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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aikage

Katarina, AD build for the experience impaired

Aikage Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Utility: 0

Katarina - for the experience impaired.
"I find that Kat is less about items and more about looking awesome." -God

-Best harass in the game
-great mid
-lots of health (with this build)
-massive aoe damage output
-subjectively, the most fun hero to play since you should ALWAYS be using spells.

-extremely team dependent
-easily countered with CC
-actually a very difficult hero to master (it's not all "SHUNPO! LOTUS STRIKE! PENTAKILL!")

Bouncing Blade (BB)
A useful farming ability, Kat's blade bounces from minion to minion, or hero to hero as the case may be. The trick to bouncing blade is that most players know enough to stay back so aim for the back row of creeps to maximize the chance you will nail one of them. Otherwise use this for farming minions.

Killer Instincts (KI)
Increases Kat's skill damage and grants BB and shunpo each little buffs if used after KI. I know in heat's guide he doesn't get this until last but the damage reduction on shunpo is too good to pass up. The trick to KI is to use it. Always. Don't use it then immediately shunpo in and think oh ho ho 3 seconds of near invulnerability here I come! A better strategy is to use it, wait until the cooldown is nearly up and THEN shunpo in. Then if things get bad you can use the damage reducing shunpo or your max damage bounce for bouncing blades almost immediately.

This is your bread and butter spell. I know I know. Max shunpo? You noob! I swear, it works. The damage output from shunpo FAR exceeds any incidental hit you land with bouncing blade, plus with this build you should be fairly beefy to take a few hits after you land shunpo - although usually you don't have to.

Death Lotus
No explanation needed. The skill that got Kat nerfed hard about six months ago. "We can't learn to stun kat! Please nerf" Since then, it has gotten buffed again recently. Hits three targets on all levels. Does insane damage. Combine this with Galio, nunu, or amumu ults and that's a whole team wipe.

Kat gains 50 gold and her cooldowns are reduced if she gets either an assist or a kill. Reason 100 to be in teamfights. Kat is great as a solo player but if you don't run halfway across the map to get the assists then don't blame me when your team loses. The extra 50 gold is a nice little bonus but not really anything special, the cooldown reduction makes you a ninja though. Most stylish character award goes to KAT! Yay! (Award not real).
Early Game
Grab yourand aand head out to mid if you're fairly experienced, or more likely to a side lane if this is one of your first times. Try to lane with someone with CC as this will help when you hit six. Don't worry about harassing just yet. If you take KI level two and shunpo level one you can start using KI+ shunpo on the enemy heroes. If they have CC themselves, be careful to use this combo right after you see a stun or if they have low mana. Use discretion. Try mostly to farm creeps. This is easily achieved using BB and shunpo on the creeps. If you see an opening for a BB on the enemy try to peg them with one. Don't go out of your way to do it though and DON'T go wasting it on full health creeps. The key here is to save up enough money for bothandon your first trip back. If you see the chance for a kill, take it.

Mid Game
By now you have more health and armor so feel free to start harassing all the time. The key to Kat is that you will slowly whittle health down not go in for the kill EVERY time. If you see that your team is ganking get in on the action. Use KI on the way to the battle, wait for the team to initiate and then after you see them blow all their cc shunpo in and Death Lotus, immediately KI and shunpo to someone else provided you got a kill, or if not, KI and BB the nearest champ and then shunpo out. You do NOT stay ANYWHERE near the enemy champs. You are like Kassadin - jump in, kill, gtfo. Use shunpo on creeps, on allies, on enemy minions, whatever you have to do to save your health. Then, turn, find a target and follow. Save up for twofrom continued minion kills and hero kills.

Late Game
Grab someordepending on if the team is more caster or physical DPS. Turn your BF's into. Usually the game ends here but if you still have time and money turn your phage into a.

1. Always be moving. If you're not clicking, you're doing something wrong. This is especially important if you're against skill shot champs like ezreal, morgana, nidalee, etc. A moving target is a lot harder to hit than a stationary one.
2. Be unpredictable. One of the things I love about Kat is she has so many options. her skills have relatively low CD which means you can spam the heck out of them. If one time you ran up to veigar and used shunpo on him, use BB the next time, or just try to fake him out into using his stun. If you shunpo into a hero and run every time, they will assume the next time you are going to do the same. Make them pay.
3. The combo of KI + shunpo + Death Lotus + exhaust +ignite + BB + Shunpo will kill anything at level six. You can probably pick up a kill at level three if you're good at harassing, shunpo, BB, run. repeat until maybe half health then do this but hit exhaust and ignite and chase. But at level six the key is to make sureyou've harassed them a bit to lower their health, then KI + Shunpo. Make sure you're a little bit ahead of them so they have further to run. Pop ult. While in ult hit exhaust first and then ignite. BB them when you come out of your ult and then shunpo if they're still alive. Don't go tower diving. In team fights always exhaust their physical carry if they have one. If not, just exhaust and ignite their squishy so you'll have the CD reduction when you pull out of your ult so you can shunpo away.
4. Help. I see too many players in general that are top and see bottom start to get ganked and don't go to help. Just stop this. Here's what happens. You start to go bottom and intercept their mid or their jungler who was on HIS way to go bottom. You kill them, or at the very least distract them from going bottom possibly saving your teammate. Just...go. Try to help, if you walk halfway across the map and nothing comes of it then you've lost some experience maybe. Go kill the golem or dragon or something.
5. Don't get cocky. You're not a tank you have some health, but you have no real armor or MR so it goes pretty quickly. This build will give you SOME leeway to make mistakes but you're not invincible. The trick is to slowly whittle health away with BB and shunpo until you can use your ult.
6. The most important thing you do is kill minions. Kat's farming ability is really good! With this build you probably won't be getting as many kills early game as if you followed HeAt's guide so you're going to need that extra income.

I am sure I have forgotten some things. I must give credit to Furor for the some of the item suggestions. Please if you have suggestions or wish to critisize leave a comment or alternate item and I'll playtest it. Currently I go AP Kat but for beginners I think AD is a much more viable option since the health from dorans + HoG + Phage is a nice HP boost coupled with the HP quints and dodge seals you have some wiggle room if you accidentally shunpo into 3 heroes and initiate. (If you shunpo into five you're dead and why are you initiating anyway? Jeeze! Didn't you read the guide?)