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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yogamoanyo

Kassadin; The Ganker from Hell

Yogamoanyo Last updated on March 7, 2011
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This is my first ever guide, it's for none other then Kassadin. He has always been my favorite champion, and he is a beast Ganker. Unfortunately, in this guide, HE NEEDS TO BE IN THE MIDDLE LANE.

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Pros / Cons

-Great Ganker early game
-Great harasser
-Late game carry
-INSANE, AND I REPEAT INSANE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE LATE GAME. You'll be able to take down 1/4 of even a TANK'S health!
-Mana costing Flash
-Great Chaser
-Great Escaper

-If you don't make any successful ganks early on you lag down in levels and items
-Extremes amounts of mana has to be used
-If playing well the whole enemy team targets you late game
-Runs low on mana constantly
-You MUST be mid

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Now, the runes I chose are mainly based off of Ability Power and Magic Penetration. The reason for this is because you're going to want to start ganking early, and getting kills much early on for money. The cool-down reduction runes are so you're able to cast spells quicker for even more damage. They're also for helping you're ultimate, Rift Walk, have a even shorter cool-down for the times you really need to run.

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The reason why I chose 9/0/21 is because once again, the magic penetration is a key factor to getting nice damage put off. Otherwise, everything would generally be near full utility. You're going to want to put all 4 in the EXT boost in Utility for the extra boost you need to begin ganking. The mana regeneration is needed because Kassadin uses a LOT of mana.

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Summoner Spells

Cleanse is a MUST GET for Kassadin. If he's slow, stunned, silenced, or anything that will prevent him from escaping when he needs to escape, you use this. Since Kassadin is squishy, but a relatively "close encounter" champion, you'll need to get in, and get out. And if something happens, you pop this in and leave with your riftwalk.

Clarity is mainly used for Kassadin and his large amount of mana uses. At the beginning of the laning phase, you use it after you use your mana potion. It allows you to stay in middle lane very long so you don't have to go back to base until you get to level 6. Later in the game, when the laning phase breaks, it's used more for support, but it can also be used on yourself if you urgently need it.

Teleport is mainly a back up. You use teleport to immediately get into the battle and start dealing damage. I would suggest using the other to Summoner Spells, but Teleport is definitely a nice option.

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Skill Sequence

Only 3 spells are HUGE for Kassadin AP. These 3 spells are Force Pulse, Null Sphere, and Riftwalk. Nether Blade isn't necessary at all really, it can help get Force Pulse up by 1 when you're charging it if you please, but in team fights, Force Pulse charges immediately.

Null Sphere
Null Sphere is a great silencing nuke. In early game, it is Kassadin's best spell. Late game, it's still amazing, but doesn't compare to Force Pulse. It is a great harassing spell, especially early game at the way beginning of the laning phase. It's a single target move, and hits them if they are targeted.

Nether Blade
This move isn't important to this build, but hybrid builds for Kassadin may have use in this. The only real good it has for Kassadin is the passive, which make it so his melee attacks give him mana. But it's not very effective early level, and Kassadin is more of a caster then a melee dps.

Force Pulse
This is probably Kassadin's main move besides Riftwalk, his cone effect move from hell, Force Pulse. It slows down targets, making them easier to shoot with you're Null Sphere. This is an EXTREME burst nuke, and can deal a HUGE amount of damage to multiple enemy champions. It does like a problem, though. Early levels, it is very bad compared to Null Sphere. When it reaches level 5, it's ridiculous.

Kassadin's small cool-down flash. It's a great escaping/chasing spell, but this is the move that takes up all your mana. Riftwalk is your key to ganking, as you can hide in a bush or behind a wall and jump over it when needed. It deals a small amountof damage in the area around Kassadin, but gradually increases as you stack Riftwalks. Riftwalk stacks up the more you use it one after another. It cost 100 more mana everytime you cast it within about 2 seconds from eachother. It also gains additional damage, though.

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Team Work

Man, does this build require teamwork. When you reach level 6 or 7, you must begin ganking for kills. You must rely on your team to do whatever they can to lure the enemy you're willing to gank over close to you so they cannot escape to their turret. You're going to need to set up your Force Pulse before you gank, though, so you can slow people down if they attempt to get away as you and your teammates kill the target(s).

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I chose these items because they mainly focus on Magic Penetration and Ability Power over everything else. The Tear of Goddess and Archeangel Staff are for the extra mana needed. Later on in the game, you'll be able to 1 Force Pulse creep waves to get them up quickly. I decide to get the Archeangel last because later on, you won't be needing it TOO much. The extra ability power is the main key. If you get powerful enough, you can kill enemies in 2 to 3 hits, so you won't be so mana thirsty all the time. But remember, if times like that come, you got the trusty 'ole Clarity.

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Simply put, this build starts as an assassin build, and then turns into a jump in and just kill everyone build. You should be able to get at least 10 kills, good or bad game, if you know how to play the character well enough with this scheme. The main thing to do is Gank constantly for kills at level 6/7. But beware, you may cause constant MIA's, causing people to stand back.

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Well, this is the conclusion to my first build. It'll definitely be changed, fixed, and whatever for when I get better at this, haha. I hope it's all nice, and hopefully soon I can make it very in-depth for a full explanation on how to kill like a complete assassin.

Thanks for reading this build for Kassadin, the Ganker from Hell.

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Fixes / Changes

-Added Deathfire Grasp to the item list, as I forgot to before.