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League of Legends Build Guide Author contractas1

Kata the AP and AD

contractas1 Last updated on October 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Katarina is a very fun champion to play she doesn't use any mana so that really rocks!

I really like her ability to easily run away with Shunpo, but I don't really like her HP.

This build features how I play Katarina.

I start out with a Doran's Shield for Health and a HP pot. I really like it.
You go to your lane, this time let's say it's bot. You always need a good champion that can slow or stun because the slow can really help you to do the combo Shunpo, Killer Instincted Bouncing Blade and Death Lotus.

After you have 920 you should recall back to buy Berserker's Greaves or a Blasting Wand.

If your successful you should have the money for Guinsoo's Rageblade( if bought Blasting Wand) or Berserker's Greaves if you didn't buy them.

Now your Katarina is kind of strong. If your partnered with a good champion that can deal super damage with his combo like Ryze you should easily kill enemies.

Your level 11-14 you really like the combo. Well it still needs improvements. Start working more on AD for that you may need to even make the Infinity Edge. (yes your gonna make it) Start with a B.F sword then a pickaxe. after that if you made enough money to skip the cloak of agility your doing amazing.

With your brand new infinity edge you are seeing that people flee? No, you should rock but you can't do that automatically. Try to make the Hextech Gunblade which makes your shunpo and bouncing blade stronger.

After the gunblade run for Zhonya's you can now sell that stupid Doran's shield and after zhonya's buy Mejai's.

If you think that you don't even need the Berserker's greaves you can sell them and buy Sword of the Occult because of stacks.

Playing as Katarina:

Early Game:
Be very careful as Katarina is very squishy. Of course shunpo helps to run away. :)
Katarina if played correctly at start can easily rock and don't die just be sure to always have a way to escape. Your good partners are tanks and slowers or stunners. And never go to partner with squishy targets like Evelynn because it's a big chance that you both will die. Your easy to kill enemies are all characters that can't stun you, a stunned Katarina is easy gold. Your hard to kill enemies are tanks that are very strong like Nunu or Cho'Gath.

Mid Game:
Finally you have your ulti and maybe Guinsoo's if you were successful. You are building the Infinity Edge. Enemies fear your ulti except those who can easily interrupt it. You maybe have destroyed the turret and changed the lane if you were successful. You help the mid and go to kill the lizard for the slow. If you weren't succesful your result should be no guinsoo's rageblade and no one fears your ulti because your an easy gold all the time.

Late Game: Your winning or maybe losing. But now Katarina can unleash the full power of her combo and ignite. She can easily kill a tank with her damage output. You maybe finished the build or maybe you just need the sword of the occult. Even the enemies fear you. You should go kill the Baron Nashor with your team for extra power. After the Nashor you may choose to kill the lizard and golem again. Golem is good because of CD reduction.

Summoner Spells that fit for Katarina:

Ignite: Tired of enemies fleeing with about 44 hp? This is your key to the finishing blow.

Exhaust: Your ulti scared alot of people use exhaust no chance to flee from your ulti until it ends.

Cleanse: Katarina is usually the main target because of her strength and she's a good champ to be ganked use cleanse and shunpo to run away

Summoner Spells that Katarina can accept but they aren't very good:

Heal: Katarina has low health unless you buy Rylai's that I don't.

Rally: It increases the damage output but not for very long. Of course this can help with your combo because of Bouncing Blade and Death Lotus using AD.

Clarivoyance: You can see are the enemy about to gank you and you can also scan the bush at the start. Good if you want to attack the enemy before it attacks you.

Teleport: Katarina can be a good helper at fights just teleport to your turrets and attack your enemies and save your allies.

Spells that Katarina doesn't really need but can be used:

Fortify: Fearing that your turrets can be destroyed? They can't if you use fortify.

Flash: Well if you think that you can escape easier with this spell use it but it has no use for me because I always have shunpo.

Spells that Katarina never uses:

Clarity: Katarina doesn't use mana why just waste a slot? Wanna be a mana healer for your team :D

Smite: Well Katarina isn't a good jungler. Unless you want to kill minions with it.

Revive: Katarina hates long cooldowns that's why her cooldowns aren't very long.


Passive: Voracity is kinda good for a passive because for CD reduction for a kill or an assist very good for successful players. Because a triple kill will make your ulti available again and maybe get you a quadra or penta kill.

Bouncing Blade: I use this ability to finish minions or give reduced healing to champs with low health. It also works good with Shunpo. Use it wisely even though it has a short cooldown.

Killer Instincts: Not my fav ability. I like it's passive because it makes her abilities and basic attacks deal more damage. And it's active makes an extra effect for Bouncing Blade or Shunpo. I use it before Shunpo sometimes because of reduced damage dealt.

Shunpo: My main ability I often use it to attack more than flee but I still flee on minions if the enemies play too aggressive.

Death Lotus: A strong ultimate that has stealth detection and a very short cooldown.


I make Marks for Armor Penetration because of bouncign blade and death lotus :)
Dodge seals are really good because Nimbleness. and enemy minions may save my life if I dodge their attacks while fleeing.
AP is very good for Katarina because of Death Lotus and Shunpo. It's hard to get AP unless you have runes for it. I use flat health quintessences because i think that they are the only ones that rock.

I hope you enjoyed my guide. If you think it is lame just know it's my first build.