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League of Legends Build Guide Author sladeomfg

katarina jungle is a ****er

sladeomfg Last updated on March 11, 2015
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Skill Sequence

First spell what u must take will be "W". Why "W"? Coz u make AoE dmg to monsters every 3.8 seconds coz cooldown on "W" is very short. Next take "Q". It's given bonus dmg on monsters when u cast ur "W" after "Q". And next take "E" and now u can make gangs and juke ur enemys on lanes and in jungle. Max shunpo every lvl and don't forget take "R" on 6,11 and 16 lvls. Shunpo help u make big burst dmg on gangs + every lvl make cooldown shortly.

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Make some armor. it realy helps :3 But i already used it and all still fine.

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Take ad masteries for faster cleaning camps with monsters in jungle. anyway katarina skills going from AD and AP :3

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In first build we have:

Sustain, slow, big burst dmg for u can make easyly gangs and in late game make "oneshots" to enemys carry.

In second:
That build has more sustain. I recomend that build if enemy team has a lot of CC or any disables like silence.

Build in first or second variatiors items only in this manner.

First upgrade machete
Second build Rylai
Next boots
After Rabadon deathcap
and after this u must think what u need more. More dmg or sustain.

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Don't farm so much. U need get 6 lvl and after that u must stop activity farming and start make kills one and one. U play jungler. U must roaming throw all map for search place where u can make any kill or get asists

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Pros / Cons

+ Big burst dmg in late game and u can carry ur team anyway
+ Big potential on gangs after 6 lvl with Rylai scepter and Stalker's blade
+ Easyly steal penta :D
+ Fast clear jungle. Realy fast. Not so fast like Yi, Rengar or Udyr but faster then Rammus or Mao Kai.

- U can't take dragon on 4 lvl like more junglers and u can't take it without ur teammates before 10 lvl
- U so squish in early game fase
- 0 CC

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Creeping / Jungling

Start from Crags (mini golems). smite it ->
next u going to red buff ->
next u going to crab on river and take it until ur buff from Crags don't expired. it gives ur health and some XP ->
take second crab on river for more hp ->
now u must take Gromp (big frog). for it u smite it ->
and finaly with Gromp buff u must take blue buff and go to base for next lvl for ur machete.

don't forget buy heal pots every time when u going base. if u going to base u must buy something what can help u faster make ur first gang.
also i recomend buy vision ward and place it on river near Mid T1 oposite baron in bush. I think u undertand me :) for example i make screenshot

u must place vision ward here)

or here

where u see pink point)

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Team Work

Try help ur teammates everytime. Katarina snowballing fast like Yasuo and every kill or assist help u faster get win. But don't be hero or Rambo. U must engage in teamfight second or last for KS all kills what u can. Remember - Kata can kill solo all enemy team if she have more feed then they. So try take all kills what u can :D

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Enemys in jungle

Very hard play against Shaco coz he anyway invade u in ur jungle. u must alway be with trinket ward for make shunpo on them and dont walk before 6 lvl in ur forest below 50% hp if u can.

Care any jungler who farm in jungle faster then u.

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And don't forget u play for fun and it's just game.
Remember this things:
- Never blame and flame ur teammates.
- If u lose try analyze it why u lose and make all what u can for not repeat this in next game.
- If somebody make nervios for u just mute him and cancel play in ur favorite game.

It was Sladeomfg from Ru server special for u guys. If u want video guide on Katarina in jungle type that and i send u link on my stream-record on YouTube. (but this stream totaly on russian languege but i think u understand me)


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