karthus.
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Being Ganked From Others

Amumu - you want wards of course his stun will be annoying so just be careful about him jungling.

Evelynn - not scared of her one bit. keep a ward in mid watch her let her hit you or right before hit your wall turn on defile and let loose will die quickly.

Fiddlesticks - you want wards no matter what. do not do anything different if you see him unless you see him start his ultimate, once started run or flash.

Master Yi - not to worry, he is squishy your defile and q will get him quick.

Shocko - very squishy will die fast.
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Placement Of Q's and Walls

all part of learning how to play Karthus , watch the way they move they will try to dodge every time get good enough, you will hit them more and more.
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