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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tombaabi

Katarina - Oh, your dead already ?

Tombaabi Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Hey all,

This is my first build here. Katarina is one of my favorite champions and I decided to publish my very successfull build. With this build, Katarina is not just deadly, but also very endure. I hope you will test this build out and see how effective it really is for Katarina.

I have noticed that Katarina is very good at solo lane in 3v3 as also in 5v5, just play passively when needed and harass when given the opportunity.

You must demand to get to solo lane if you want that ulti early !

Katarina's deadliness is based on comboing and her cd's are very short, giving her the advantage of using often abilities.

If you play smart, your ability combo should look like this: 2-1-3-4

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Game Stages

Early game : Play passively, while harassing opponent on solo lane. Kill minions as much as you can, while enemy is taking damage from your 1st and 3rd ability ;) This works very good, enemy gets frustrated, he/she starts making bad decisions that end his/hers life. Finish enemy if hes/shes below 1/3 hp. Save Exhaust and Ignite for finishing attack. At beginning you should have your Mejai soon.

Middle game : Depends how your game goes, go with the flow. If possible, stay low profile until teamfight is on. When you can, step in and ulti in middle of everything. This is the best chance to get triple, quadra or even pentakill. The catch is not to be noticed, everyone is focusing different guy. In mid game, you should have gotten Rylai's and about 400 AP.

Late game : This is where the fun starts :) pretty easy kills. Katarina can nuke with her ulti thats ~3k dmg. You can go basically kill anyone... Just Exhaust when needed. You can buy Elixir's if you have Hextec already, Elixirs give nice boost. In this stage, you should have about 800 AP.

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I haven't bought runes specifically for my own Katarina, so I just chose these runes, because I think they will give you the most benefit.

Crit chance is good for last hitting and harassing after shunpo.

AP is obvious in my oppinion and extra HP is nice at the beginning.

You can replace crit chance marks with AP boosting ones.

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In my oppinion, these masteries work good on Katarina.

Armor and magic resist are good to have. Dodge is nice, physical damage block is also good. Flat HP is nice to have, 60 extra.

AP, attack speed and magic penetration important from Offense.

One thing, I didn't choose Ignite-mastery, because I dont think 10 AP is so much when Ignite is on cooldown. I myself like 4% less damage more than 10 AP. Katarina doesn't even benefit much about that 10AP, ulti doesn't take AP straightly, just a percentage.

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Boots are good at the beginning for catching enemies and running away from them when needed. Three HP potions should last pretty long.

First item to get is Mejai's so you can start to stack that AP for Katarina. Mejai has 20 stacks and gives 20% cooldown reduction when all stacks full. Very important for Katarina.

Sorcerer's shoes, gives some magic penetration, important. I dont see any other boots as good as these. Boots of Mobility would be my 2nd choice for easy game.

Rylai's is the second, extra HP and AP and it slows enemies when you want to start ulting them. Pretty cheap, good to have in early game.

Rabadon's is quite obvious, 30% more AP as well as 155 ap. Very good item for Katarina, cant live without it. ;) This is where your AP grows dramatically.

Void Staff, because of that 40% penetration and AP bonus. Must have against tanks with magic resist, gives you the advantage.

Last but not least, the Hextech Gunblade, majorly because of 20% spell vamp. You can imagine ulting and getting 20% of that damage to yourself at same time. So it would be ~3k dmg per champion, 3 champions near you. Thats roughly 9k dmg / 20% = 1800hp, so Katarina gets ALOT OF HP from just ulting opponents.

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Summoner Spells

What to choose :

I decided to take Ignite and Exhaust, two most harmful spells for enemies. Exhaust is very important, because it slows enemy down so you can hit all those knives on him/her.

Ignite is just for extra damage and it also reduces healing, so very effective on Mundo for example.

Ghost is nice to have, nothing special.

Teleport can be taken if its required on solo lane 5v5.

What not to choose :

I dont see Flash so good, because Shunpo covers that.

Heal is good for support, but not so good for Katarina.

As you know, clarity is totally useless for Katarina, as she doesn't use mana at all.

Clairvoyance totally useless also...

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Katarina is not very specialized in farming. She can activate second ability to boost ability 1 to do some damage on minions. Though in late game, that's enough to kill minions.

In the start, Katarina can do nothing else than throw Bouncing Blade and kill minions one by one.

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Pros / Cons

Katarina is:
+ very deadly, especially comboing 2-1-3-4
+ good for escaping/last hitting, because of 3rd ability
+ farmer late game :)
+ nice passive

- bad farming early game
- ulti interrupts if stunned or etc.

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I have gotten many victories because of Katarina and this build. This works also great on ranked games.

Hope you will like it ! :)

My in-game name is also Tombaabi, I accept all friend invitations.

- Tombaabi