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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InerForce


InerForce Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, this is my first build, is how I play Kat. Why AD and not AP? Simple, Bouncing Blade. Katarinas job is to deal the largest ammount of damage possible in the shortest of time so in the initiation of a team fight or at the end of it to get those secure kills. With an AD build you make sure that, this incredible skill Bouncing Blades, give you real harrasment and serious damage early, mid and late game. With it and an AD build kat is perfect for harrasing both top and bottom lanes or if u want mid lane. In this guide I will try to explain some very important things about Kat not only the build rune choice skill lvl but also one of if not the most important thing, how to position your self in any kind of team fight or situation so you can get your job done and get out of there alive. Hope you enjoy it.

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Runes and Masteries

My masteries and runes are a mix of Ap and Ad always getting magic pen and ap, because katarina skills do MAGIC DAMAGE, thats why magic pen is so important on her, but the AD you gain with Bfs Swords is amazingly devastating, not only for your bouncing blade and your ulitmate but also for your normal attacks.In an Ap Kat you got your shunpo and ultimate bouncing blades is totally usless and normal attack as well when you are out of shunpo and unltimate, you only get normal attacks, so why not get some advantage of that combo: shunpo + normal attack + killer instincs + bouncing blade + shunpo + normal att..., etc. u will finish your enemmy even without using ultimate.

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You are katarina you will ALWAYS BE SQUISHY, really skill dependant and pretty vulnerable to CC spells dont forget that or you will only feed the ennemies, you must play safe be pacient kills always commes you just need to get them in the exact moment, learn what you can or can not do I can tell you how but if you do not play her you will never now the limitations or strong points.

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Great damage dealer early, mid and late game.
Good harrasment in early game.
Skills do not consume any mana or energy.
Short cooldowns of all her skills including ultimate.

Squishy during all game.
Too vulnerable to CC spells.
Ultimate can be interrupted bye stuns, silence, taunts, suppresssion(WW).

But this will stop her??? NO FKING WAY!!!

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Early Game
Once you grab your items and you got to your lane does not matter if it is mid or both top or bot always make sure to harras throwing your bouncing blade to the ennemie champion without geting yourself compromise, otherwise farm as much as you can and harras whenever you can so to keep the lane balanced. As you gain exp and you lvl up you will be able to harras and hit ennemies from a further distance as your blade will bounce on the minions hiting the 90% of the times in the ennemies. Always try to keep your HP as high as possible but dont waste the postions for small lacks of health. Always check the minimap an watch out for ganks. One nice way to harras is throwing your blade and innmediatelly shunpo a minion far away the enemmie that way you will hit and you wil be safe as well. Just shunpo if its really nesecary if not just harras with your blades. When you see your enemmie has like half hp or so, you are ready for your kill, if your laning botttom or top always make sure to mark your target and plan an escape in case things go wrong but is unlikely as you can kill so fast and bust a lot of damage. Shunpo your target as soon as you hit it, exauhst, ignite, ultimate and trowh a blade if needed and by that time you should have your shunpo up to get back again or jump into the other player if the case is a 2 vs 2. 1 vs 1 nothin more to say he is dead. Try to get your sorcers boots as fast as possible as they will really rise your damage because of the magic pen.

Mid game
With a decent farming and 1 or 2 kills you will be able to get your sorcers boots and one bf if not keep on farming and ganking till you get one. Your damage will increase really a lot. At this point you will be surely picking a lot of teamfights, unfortunable I can not describe a whole teamfisght by writting it and thats because there are a lot of situations. What I can tell you is this NEVER initiate a team fisght unless you got zileans ultimate or shens to back you up cause if not you could be stuned or silenced ultimate wasted and you will end dead. Analize the situation, as fast as you can shunpo in the middle of the caos if you must with your killer instincts previously activated and ultimate. You can either let your ultimate finish or u can interupt it so to shunpo sure dead enemmies or chase or throwing your knife but this is up to you and the situation. Shunpo its not like an obligation before utltimate you can ulti without shunpo anything as well and get the kills too. Always carry a potion of health jsut in case u get out of a team fight or a gank with low hp but i personaly prefer buying an elixir of fortitud whenever I get dome extracash so as to keep me alive as long as possible. By this time the other team wil try to focus you and kill you and they will want you so bad lol, that the will even engage without anny stun or silence just to save it for your ultimate, real ****.

Late game
Really at this point your like a fiking multi killer hero once you get your giants belt and 3 Bf swords your damage is like o my fiking god, my health went from 100% to 20% in like 4 seconds I hate that Kat!! But still you are a squishy little *** son do not try to think you are superman or anything like it dont solo a champion with full health unless you are truly dominating or you have both of your seplls up, cause you will die. Always keep distance and only launch yourselfs to easy or secure kills.

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As you see, I made a standar AD kat build, i did not go for sword of occult for 2 reasons:
1- You dont know if your are going to get all those kills and assist for the stacks and so it is a waste of money.
2- With a bit more farming or 1 kill you can get 50 attck damage instead of 10 and stacks.
But never the less if u are doing GOOD you can go for it and stack I do not prefer to cause if you die you loose those stacks and then in the end its only 10 atck daamge for like 1200 of gold while bf is 1850.
Gaints belt always is good cause gives you more chance of getting away alive in possitive or bad situations. As it is Frozen Mallet to chase.
Guadrian angel is AMZING, 2 reasons u can get away alive from fail team fisghts or you can finish those beffy champions who did not die to your team attacks and get more kills as well as the def you get more survability.
Blood Thurster well it gives you a LOT of damage and once you get one you dont need to recall for hp an thats great for keeping the map pushed or balanced.
The order of this items can change depending on how your are doing in the game you can look for som hp earlier or som attack daamge earlier without rising your hp thats up to how the game is going so dont make that item guide an obligation.
All in all great items for dealing great damage and stay alive.

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Hope this guide helps your game with her I wil be doing some changes and updates with pictures of the items and videos, also a list of champions you should avoid laning with and against and optional items to get depending the champions you play against like karthus, etc. I am not a pro I can be wrong in a lot of things but this build and set up has worked for me pretty nice along all kind of teams even 3 stunners, stealths and tanks. Thank you for taking the time read it.