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Katarina Build Guide by slapstickjoker

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slapstickjoker

Katarina. Out of no where

slapstickjoker Last updated on September 3, 2011
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Welcome to my guide lets get started :]

Few things to know: I main this demon named katarina, she is hard to play properly, people WILL flame you ever game that you play well, most importantly. Have fun out there =]


-soo much damage output in short time-
-her passive is the best for cleaning up kills-
-she is one of the hardest champs to kill once she has a few kills early game-
-people hate her ( its funny to watch people flame )-
-her shunpo is so fun to troll skill shotters with-


-If you get cc'ed you are usless unless your passive goes off-
-people will focus you-
-aoe cc like malphite ulti will ruin your day-

Always check what summoner spells your lane opponent has!

Always go mid, i don't find her good in lane.

One key thing with katarina ENGAGE a fight after the aoe cc has been layed down!

What to do at the start

At level 1 take shunpo and at the start HARRAS like mad with it ( make sure you get 1 auto hit in after every shunpo ). Even if you get damage back pop your hp potion, then at level 2 ( you should have shunpo at least 3 times by now ) your lane opponent will be about 35-45% hp. Now is your time to get a free kill ( if all goes to plan ) shunpo > auto hit > bouncing blades > ignite. If this doesn't finish them ( they will be on about 5-10% ) Do this neat trick. push your minions fast or if you cant in time - Tower dive ( yes thats right ) Flash > shunpo > bouncing blades > kill - passive > shunpo to a minion ( ANY MINION! ) and there you have a kill. That is pretty much how i start every game as kata.

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Summoner spells

Always take flash + ignite.

exhaust is pointless, you can kite with septer slow. And you can run from AD carrys with flash + shunpo

Teleport ? I dont think its worth swapping out flash or ignite

Anything of the others ? Nope

But why flash / ignite?

2 x flash ( shunpo + flash ) makes you sooo hard to catch and kill + it makes tower diving a low champ soo easy without minions.

Ignite is soo good after you use everything just pop it on them. Every 1st blood i get i get with ignite.

Guide Top

Masterys / Runes / Items - Why?


10/11/9 - The 15% magic pen is a no brainer, but i find having 11 in defence really gives you the edge you need in the laning phase and for the rest of the game. As for 9 points in utility? why wouldn't you want you ulti faster!


standard ap carry runes but with the added armor. I seem to always end a fight with not alot of HP ( mev2 mostly ) and its these few armor runes that save my bacon ALOT! I know it seems an odd choice for an ap carry but trust me it will save you.


People often laugh at me for buying WOTA ( Will of the ancients ) but i promise you its probably the best item for her. Great laning presence, when you ulti you get sooo much health, same for your bouncing blades. And at the end of a fight and you have 100hp and you have a full ignite on you. Passive > shunpo to a minion = 140-260 hp ( depending on AP ) and hey presto you not dead.

The rest is self explanatory i hope. Please never buy CDR boots your passive does all the work for you. Rhyles will make you a great chaser and abysall scepter will make your ulti hurt that much more!

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Tips and tricks

Shunpo is one of the most versatile spells in LoL.

-Getting ganked? run into a brush > shunpo to them when they get close > run behind them-

-shunpo is awesome for avoiding any skill shot, if you lane vs a skill shotter walk to the right or left of the creeps wait for them to fire off their skill shot then shunpo to a low hp creep ( more farm and they lose mana ) easy-

-bouncing blade poke > if you learn how to poke properly with it you can zone someone without having to be near them ( fire it at caster minions whatever one is closer ) -

- If you find yourself in a 1v2 and there is a tank + squishy carry > run into a bush wait for the tank to get VERY close to you ( the carry will usually be a bit behind ) shunpo to the squishy and UNLOAD LIVING HELL, they should die and you should be fine -

- ALWAYS remember to use your W soo many katarina players forget it. 15% less damage taken or 100% damage on all your blade bounces with an added healing reduction? YES PLEASE -

- you can "pre cast " your W. The cooldown starts when you push W not when you use it! -

-When casting your ulti WAIT until they are on the VERY edge of your bouncing blade range before you caste it to MAX your damage output-

-try not to ulti a CC'er ( unless you can juke their cc before you ulti e.g sion stun )-

Guide Top

Pics of the tricks.

1st blood with shunpo haras lvl 2 > shunpo - BB + ignite

tower diving with flash + shunpo on a low opponent

Double kill at lvl 5 when leesin tryed to gank with kasa - i died but what do u expect at lvl 5 :D

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Rest of the game

In every team fight... THERE IS ONE RULE...


Don't engage with everyone or their aoe cc + silences will make you useless. Dive in once you see the cc's go.

One thing that separates a good katarina player from a GOD katarina player is watching your passive. Every time you get an assist your fingers have to go w-q-e Every time. Don't waste a single second. Alot of katarina players forget their passive. I have on many occasions got double kills or triple kills in a 3v1 environment..


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Winning fights 1v2 - 1v3

Go into brush > avoid skill shots ( if any ) > wait for 1 -2 of them to enter bush > wait 0.1-1 second for any cc usage > shunpo ( + W )the weakest target > Q-R > kill one > passive resets cds > Q-E > another dies > Q-E > GG

This works 75% of the time depending on 2 things.

1 your HP + if you have been fed abit or not.

2 If they have too much cc

if not then its easy. I had a teemo, MF + leesin try and gank me in mid and i did exactly this. Avoided leesin Q blind shot, waited for his ulti. THEN KILLED THEM ALL =]

Guide Top

The end.

I hope you like this.

I have never done a guide or thought i would =] but hey why not?

I will update it alot once i figure out how to add pictures and vid links ( iv got a few ranked penta kills i wanna show off :D )

peace x